Sunday Semi Live

Rory Wins DP World and Race to Dubai!

What class to mention France in his award ceremony comments.  Rory etched the Eiffel Tower emblem on his hat and wore it during his rounds this week.

But all was not somber in his post-victory remarks, paraphasing:

Announcer: You have a long break coming up.  Any chance of a kickabout with the lads over the holidays?

Rory: No, I think I’ll give that a miss.

Let’s hope Rory’s win portends well for a N. Ireland Daily Double.  Good luck to Graeme this afternoon in North America!

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6 Responses to Sunday Semi Live

  1. Ken says:

    Not exactly a great field, but pretty amazing achievement for Peter Senior. Winning the Aussie Masters at 56.

  2. Mr Merrick says:

    Rory showed more class in his few seconds than Woods has done in 2 decades

    • TigerFan says:

      That’s nice. Tiger was still a better golfer.

      • Mr Merrick says:

        Perhaps. But life is a great deal more than one dimensional Whatever Woods prowess was on the course it has been overshadowed by his cheating and his likely use of drugs. His sordid personal life will leave a dark stain on his legacy. It’s quite laughable that his father claimed that he would have a greater influence on nations than the likes of Gandhi
        A better golfer? Possibly. But with the suspicion of drug use for his first decade I have reservations about that as well.

  3. GolfFan says:

    And the first time winners streak continues on the PGA Tour. :Grats to Kisner on #1.

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