Monday Madness

Graeme Wins!!!

Hello, two-year, ten-month exemption!  What class to credit his caddy for lobbying for 5-iron over 6-iron on playoff approach.

Morning Drive comes back on right after the playoff.  Not even one minute goes by before Damon Hack mentions Tiger Woods.  What a damned joke these clowns are!

Graeme McDowell in Playoff with Knox and Bohn!!!

The sun is shining, too.  What do you know!


  • Don’t forget Graeme McDowell is going for victory when the final round of the PGA event in Mexico concludes this morning.  He and Russell Knox are two clear of the field with 5-6 holes.  Play resumes at 8:00 am local/9:00 am EST.  (I think.  I’d tune in an hour earlier in case the PGA Tour website put EST instead of local.) [Update: Looks like they did foul it up.  Starts 8:00 EASTERN, not local/Central.  I did a screenshot of the leaderboard with an unqualified 8:00 on it; since every other tournament time is local, one would assume/guess/why-didn’t-they-specify-dammit that one is, too.  I’ll post that tomorrow.  Very shoddy work by the PGA Tour.]
  • I have Golf Channel on this morning, watching a replay of Golf Central.  They just said, “Graeme McDowell is trying to finish off a disappointing season with a win.”  He’s actually trying to start the season with a win.  If the Golf Channel reporters can’t keep it straight, what chance does the average fan have?
  • Thirty minutes, as I write, until Morning Drive begins.  They will be on just prior to the tournament finale.  I am curious to see if they will have the energy and buzz one would expect.  Graeme trying to end an extended dry spell and Knox going for two in a row.  Will they focus on that, or will we have the regular bullcrap with Charlie and Paige explaining how to hit a half-wedge from autumn leaves?  Will Ginella be shilling for some golf resort or other?  Will we get “the latest on Tiger and Phil”?  [The show was awful: they are now — I kid you not — teasing a segment about “Jack” making a comment about “Tiger.”  Or something.  Same old bullshit.  Even worse than I remembered.  Why not use the opportunity of the Monday finish to make the show exciting?]
  • Crazy week last week that culminated in this humble website being mentioned in tweets by Adam Fonseca and Steve Elling.  This follows Emily Kay and PGA linking to us three weeks ago, resulting in our Million Reader Day.
  • Don’t read too much into Mr. Elling’s tweet.  I am not in talks to become his PR agent.ellp
  • The subject Fonseca and Elling raised in their interview is a rich one, and extends well beyond the golf media.  It’s interesting, and encouraging, to note that despite the unrelenting shift to unreadable websites full of mindless content, readers are not the only ones complaining about the trend.
  • Inside Baseball:  Readership and Commentership are completely different animals.  By that I mean, a huge readership day does not automatically lead to a lot of comments.  Nor do a lot of comments necessarily indicate a heavy readership.  Consider our recent Million Reader Day: It was an average day for comments.  Several days that week with only 5 percent of the readership actually had more comments!  In general, there is some linkage, but it is hardly proportionate.  This is worth pointing out because, for years, people have said, “Look at all the Tiger Woods comments!  That proves that’s what people want to read about!”  Not really.  It proves that a core group of commenters like to have foodfights with each other about Tiger Woods in the comment sections. It doesn’t bring new eyeballs to the advertisers.
  • Speaking of comments, at first I was disappointed that Mr. Elling’s new website didn’t have a comment section, but now I think he made the right decision.  I am a longtime commenter, so I like comment sections.  But I don’t think they help the journalistic cause because writers (cough, cough, Kyle Porter…) are tempted to write trolling-for-comment articles like, say, “Why Tiger Woods is Ten Times Greater than Phil Mickelson.”
  • What’s with the annoying fake leaves falling behind Damon Hack?  There aren’t that many leaves in the state of Florida.  (Well, not where they are, anyway.)
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4 Responses to Monday Madness

  1. Kris says:

    I used to watch morning drive every day, but I haven’t watched more than a few minutes in months. The last time I watched was when Langer and his daughter were on. You are exactly right about comments, especially unmoderated comments. If an article has 500 comments it’s normally just a handful of people bickering. Comments reflect controversy, not quality content. Elling doesn’t need to hire you, you already work for free! 😉

  2. TigerFan says:

    Breaking News!! Tiger Named Vice Captain for 2016 Ryder Cup!! Awesome news!!

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