Semi Live Blog for Whatever Tournament is going on This Week

***  I complain a lot about the utter lack of logic I frequently encounter online.  I’m not the only one with qualms about today’s “educated” Americans.  From the Washington Post:

Richard Keeling and Richard Hersh, in “We’re Losing Our Minds,” conclude that far too many college graduates can’t “think critically and creatively, speak and write cogently and clearly, solve problems, comprehend complex issues, accept responsibility and accountability, take the perspective of others, or meet the expectations of employers.”


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13 Responses to Semi Live Blog for Whatever Tournament is going on This Week

  1. JoseyWales. says:

    Hey Lanny…since you enjoyed the Dottie Pepper podcast so much…here’s one with Steve Elling. It’s 52 minutes long. If your attention span can’t handle it, cue in at about the 25 minute mark. I think you will enjoy it. Spoiler Alert!…Tiger Woods is mentioned from time to time.

  2. JoseyWales. says:

    “But… you know what would really be nice? If you would write a damned article about these podcasts! ”
    psst…Lanny…that’s your job…you’re the blogger…remember?

    • lannyh says:

      Hey! You brought up the article! Are you my assignment editor? Does you nameplate read “Lou Grant”?

      Just saying you went to all the trouble of listening to the damn thing and found it interesting enough to tout. Why not spend three more minutes and type out what you found interesting?

      • JoseyWales. says:

        “Just saying you went to all the trouble of listening to the damn thing”
        It wasn’t any trouble at all…I enjoyed every minute of it. And it wasn’t a “damn thing”…it was an honest conversation about the golf media and what makes it tick. I thought you might enjoy it.

  3. JoseyWales. says:

    One of the interesting truths revealed in the Elling podcast…what is the age of the average reader/commenter on the website?
    1. 18 yrs. old
    2. 34 yrs. old
    3. 42 yrs. old
    4. 58 yrs. old

    • lannyh says:

      Okay, I gotta guess 58, and I feel pretty confident about that. If I’m wrong, I’ll be shocked. The Internet was never really the domain of the young as many would claim, and posters tend to be quite old if the constant references to Reagan and Nixon and Carter are representative.

      Although, upon reflection, I’m thinking of regulars who comment. It might be 42, I suppose, if you count the people who wind up there via Google sports news searches.

      But for you to bring it up, knowing the “trends” of your commentary, I’m going with #4, 58 years old.

  4. Ken says:

    Regarding the WaPost comment, have you heard about the recent controversy at Yale over Halloween costumes? It makes you really wonder about the future of our society.

    A dean of some college at Yale wrote a rebuttal to the official “let’s not offend anyone with Halloween costumes” policy. What this dean’s rebuttal boiled down to is that we’re all intelligent people, lets just be adults and dress as we want. If someone is offended, let’s have a conversation about that. The rebuttal was written in the most polite, intelligent way possible. It has caused a firestorm, with apparently hundreds of students signing a protest and even asking for this dean’s resignation. They totally misrepresented what the dean said and really don’t seem to grasp the notion of debate or of an intellectual environment that should be the goal of any university.

    Today’s students are like intellectual Stalin’s, quashing any debate and completely governed by political correctness. They are the antithesis of what young minds in college should be. They’ve become total conformists, and they’re too stupid to realize it.

    • lannyh says:

      I have only tangentially heard about it. I’ll have to read those letters. Thanks for the link.

      I think there’s a real backlash against PC going on right now. People are tired of having it used as a weapon against them. Some of the offenses I’ve heard about lately can only be described as asinine.

      One good sign: The running thread for South Park this season is political correctness, and they are doing a fine job of skewering it. No one is going to accuse South Park of being right wing, so coming from them, well, that shows how out of hand it’s gotten. The first episode was about one of the boys getting in hot water because he said, “To me, Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero.”

  5. Sports-realist. says:

    ok turned to golf coverage and they were interviewing a golfer——amazing entertainment….

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