Dottie Pepper Podcast Interview

GOP Debate and Golf

Expect Maria Bartiromo to be no-nonsense tonight.  Remember her interview of Tiger Woods?  She’s probably the only journalist ever to call Woods’s BS.  She interviewed Woods with a complete and clinical calmness.  She was never rude — and she never gave an inch.

Notice how she asked him a question which he avoided.  She allowed him to fully answer without interruption, then, when he stopped speaking, she re-asked the question.  The video is not long and is well worth (re)watching.  Woods, for his part, did show some “grace under pressure” when he told Maria he could only try to control his high draw and a high fade.  I had not seen this in quite some time; I stand by my contention that this is the one of the few Woods interviews where the interviewer refused to genuflect.

Which bodes well for Maria keeping tonight’s debate on track.


Okay, I finally got around to listening to the Dottie Pepper podcast interview  someone sent my way a while back. Was that really just two weeks ago?  Seems longer.  Seems like I’ve been dragging my feet a month or longer.  My thoughts:

  • Funny that the opening ad was for FanDuel fantasy gambling.
  • The opening audio montage made no sense to me.  Something about Tiger Woods making golf cool, but those people don’t think golf is cool any more, but their kids think golf is cool now.  Or something.  Maybe the actual conversation will add context.
  • I’m 10 minutes in, the 25 percent mark, and it’s not knocking my socks off.  A little bit interesting to hear that she was looking at operating a florist shop with only a minor amount of golf announcing.  I blame the interviewer more than Pepper.
  • 12 minutes in, and another FanDuel gambling website ad is running.  They’ll match your fist $200 deposit dollar-for-dollar.
  • Sounds like Pepper is a “less talk, less comedy” type.  Always welcome.
  • “Other than a Tiger roar, I imagine, there is nothing like a Mickelson roar?”  That was an actual question.  I can’t believe I’m wasting my time listening to this…
  • This is awful, but I will make it to the end.  Only ten more minutes to go.
  • Her “cool” comments don’t make any more sense to me in context than they did in the opening montage.  The stars of the day make golf “cool” to kids who play and watch golf.  Gee, that might explain why kids today like Cam Newton better than Johnny Unitas or Troy Aikman.  Because Cam makes football cool.  I think I finally understand this deep point: Kids think a sport is cool because of the players playing it now rather than the ones who played it before they were born.
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14 Responses to Dottie Pepper Podcast Interview

  1. Ken says:

    Tiger Woods “made golf cool.” Yet golf participation is dropping. When I was growing up in the late 1970s/early 1980s, all of my friends played golf. Some didn’t play often, but they all played at least a little. And I came from a very middle-class neighborhood, not the country club set.

    Something made golf cool for all of my friends to try. That cool thing was their fathers. And that is the same reason that kids who take up the game today do so (like Rory McIlory). The kids whose fathers didn’t play, like my own, tried the game because their friends played.

    • Ken says:

      Hey, maybe all of my friends saw 3-year old Tiger putting with Bob Hope on the Mike Douglas show. They said, “Hey, that’s really cool,” and ran out to their local muni.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    …….A ‘roar’ question is build in propaganda, obviously still trying to push the narrative that Woods is golf and golf is Woods…There are loud ROARS in every sport, so the question is retarded…….Ofcourse if Woods was white, I doubt it would be as big a deal, as Mcllroy, Day, and Spieth is up and coming, but because Woods is black, and there isn’t another black golfer on the horizon, they can’t let em go…It’s their PC ‘get out of jail free’ card…..
    ……It’s also another thing to SUGGEST, that golf has gone down hill in recent years, due to Eldrick not being able to play as much due to injury ect…..That’s quite a stretch…..Ofcourse we know the facts are golf isn’t as popular due to people not having as much DISPOSABLE INCOME..

  3. JoseyWales. says:

    Lanny H…who can’t stand the way the media keeps reminding us about Tiger Woods, just resurrected an interview from three years ago to remind us about Tiger Woods.

    • lannyh says:

      Maria Bartiromo is moderating the debate tonight. Try to keep up. I guess you are upset that I wrote that piece on Bartiromo and Woods. If it hasn’t appeared five times at Golf Digest, Golf Channel, and Geoff Shackelford, it doesn’t need to be covered!

      Sorry if I upset you by mentioning Maria’s skill at interviewing. I’ll try to write only about “Tiger’s adorable children” and how great he is with Lindsey or whatever all your heroes write about.

      • TigerFan says:

        Maybe I misread it too, but I seem to have seen an 8 point summary of the displeasure with the Dottie Pepper interview that included praise for TW.

  4. JoseyWales. says:

    settle down Lanny…this could be the break you are hoping for…opening the door to the PGA Tour drug policy:

  5. JoseyWales. says:

    “Tom Pernice was on, he was a good person to talk to because he was on the Player Advisory Board forever,” Singh said. “He mentioned a few golfers that were disciplined and was disciplined and for what reason.”

    That portion of Singh’s testimony is followed by a redacted paragraph.

  6. HennyB says:

    Tonight at 8pm eastern time there will be an encore presentation of Tiger Woods epic victory at the 1997 Maters Tournament! That will be followed up by an encore presentation of his victory in 2005! LOL GIVE ME A BREAK! See he is still relevant (wink wink nod nod). This is propaganda to keep the dream alive. We wont be seeing the big cat for a while and the powers that be want to make sure he doesn’t get lost by the wayside by all of the young talent dominating the tour these days. Much like Col. Tom Parker did while Elvis was in Germany serving in the IU.S. Army. Since Tiger will be turning 40 next month i’m sure December will be “Tiger Woods Appreciation Month” I can’t even get made anymore, it’s just plain laughable.

    • lannyh says:

      Interesting! I’ll give that article a good going over in the morning.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        Now there’s a shock, it’s gambling when you have to put money into an account? But all those sites they aren’t gambling? LOL…It’s funny how rigged stuff lies right in front of our faces……Ofcourse he will get a few COUGH bags of cash, that will make him see the light……

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, it’s funny how many big name individuals and companies have their hands in the fantasy gambling cookie jar.

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