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Tuesday Thoughts

Why Rory and Lanny are the Best:  Nice piece from Ewan Murray about Rory McIlroy.  Touches on his recent eye surgery.  I would have done the same thing as Rory and postponed it like he did.  If it ain’t broke, … Continue reading

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Stray Year-End Thoughts

You can’t help but notice a recent trend: golf reporters/bloggers are suddenly all about soul searching.  I don’t have the energy right now to psychoanalyze (or make snide remarks), so I’ll just point out these What’s-It-All-About-Alfie moments coincide with the … Continue reading

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The Year in Review: Rotten Golf Media Coverage Edition

Let’s start off with a few items which show why this website is going Tiger-Free in 2016: Kelly Tilghman told Spieth he wasn’t physically as large as Woods — even though Jordan is actually slightly larger. Tim Finchem granted Woods … Continue reading

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Lanny’s Christmas Message

For the past couple of months, the world has been deluged by horrendous news events.  One could easily come to despair.  The media, with its focus on panic-inducing headlines, plays a role, but so do we by allowing ourselves to … Continue reading

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Short and Sweet Solution

There was an easy solution to the Vulgarity Spammer. Here a quick summary:  Once a person has a single comment approved, their future comments will post automatically.  But here’s the key: It is based on the e-mail address the commenter … Continue reading

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Star Wars and Golf (Certified Tiger Woods-Free Article)

[NOTE: Don’t freak out if your comment goes to “Pending” instead of posting immediately.  I must approve a poster’s comment one time, then the others should go through automatically.  A reader went off the deep end and started posting very … Continue reading

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Jason Day’s Wife Injured at NBA Game When Lebron James Goes Into Crowd Chasing Loose Ball

7:20 am Update:  The London Guardian reports Ellie Day has been released. 7:04 am Update:  It was ESPN’s first story on Sports Center.  No update on Ellie’s status.  Here’s an article from the London Independent with a video of the … Continue reading

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