The Year in Review: Rotten Golf Media Coverage Edition

Let’s start off with a few items which show why this website is going Tiger-Free in 2016:

  • Kelly Tilghman told Spieth he wasn’t physically as large as Woods — even though Jordan is actually slightly larger.
  • Tim Finchem granted Woods an exemption to play in the Hero World Challenge, a limited-field event which requires players be in the top 50.  Woods was ranked #266 at the time.  In the end, Finchem tipped his cards for no reason, as Woods was unable to play.
  • Damon Hack telling the world that Woods winning the lowly Wyndham would have been golf’s story of the year.
  • Brandel Chamblee telling us Woods will still be relevant, be golf’s most interesting story, in ten years — no matter how poorly he played.  This was post-Yips Era, pre-Back Surgery Era; I’m not sure if Chamblee has reconsidered.
  • The golf media obsessed over Woods’s kids and Lindsay Vonn at Augusta; not long after, Vonn left Woods and the golf media, basically, went silent.
  • Kyle Porter posted an article about a woman who “(possibly?) urinates” in the background during a Woods interview.

Bizarre as it seems to a rational person, those things really happened.

Some 2015 highlights:

  • jalnichols belittling the Euro Seven, a couple of whom became international stars in 2015.
  • My inspirational tough-love speech Rickie Fowler that inspired Rickie Fowler to step it up a notch and win the Players.
  • Our article about the PGA Tour featuring Woods well after he was OWGR 300-something.  They left him as the feature player on their website’s Player page to the point of embarrassment.  Our article (inspired by Emily Kay’s original observation) led to our “Million Viewer” day.
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2 Responses to The Year in Review: Rotten Golf Media Coverage Edition

  1. DanishDude says:

    Here’s something that’ll get you going – especially the part about the Grand Slam:

    • lannyh says:

      No, that’s what won’t get me going. I just wrote a piece (to be posted in a day or two) where I mention a quote someone took from that article about the Grand Slam. To summarize, we all know Woods lies, that his managers lie, that the golf media lies and exaggerates and obsesses. Why go over it each time there is a new example? Isn’t there a famous quote from a book or movie: “My work is done here.”

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