Time Magazine Catches Tiger Woods in a Lie!!!

Have you read the Time magazine interview of Tiger Woods?  It’s 6,000 words, so you know very few people have.  Anyway, they pointed out a nice, little lie Woods told to them…

Woods: It’s what was posted on my wall, about Jack’s records. It was not the majors, O.K.. There was one on there. It was the first time he broke 40, the first time he broke 80, the first golf tournament he ever won, first time he ever won the state amateur, first time he won the U.S. Amateur, and the first time he won the U.S. Open. That was it. That was the list. It was all age-related. To me, that was important. This guy’s the best out there and the best of all time. If I can beat each age that he did it, then I have a chance at being the best.

Time: Have you beaten most of those?

Woods: I beat them all. I beat them all.

Time had to add this: “Note: Woods never did win the California Amateur championship.”

Oops!  Got caught!

Woods mentioned his “kids” 25 times by my count.  He deflected a question about golf journalists’ comments about him by going off on an amusing tangent about the TV commentators being lazy about their jobs — except for “Finchy.”  I found it funny, even if it was rather clumsy.

He told Time he basically never read what the media wrote about him, but that’s not at all what Haney wrote.  Haney said Woods obsessed over it and even read reader comments.

Anyway, the interview was decent.  It made me wonder why the golf media never asked questions like this.  They weren’t difficult questions, but at least it wasn’t the gah-gah goo-goo baby questions the golf media came up with.

If I could ask one question — a question that would actually get a response — it would be this:  Mr. Woods, it is my understanding, based on comments you have made over the years, that at least some of your swing changes were made with an eye on injury avoidance.  If that is accurate, how do you feel about the people — Brandel Chamblee being front and center — insisting you should never have changed your swing, that you should return to “the Butch swing,” etc.

By the way, I remembered the Hero was today, and I flipped over to see how Jordan was doing.  The camera was on Woods, who had joined the broadcast team for an interview.  All I could do was laugh.  And turn back to CNN.  I shall go look for Jordan’s score now.

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5 Responses to Time Magazine Catches Tiger Woods in a Lie!!!

  1. Ken says:

    Woods also first won the US Open at 24. Nicklaus won it at 22.

  2. TruthTeller says:

    This is an unrelated topic but I felt the need to post it somewhere.

    I for one loved the overall look/layout of Chambers Bay. Sure it was brown but if you could get past that for a second, and look at the terrain and layout, I definitely want to go play that track.

    First, I will acknowledge the greens were bad, and they need to look at redoing them with a better type of grass but this is my main point.

    The golf course I work at his in the beginning stages of a renovation project and we recently met with the architect who will be doing the redesign. During our recent course tour Chambers Bay came up somehow. Now, as an architect, he goes all over the country and world and visits all kinds of courses. Naturally he would probably want to visit a US Open course as he and his team have a golf course that will be hosting a US Open in the future.

    During this particular conversation he showed us a picture of Chambers Bay in August 2014 and a picture of Chambers bay the week of the event. 2014? Lush green, looked freakin’ awesome. This year? Browned out, hardened up, beyond belief. He basically said, that’s what Mike Davis and the USGA feel they need to do to provide an adequate test for these guys; even if it gets a little Mickey Mouse.

    Pinehurst #2 is another course that, if you looked at it now, or the year before the US Open, it likely looks/looked much better.

  3. Mr Merrick says:

    Woods lying? That’s a novel idea!!

  4. JoseyWales says:

    More about Tiger Woods?…27 days and counting…tick, tick, tick

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