Monday Thought/Special Monday Edition Sanderson Farms Semi Live Blog!!!

2:35 pm:  So the alternate field event is winding up today.  I like cerebral people, so Roberto Castro has always been a favorite of mine.  I’ll cheer for him this afternoon.

  • So I turn on ESPN’s Mike and Mike to see if they are discussing Russell Knox’s WGC win.  (Okay, okay, to see if they are discussing the weekend’s football games.)  No, they are discussing Greg Hardy, an NFL player who slapped around a woman a year or two ago.  Some photos were recently made public, and Mike and Mike were aghast that Hardy is still playing in the league.  Are they equally aghast that Ray Lewis, who has ties to a murder, is one of their network’s football analysts?
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16 Responses to Monday Thought/Special Monday Edition Sanderson Farms Semi Live Blog!!!

  1. FootballGuy says:

    Murder, shmurder… biggy.

    But, don’t you go slappin’ women. That ain’t cool man

    • lannyh says:

      And Alex Rodriguez, who was banned from baseball for a year for using PEDs, was a World Series analyst for Fox this year.

      Makes me rather glad MLB and ESPN are both down on their luck.

      • FootballGuy says:

        They had Pete Rose somewhere during the playoff coverage too.

      • Ken says:

        I heard a lot of praise for Rodriguez’ commentary on Fox. I thought he was pathetic. He said nothing that anyone who has ever seen a baseball game wouldn’t already know. No insight whatsoever. Saying that “Today is Tuesday, so tomorrow will be Wednesday” is deeper than anything that he had to offer.

  2. GolfFan says:

    I could be wrong but a quick pick at the schedule so far indicates, I think, that we’re 5 for 5 on first time winners (looks like Peter Malnati has the Sanderson Farms W).

  3. Kris says:

    Why do some golfers, including Peter Malnati, have MLB as a sponsor? That’s weird.

    • Josey Wales says:

      The “new media” strategy is to meld all sports together as one…going along with the millenial “social share” life style…we are all one big family…Steph Curry is on the cover of this month’s Golf Digest…golf coverage as we know it is obsolete…it’s a new world, baby.

      • lannyh says:

        What’s funny is that I have only even heard of “Steph Curry” because Porter at CBS went through phases where he’d write about his every day for a week.

        I think you are onto something with the melding idea.

  4. Ken says:

    I don’t know anything about a lot of players, but usually I at least know the name. I had never heard of Peter Malnati before yesterday.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, same here. Usually I remember some little factoid or other about any given player. With Malnati, the best I can do is, “I think I saw his name somewhere before.”

  5. Josey Wales says:

    Places like the Golf Channel have always placed more emphasis on the “name” value of the player rather than the “game” of golf. Now that the “names” are not winning the golf media is scrambling to alter their coverage. As long as the ratings are stable they will survive. But if ratings tank, watch out.

    • lannyh says:

      Do you have any Morning Drive rating for the past few weeks? They’ve got to be horrible. Even Rory and Jordan hold little appeal for me right now. Watching Morning Drive would be torture.

      Don’t get me wrong. I love the live coverage, and I am thankful for it. But regardless of what Finchem calls it, this is the off season, and, frankly, it started when Jason Day hoisted the last major trophy of the year.

  6. Josey Wales says:

    Random weekly Morning Drive TV Ratings…2015: source: Nielsen, Inc.
    3/2-3/8 Doral 89,000
    4/6-4/12 Masters 95,000
    5/4-5/10 Players 68,000
    6/1-6/7 Memorial 49,000
    6/15-6/21 US Open 138,000
    7/13-7/19 Open Ch. 68,000
    8/10-8/16 PGA Ch. 82,000
    8/17-8/23 Wyndham 96,000
    9/14-9/20 BMW 41,000
    9/21-9/27 Tour Ch. 51,000 (FedEx Cup Ch.)
    10/5-10/11 Pres. Cup 38,000
    last week CIMB Ch. 41,000

    Highest rated Morning Drive week for 2015 was US Open week at 138,000 ave. viewers per min.
    Lowest rated Morning Drive week was Fry’ week (10/12-10/18) at 30,000 ave viewers per min. The real worry for Golf Channel is the poor showing of the 18-49 yr. old demo. Around 10-15% of the Morning Drive audience falls into this demo. 85-90% of their audience is over 49 yrs. of age and 75% of that group is male.

  7. Josey Wales says:

    The ratings come in every Friday about a week in arrears…here are the last four weeks…the latest numbers I have…yes, they are weak numbers.

    10/5-10/11 Pres. Cup 38,000
    10/12-10/18 Frys.Com 30,000
    10/19-10/25 Shriners/Vegas 37,000
    10/26-11/1 CIMB Classic 41,000

    • lannyh says:

      Interesting. Not particularly lower than the previous lows. I guess their absolute bottom is 30,000. Maybe those viewers are teaching pros and golf course operators who watch no matter what.

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