SHOCKER: Adam Fonseca Bans Lanny H! (A Tiger Woods-Free Golf Article)

I was shocked when I pulled up Adam Fonseca’s most recent offering of TWIGB and found I was no longer welcome at his website:

Let’s be perfectly clear on something: Donald Trump is not a good person. His views on foreign policy, protecting our country’s borders and anything else that involves a race or culture other than his own are skewed and borderline racist. If you are planning on voting for him in this year’s Presidential Race, stop reading this website. I don’t want you here.

Wow.  Fonseca could be the poster boy for political correctness and adherence to the approved media narrative.  Trump is a bad person whose views on “race or culture other than his own” are “skewed and borderline racist.”  What brave commentary!  (Politically correct cookie-cutter commentary is still considered “brave” this season, right?) Fonseca would make a great fill-in host for Rachel Maddow.

Look, I don’t plan to vote for Trump.  (I don’t plan to vote at all, for that matter.)  But I sure as hell don’t plan to read a website that only welcomes those who vote for the “right” candidates.

Here at Lanny H Golf, we don’t care who people vote for.  Everyone is welcome here.  Well, assuming they are smart.  We don’t want any stupid people here.

Here are a couple of yardsticks:

  • Anyone using an English to PC translator would fall into the stupid category.  For example, if you think Trump’s point that some illegal immigrants from Mexico are rapists translates to “All Mexicans are rapists,” you are too stupid for this website.
  • If you label Trump’s call for temporary restrictions on air travel in an attempt to keep Americans safe as racist but did not label the current administration’s temporary restrictions on air travel from West Africa during last year’s ebola crisis in an attempt to keep Americans safe as racist, you are too stupid for this website.  (If you think both are racist, I might shake my head resignedly, but at least you’d be logically consistent.)  [A question occurs to me:  Did Fonseca ban Obama voters last year after the travel restrictions on the West Africans were announced?]

As for Fonseca’s website, I don’t go where I’m not wanted.  I’ll wrap up by quoting Jim Croce:

If that’s the way that you want it
That’s the way I want it more
There’ll be one less set of footsteps
On your floor in the mornin’

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15 Responses to SHOCKER: Adam Fonseca Bans Lanny H! (A Tiger Woods-Free Golf Article)

  1. Ken says:

    Pretty ridiculous statement about Trump. Anyone who makes absolute declarations like, “Let’s be perfectly clear on something: Donald Trump is not a good person” is usually not worth listening to at all. And I’m not intending to vote for Trump either, though I’d vote for him, my dog, or a houseplant over Hillary Clinton.

    Fonseca is the kind of person who decries what he sees as intolerance in others, but is himself the poster boy for intolerance. I don’t know if he considers himself a liberal or a progressive, but people who self-identify as such tend, in my experience, to be the most illiberal of thinkers.

  2. Mr Merrick says:

    Try watching a documentary named ” You’ve been Trumped ” Then come back an tell me Trump is a good person. The documentary is about golf so it’s highly relevant

    • Ken says:

      I don’t know much about Trump and don’t really care about him. But there’s two sides to every story. Based on the title of that documentary, just how unbiased do you think that filmmaker was?

      • Mr Merrick says:

        Naturally there are two sides. But some of the harsh facts don’t appear to me to be open to interpretation . Long term residents have been bullied and thretened by the Trump organization . Their homes were not being acquisitioned to build a hospital or a school. They were being harassed to build a very high end playground for a very select few. The course is well beyond budget of the most locals.
        Unbiased? The documentary seems pretty candid to me.

  3. Kris says:

    I don’t know much about Adam Fonseca, but his personal website sounds like a rebellious teenager feeling freedom for the first time. He misleads people into believing he doesn’t run that site by himself by putting “we” in the about blurb. He cusses in his podcast because he can, not because it fits the flow of the conversation. He tells subsets of readers to leave because he doesn’t have a boss telling him not to.

    It is absurd to compare quarantining people leaving countries with an active epidemic of a contagious fatal illness to banning all members of a religion from entering the country because an American citizen and his immigrant wife killed 14 people. Neither is racist. The former was a logical idea that was improperly handled in haste, but the latter is a discriminatory knee-jerk reaction that would cause more problems than it solved.

    So spouting anything other than ignorant hate is being politically correct now? I guess anyone with a propensity for conflict avoidance and rational thought is too PC and should be condemned immediately.

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t think the comparison is absurd. Both were temporary actions unfair to some people which were done (or proposed to be done in Trump’s case) in order to protect the masses.

      I very much disagree with your depiction of Trump’s words as “ignorant hate.” He speaks unfiltered, but he is not writing legislation, just thinking out loud. I like that better than the others who have 42 lawyers vet their speeches, obsessing over whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”

      I see Trump this way: People are sitting around with an elephant in the room and saying nothing. Finally, Trump says, “That giant hippo is troubling me.” Then everyone speaks up to condemn Trump for calling an elephant a hippo. As if ignoring the elephant was not a far worse sin. Trump can then adjust, “You’re right, but hippo, elephant, whatever, we need to do something about it other than pretend it doesn’t exist.”

      But, at any rate, I can’t imagine writing something like what Fonseca wrote. In fairness to him, he was probably trying to distance himself from Trump because all the Kool Kids in Golf run in lemming herds (herds which, apparently, buy into every word of the “Trump is hateful” media spin) and he is scared they’ll make him an outcast.

      As for Trump, he can be an a-hole. I get it. He deliberately speaks in hyperbole and offends people, probably intentionally. I get that, too. But I think a guy who is unafraid to point out an elephant in the room can be an asset in some cases.

      • Kris says:

        You actually can stop the spread of disease through quarantine. Preventing the entry of new Muslims would do no good as the killer is already inside the house, as evidenced by the fact that one of the murdering Muslims was an American citizen. But we can agree to disagree.

        Trump has every right to hold the views he holds. I agree that illegal Mexicans and ISIS are problems that need to be addressed, and I find it surprising you’re implying Trump has ever been the only one to mention an important issue. Trump is just “thinking out loud” right now, but he’s running for president. If he became president he would be in a position to institute policies based on his myopic, hateful views. If you don’t believe Trump’s views are ignorant hate, please explain to me why he thinks conspiracy theory websites constitute valid evidence, and why he didn’t point to valid crime statistics when talking about immigration. Part of the role of the president is diplomacy, which Trump lacks on every level, from his personal interactions to his political solutions.

        I hope you don’t think you’re better than Adam, because you’re just as immature as he is. It is insulting to imply everyone who dislikes Donald Trump is a PC sheep brainwashed by the media and to think everyone who disagrees with you is uninformed and stupid.

      • lannyh says:

        Hold on. In no way, shape, or form did I imply “everyone who dislikes Donald Trump is a PC sheep brainwashed by the media and to think everyone who disagrees with you is uninformed and stupid.”

        I said those who draw conclusions such as “Trump said all Mexicans are rapists” based on his comment that SOME illegal aliens from Mexico are rapists are either bad thinkers or got sucked in by a manipulative media narrative.

        It’s kind of like this: It was fine for a person to oppose President Obama in 2008; it was NOT fine for a person to oppose him for “being born in Kenya.”

        What I read from Fonseca was the equivalent of “Obama was born in Kenya; if you support him, stop reading this website; I do not want you here.” So I called him out on it.

      • Kris says:

        I apologize for making an unfair assumption about how you view people. I do believe, however, that in Donald Trump’s 40+ years in the public eye he has provided ample evidence to support the belief that he is a bad person whose views of cultures outside his own are skewed and borderline racist. Telling a reader who disagrees with that to leave is bratty and pointless, though. I think Fonseca did it because he proceeded to defend Trump’s business practices as it related to golf, and he didn’t want that to be confused with political support. Someone left a great comment explaining why Trump is bad for golf which hasn’t been responded to. I guess you are superior to Adam because you aren’t afraid to defend yourself, haha. There’s also a pingback to this post!

      • lannyh says:

        Fair enough. I have a cool incident that happened at the library last week. I thought I’d post it here, but I have been dragging my feet. In light of today’s discussion, I wish I had posted it sooner. Nevertheless, it was a cool moment, quite appropriate for the season, and I’ll write it up before Christmas.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Kris are you remotely aware that Obama SUPPORTS building a nuclear reactor in IRAN?????? Obama has been pushing this…..So as far as STUPID ideas, Obama takes the cake……Trump, although imperfect has BALLS, unlike Hillary with Obama, who sits there, and has not only ALLOWED MORE MUSLIMS into the country, but actually has MUSLIMS in his government in key positions……After another 10 more Muslim attacks in America like we’ve seen recently, ALL the Obamas and Hillaries will want to do is take away regular American rights, INSTEAD of going after the MUSLIM problem…..And yes expect MORE attacks from Isis and Muslims, as Obama is a coward and a traitor, as he has done NOTHING to protect America from future attacks…The Muslims/Isis now know Obama will do nothing…

  4. Adam says:

    I’ll leave the light on for you, LH.

  5. Sports-realist. says:

    PC people are the dumbest people on earth…If this were 1937, Adam Fonseca would be SUPPORTING the Nazi party in America, and telling us how mean and hateful we all are for speaking our minds…….Adam Fonseca is a traitor to history and reality, as he doesn’t realize the INEVITABLE WAR that is coming INSIDE America……How many American cities will be assaulted by Isis before Obama and the like will do ANYTHING of consequence? 10, 20, 30???? Ofcourse by that time, we could have NFL or college stadiums being assaulted, causing mass harm…..Will Fonseca then go “oops” I guess they really were bad ey? smh…

  6. TruthTeller says:

    When it comes to The Donald the following phrase fits perfectly.

    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

    Most of what he says, if you really pay attention, isn’t all that horrible. He just delivers it in such a way that it comes across as horrible.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      It’s actually a liberal media, who is DESPERATE to get their liberal person in Hillary in the White House……Just look at CBS’ golf headlines, talking about how Dubai is STRIPPING something away from Trump…It’s so obviously tainted and one sided….
      Hillary is floating on a cloud, as far as the lib media in concerned, even though Benghazi, under her watch killed Americans, not to mention allowing Isis to GROW under her watch, but that’s ok to this media…..

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