Stray Year-End Thoughts

  • You can’t help but notice a recent trend: golf reporters/bloggers are suddenly all about soul searching.  I don’t have the energy right now to psychoanalyze (or make snide remarks), so I’ll just point out these What’s-It-All-About-Alfie moments coincide with the injury/retirement of Tiger Woods.  So will they realize they were covering Woods and not golf?
  • Three major articles are coming this year, I promise (well, sort of — I’ll promise the Lucy Li one):  Lucy Li vs Tiger Woods (about the “bigger, stronger athletes” narrative); a Tiger Woods PED FAQ; an analysis of money in golf showing once and for all that Woods’s effect on prize money was preposterously exaggerated.
  • Tiger Woods-Free in 2016: What this does and does not mean: I’ll mention Woods when and if I feel like it; I say that to stress the fact that we’re not playing some kind of “Where’s Waldo?” game where I must refrain from mentioning Woods lest the Woods kooks try to “get that liar Lanny, who said…”  No, the point is that I won’t mention something like, for example, the media obsession over Woods and his kids and Vonn at Augusta.  And since that makes up 99 percent of Woods coverage these days, we are calling our website Woods-Free, because you won’t see it here.  We all know the media is worthless.  We all know the media lies and distorts and tries to control the narrative.  What’s the use of pointing it out even one more time?  It’s beating a dead horse.  It was fun to point that stuff out for a while: Golf Channel was laughable in their cheerleading.  However, it no longer holds any interest for me.
  • Another example.  Recently I saw that Tiger Woods wrote that he had owned the Grand Slam.  At least he left some wiggle room with “owned,” but it’s still a clear misuse of the term “grand slam.”  I thought, “Oh, let me type something up and post it.”  But I stopped because, at this point, everyone already knows Woods lies, and that those managing him lie, and that those reporting on him lie.  They exaggerate the accomplishments and ignore/deny all the unsavory baggage he carries.
  • I’m really sick of hearing “golf is in a really good place right now.”  Gee, Einstein, you really think so?  A guy barely out of diapers wins two majors.  Golly, you mean that’s somehow interesting?  Here’s the thing: the people saying, “Golf is in a really good place right now,” are either reporters who feel the need to whistle past the graveyard they feel certain exists, or reporters who are using such a comment to say, “Man, I sure liked it when we all obsessed over Tiger.  I only cared about Woods, so now golf sucks for me, but I have to pretend otherwise.”  Instead of saying, “Golf is really strong right now,” say instead, “To do what Jordan is doing at his age is unprecedented.  Unless you want to make a case for Young Tom Morris.”
  • I suggest all golf reporters/bloggers currently having crises of faith regain their courage by allowing themselves to point out the foibles of the past, including their own.  They should be unafraid to admit in their writing that Woods was overhyped more than any sportsman in history. Greater than Gandhi.  I am Tiger Woods.  It’s when, not if, he breaks Jack’s mark.  You said it.  Either you sold people a bill of goods or you really believed it.  Either way, it’s time to come clean.
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2 Responses to Stray Year-End Thoughts

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    Jordan Spieth has the MOST potential to dominate, MAINLY because of his golf ‘game plan’….The media has just turned into a LYING machine for Eldrick…..The media PC idiots are the problem…Just as you pointed out, how Spieth didn’t win certain contests, MAINLY because of his skin color, shows us we cannot trust today’s media….PC has made journalism as rigged as we’ve ever seen it….Discounting accomplishments of white athletes, all in the name of PC? smh……If Eldrick were white and Spieth were black, could you imagine the media u-turn and frenzy….

  2. HennyB says:

    I must ask: Why is it that just the mere suggestion from “an unknown source” that Peyton Manning used HGH, the story has been continuously covered on every major news outlet for the past 24 hours, all over the place non stop, yet when it comes to young Eldrick using HGH that story is buried faster than you can say fore? The Woods story even has a credible source. I just don’t understand.

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