Wednesday Thoughts

Daily Dino:  Doug Ferguson of the AP gets a Dinosaur Award for an article ostensibly about Jordan Spieth, the Tournament of Champions, and the upcoming year.  However, a dozen sentences in, we are hit with wave after wave of dinosauring.  Buh-bye!

Shell Out for Sobel:  Does anyone remember last year?  Let me refresh your memory.  Sobel gave the world some great “analysis” about how the Tournament of Champions sucked because the average number of majors held by the players was in decline.  The major — and obvious — flaw was that Sobel was comparing majors won by old players vs players just starting out, and he used the old player totals to retroactively strengthen the fields they played in when young.  It was an obvious case of “dinosauring” (before that term was coined).  For more details, see my article (which includes a link to Geoff Shackelford’s original post, where his readers had a field day at Sobel’s expense), “Is it time to fire Jason Sobel? Yes, it is.”  (By the way, I don’t know if Sobel got fired or not, but I do know he is no longer with Golf Channel.  He’s at ESPN now, but perhaps the choice was his, perhaps he decided he needed a better editor…)

So this morning, while writing this, I thought I would contrast what Sobel was writing this year to what he wrote last year.  I went to ESPN’s website, looked up Sobel, and found an article on the upcoming tournament.  I clicked on the link.  In order to read the article, I would need to send money to ESPN and become an “Insider.”

Okay, after the nonsense Sobel wrote about the Tournament of Champions last year, why in the hell would anyone pay a penny to read what he wrote this year?  No, thanks.

By the way, the title of Sobel’s piece last year?  “Season-opening epic a relic of the past.”  The field included two 2015 major winners, Jason Day and Zach Johnson.  This year’s field has Day, Johnson AND Jordan Spieth.  In other words, all four of last year’s major winners.  Relic of the past?

The field has two of the Big Three and three of the Fore Horsemen (Fowler is playing, too).  Relic of the past?  (I’m not sure how they do the pairings, but I’m glad they went Reed-Spieth and Fowler-Day instead of Spieth-Day.  They are starting to overdo some of their Feature Pairings.)

Also in the field are Smylie Kaufman and Emiliano Grillo, 24 years old and 23 years old, respectively.  Relics of the past?  Toss Justin Thomas and Brooks Koepka into the relics of the past bin as well.  (By the way, for all the media attention given to Thomas and Koepka, I think Kaufman and Grillo will outplay them.  I’ll say that for this year, but I think over the next three years for sure.

If Rory could have been talked into playing, the Under-27’s would have had about as many majors as the rest of the field combined.  Sobel’s 2015 TOC column, like an unfine win, only gets more rancid with age.

Tournament of Champions: I already mentioned Spieth, Day, Zach J, and Fowler are all in the field, as well as Thomas, Koepka, Smylie, and Grillo.  Bubba and Graeme there as well.  We’ve got an incredible field to start the year.  And don’t forget Kisner.  And how about the old timers who won last year to gain an invite, Padraig and DL III?

The Next Rory?  Good article from the Belfast Telegraph.  Rory has asked this kid to wait six years before he starts beating him.

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One Response to Wednesday Thoughts

  1. GolfFan says:

    Personally, I agree with Sobel in that out of the last half dozen or so years, maybe more, the TOC had lost some of its luster but not for the “majors” thought process he used.

    The TOC, for a few years, was commonly skipped by some of the biggest names.which took away from it. Now, as you point out, many of those most notable players are not skipping this year’s event. Hopefully that trend will continue.

    And as you mentioned, Rory is still not interested, which for me is disappointing.

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