Van Sickle

I just read a piece, “Why 2016 Will Be the Best Year Ever,” by Gary Van Sickle.  Okay, I didn’t really read it; I scanned it.  I tried to read it, but it was the standard crap from the golf media.

Van Sickle’s point was that we should happily look forward to this year as the potential Best Ever because… it might be like last year.  The problem with that statement is, of course, that Van Sickle and his cohorts were too busy last year clinging to the past to actually cover the astonishing year in golf.  They were relentlessly trying to downplay Jordan Spieth’s accomplishments.

And, as for Rory last year, go look at the pre-tournament coverage of the Masters.  You wouldn’t have even known Rory was going for three in a row.  Pretty much every story that was written about Rory told us, “It’s swell Rory is getting so little coverage because it takes pressure off of him.”  They obviously wrote such articles to justify their own lack of interest.

Go suck an egg, golf media!  Here’s hoping most of you have to go get real jobs before 2016 ends.

Seriously, folks, think back to the pre-tournament coverage last year.  Go through the events week by week.  Some of the greatest moments came at events like the Valspar, a tourney the media downplayed beforehand.  And did Rory’s remarkable win at the Match Play get the coverage it deserved?  Of course not.  Now recall some of the mediocre events the media focused on.

I’m sorry, Van Sickle.  Your wish for a repeat of 2015 rings hollow.  When you were handed a magical year, you tossed it in the trash.


You may have noticed we did not provide a link to the Van Sickle article.  Because Lanny H Golf has gone Tiger Woods-free in 2016, we will no longer provide links to articles containing a mention of Tiger Woods.  We’ll provide the titles, but no links.

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One Response to Van Sickle

  1. Ken says:

    I thought that the Van Sickle article was good. Not so much downplaying 2015, but saying how things can only go up from here because of the young talent (and not a potential return of the ghost of golf past).

    The only mention of he-who-shall-not-be-named was that maybe it is time to “stick a fork in him.” It mentioned Phil, but that really wasn’t the point of the article at all and said only that he might have a last hurrah moment (or that his moment already happened at Muirfield).

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