Friday Fonseca Thoughts

Most of last week was devoted to Adam Fonseca’s interview of Steve Elling.  I won’t rehash, but we had the highest praise for the two of them.

But now the honeymoon is over, and I must bash Fonseca.

Recently Fonseca wrote an article entitled, “This Week in Golf Bullshit: The Status of Golf Writing.”  It was the first in what will be a regular TWIGB feature, a very admirable undertaking.  Overall, the article was quite good and holds the promise of writing worth reading.  However, there was a paragraph so out of tune with the rest of the article that my jaw dropped.  Here is the offending passage:

How have blogs become a business? What method have most sites relied on to generate revenue? Simple: post goofy videos, gambling odds, mean shit about Tiger Woods, and tits and ass.

I agree 100 percent regarding the stupid trick shot videos, as well as the inane T&A.  [Lanny H Golf, it cannot be denied, had the best takedown of the golf media’s preoccupation with T&A: “When you want to masturbate, is no longer your only option!”  And the poll question: “Do you think most golf fans like to jack off when they get their golf news?”  We also skewered trick shot videos.  Both were part of Brucey Week.]  I don’t personally have a problem with gambling odds, though I have zero interest in anything having to do with fantasy, but that’s just a case of different strokes for different folks, so I can accept Fonseca’s complaint.  However, the “mean shit about Tiger Woods” was just plain nuts.

What website posts “mean shit” about Tiger Woods?  If such a website exists, please tell me.  I’ll bookmark it posthaste.

My experience is that golf websites bend over backwards to puff up Woods’s image.  They never say anything negative about him whatsoever, much less anything “mean.”


Fonseca has also posted a new podcast interview, this one with Matt Castonguay of Bunkers Paradise.  It offers unguarded, commercial-free discussion, magnitudes better than what you get from the mainstream golf media, so I don’t mean to bash, but there were several shortcomings.

The blurb offered promise, and in fact Fonseca brought up a great point about the legal exemption for fantasy gambling: the wagering cannot not be on one contest.  In other words, if you have a QB vs QB wager, the QBs would have to be in two separate games.  I recalled reading that, but I didn’t think about how it applied to golf, where PGA betting is always on the one tournament each week.  Overall, though, I was disappointed in the podcast.

My chief complaints are twofold:  Too much filler about the NFL and Big Gulps.  I don’t mind the occasional aside, but ten minutes on the Giants-Patriots, and another five about Big Gulps?  But, realizing not every podcast is going to be a classic, so that complaint is pretty minor.

More of a problem was the use of the word “fuck” or “fucking” seemingly every other sentence.  I find that as annoying as, like, you know, people who are, you know, always, like, saying “you know” and “like,” and, you know, like, you want to, like, scream, and, like, you know.  Is “fuck” is supposed to bring street cred?  Maybe if you live on a street with an average IQ of 80.

Then there’s just the basic repetitiveness.  If I say, “But McIlroy is an anomaly,” then five minutes later, “That poor round was an anomaly,” I realize I’m in danger of overusing “anomaly” and take pains not to say it again.  If I said it a third time, someone would surely say, “Fuck, man, you’re fucking overusing that fucking word.”  To me, constantly saying “fuck” is as boring and brainless as trick shot videos.

Don’t get me wrong, Adam Fonseca’s website is worth keeping an eye on, particularly the TWIGB feature.  And the podcasts, too, unless they become too fucking tedious.

Okay, back to the bigger topic:  “Mean shit about Tiger Woods”?  I’ll give a free two-year subscription to Lanny H Golf to anyone who can find one of those “mean shit about Tiger Woods” websites.  Search in the daylight, and take a lantern.


The Symbolism of the OWGR Website: In the Fonseca-Castonguay podcast, Castonguay at one point is trying to locate some information at the OWGR website and says, “Why don’t I just search it? Wow, what an idiot!”  Then a moment later, he says, “[I did a] player profile search and it didn’t even pop up.”

I laughed.  I first pointed out that flaw in January 2014.  “Another major flaw: the player search doesn’t work. Flat out does nothing. Type in any name, say, Hunter Mahan: it refreshes your screen, but returns nothing about Mahan.”

OWGR did their “upgrade” two years ago and still the player search function doesn’t work.  (Why don’t they just remove it?)

What’s this have to do with symbolism?  Such incompetence defines the Internet in 2015.  OWGR adds a useless scroll at the top of every page, but breaks the search — which they have not bothered to debug for two freaking years!  They also added a changing background of huge photos of former players, which does nothing but distract from people reading the website.

For further information on the terrible changes OWGR and the PGA Tour made to their websites in January of 2014, see “Suck Contest: PGA Tour Website vs OWGR Website.”


Rory is T-4, three back at DP World, with most players finished for the day.  Adam Scott co-leads in Australia.  If Scott wins, something rather funny will occur.  He will have a longer “consecutive years with a win streak” than Tiger Woods ever reached.  It can be argued that Woods, despite the American golf media’s obsession, was not even the best player of his era.  Too funny.

Of course, Adam will still have a ways to go to equal Arnie or Jack.

In the PGA Tour event, there isn’t much that stands out.  Worth mentioning is the continuing good play of Kisner this year, and also the continuing good play of rookie Harold Varner III this, whose name has become a leaderboard staple in the season’s first tournaments.

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7 Responses to Friday Fonseca Thoughts

  1. Ken says:

    “If Scott wins, something rather funny will occur. He will have a longer “consecutive years with a win streak” than Tiger Woods ever reached. It can be argued that Woods, despite the American golf media’s obsession, was not even the best player of his era.”

    That I dislike Tiger Woods is beyond question. But even I think this is a real stretch.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    TV Ratings for Morning Drive/Golf Channel…week of 11/9-11/15:
    25,000 ave. viewers per minute…this is the lowest Nielsen Rating for Morning Drive for this year.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, incredible. The show is depressing to me. I saw it start the past two days after watching Rory at the DP World, and I just turned it off. It’s sad. They are so stuck in the past. But it’s also football season.

  3. DanishDude says:

    I have no problems with the OWGR player search.

  4. GolfFan says:

    Interesting that “Bones” is doing some broadcast work at the RSM this week.

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