Saturday Semi Live

4:00 am EST: Continental Breakfast

  1. Australia: Adam Scott blows up in third round, shoots +6.
  2. Asia: Rory birdies first two to close gap.  Sits T-3, two back.
  3. North America: Graeme McDowell back in contention again.  T-9, four back at the midway point.
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14 Responses to Saturday Semi Live

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    Saw your Friday stuff about how Eldrick was named ‘vice captain’ or CHOSE to be named ‘vice captain’….
    …..I just got to thinking: How much time will this event change now, coverage wise? How much more will the cameras be showing Tiger sitting in his golfcart, compared to OTHER VICE-captains coverage? Will every other shot be a 1 minutes camera freeze on Eldrick sipping on a pop, while the announcers get their ‘woodies’ on, and start waxing POETIC!!!!! OVER and OVER and OVER again?????? Will they keep asking Eldrick for those pointless “So how’s the team look” interviews…….Yikes, this could be a really bad telecast……..
    ……Ofcourse the golf channel will tell us OVER and OVER again about what a great leader Eldrick is and how all the players respect him…. NOW, they will tell us, the Ryder Cup is GREAT again, and how EVERYONE will be tuning in to watch Eldrick stand on the sideline, and uh, um, well, um……Sounds riveting……Is this REALLY the angle, they are going to go with?
    ……Also does Eldrick REALLY want to do this VC thing OR, is this just a way of KEEPING his face in the public eye, even though he will have little or NOTHING to do with it?????? Is NIKE pushing this idea? Are they setting up Eldrick to be the CAPTAIN in 2018, for the SAME reason???? IMO, I think so…..

    • TigerFan says:

      There are tons more people that will tune in because Tiger is part of the coverage than there are people that will specifically tune out because Tiger is part of the coverage.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ….Seriously? He won’t even be playing? So to you, if Eldrick is SITTING at an event, a MILLION or more of the ‘fair weather’ fans will watch? I don’t think so…Certainly not long term……This would be like saying if Jack Nicklaus or Arnold Palmer was the captain or vice captain, it would bring more viewers in….I just don’t see the fan-connection, since they’d just be sitting there, and not really apart of the event…..
        ….Now perhaps they will have the Vice captain Eldrick getting OUT of his golf cart, and doing these massive running ‘FIST PUMPS’ that last about 50 yards, as Jordan Speith makes a 20 footer, or Dustin Johnson hits a 400 yard driver……..but otherwise, he’s JUST sitting there…….After the first few minutes of the network TRYING to make him apart of the story, he wouldn’t be, as he won’t be playing…..Or is he NOW the Bill Murray guy on the sideline, who provides the crowd with ‘jovial’ entertainment?

      • lannyh says:

        He’s the Kim Kardashian or whatever. What exactly does SHE do? Nothing. She’s just “famous” so people “care passionately.” That’s 21st century America.

      • TigerFan says:

        I don’t have to think it….it’s reality.

      • lannyh says:

        Tons? More like ounces. The Ryder Cup is not nearly as followed as NBC would have you think.

      • Ken says:

        Outside of very close personal friends and family, there isn’t one person who will tune in because Tiger Woods is an assistant captain.

      • Mr Merrick says:

        You might be right. And that shows the depth of golf knowledge that most Woods fans have. Woods fans are to golf as Miley Cyrus is to music.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    Your argument only makes sense IF he’s playing, which he’s not…..Again, EVEN if you are an Eldrick fan, you might watch if for the first hour, but once you realize he’s not really apart of the event, those fair weather fans will turn the channel…

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