November 5-8 WGCHSBC Tournament Semi-Live Blog

Saturday 5:00 am Update

  • Jordan within striking distance.
  • Anyone catch Nobilo’s story about Nicklaus and the dangling cigarette?  I was familiar with the story, but I missed what precipitated it.  Was someone smoking or something?
  • Southeast Asia has to be the worst time zone for U.S. golf fans.  The tournaments start too late to stay up and watch, and they end too early to get up and watch.

Thur 2:30 pm Update

My exchange with Lusetich:



Thur 7:20 am Update:  When I turned on my television this morning, it was still tuned Golf Channel from last night’s HSBC action.  So I got a dose of Morning Drive.  A small one.  I didn’t last long.  Seems a 45 year old player fired a 72 year old coach, and they wonder if 40 year old player would hire the old coach.  That sounds like the audience for a Matlock marathon, not the PGA Tour.

Thur 3:45 am Update: Is Euro Sevener Branden Grace the best player in the world?  Rory could reclaim number one with a win here, although he’d need for Jordan to finish well back.

Do you ever see people in the gallery and wonder about the lives they are living?  With Americans, it’s not difficult to come up with something that’s likely to be pretty close to reality.  At this event in China, I just saw an attractive couple walking alongside a fairway, the woman looking very young and cute with her long hair flowing from beneath a red cap.  I wondered if he were a highly-placed executive, overseeing a factory handling outsourced manufacturing from an American corporation.  Probably not, or he’d be in a corporate box somewhere, drinking heavily and ignoring the tournament.  Maybe they were young professionals, who found each other when they moved to the city, enjoying China’s growing prosperity, watching the world’s best golfers and living a life that would have been hard for their parents to imagine.

Wed 7:45 pm Update:  Mister Elling hits a home run!  Mister Elling spoke to Boo Weekley with good results.  Timmy F will NOT be happy.

And another:

mrel1And a grand slam:  Check out this thread, patched together from Mr. Elling’s Twitter timeline, in which Bobs Lusetich and Harig are seemingly competing for the hand of the fair maiden, Tiger Woods.  Elling and Huggan are in fine Pond Scrum form:


Exhibit 53,235: Terence Moore, Sports on Earth: “We need Tiger Woods. It doesn’t matter if he isn’t the guy anymore who dazzled us with shots that not even fiction writers could invent.”

Not only could no other player hit those shots, they couldn’t even envision them!


WGC-HSBC (catchy name!) begins this evening U.S. time.  Once again, it’s in a horrible time zone for me.  A great tournament, of which I’ll see very little.  I can easily get up early for Dubai and the Brit Open, but staying up all damn night just ain’t gonna happen at Lanny Central.  Oh, well.

The following chart, from the Washington Post, in my opinion, shows the… how can I phrase this?… the shrinking of the American mind the past four decades.  As I’ve gotten older and wiser, the population has gotten more stupid and petty.  That might explain my increasing lack of patience with the moronic things people say/think/do.  For some reason, seeing this chart immediately reminded me of the golf world:


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16 Responses to November 5-8 WGCHSBC Tournament Semi-Live Blog

  1. TigerFan says:

    That’s funny.

    Where I come from older and wiser generally equates to grumpier and less tolerable.

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    I should know this, but I’m trying to think of what HSBC stands for…Let’s see, uh….something, something, something, championship? Please no applause……At least they didn’t put it in ‘morse code’ to make it even more uninteresting of a name…..Whatever it is though I suddenly want to buy an HSBC thing….Not that advertising works or anything…

  3. GolfFan says:

    Need a down the line view but from the straight on it almost looks like Jordan is trying to be a little flatter/shallower, at least with his driver. Interesting if it’s true.

  4. Ken says:

    I love the “shots no other player could hit” fantasy. It’s a club and a ball. Lot of guys can hit any shot. Woods’ greatness was being able to do it more often.

  5. Ken says:

    Never understood why Mickelson left Rick Smith for Harmon to start with. He was a more consistent winner prior to Harmon, with 30 wins and 3 majors.

  6. Ken says:

    If I offered a purse of millions of dollars for PGA pros to come play a round with me at my local course, I’d suddenly find that a lot of pros “like and respect” me too.

    • lannyh says:

      If players playing your event is the sign of like and respect, well, explain Woods’s Quicken Loans tournament’s pathetic field. In fact, I will tweet that guy mentioning that fact right now!

      • HennyB says:

        No kidding. Before Spieth played in the tournament, the main headliner was Zach Johnson. No offense to Zach, I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time but let’s be realistic. When he and Tiger we going at it two years ago the media compared it to the Nicklaus/ Watson duel in the sun. I still laugh every time they show Tiger’s wicked fist pump when he ended his winless drought by winning his own tournament back in 2011. Give me a break. That was a nothing win, lets look at the guys he defeated in his “epic victory” 2nd: Zach Johnson 3rd:Paul Casey 4th Matt Kuchar & Hunter Mahan 6th:Jim Furyk & Bubba Watson & Rickie Fowler all tied at -1.

      • lannyh says:

        That leaderboard DOES look a bit anemic now that you mention it. As well, most are playing as a lark in the off-season, the pro’s version of a company-outing scramble.

  7. HennyB says:

    If the GC hand their way it would be the 5th major! LOL

  8. TigerFan says:

    “Is Euro Sevener Branden Grace the best player in the world?”

    Who’s trolling now?

    And I believe Jordan just needs a top 14 finish to get to #1.

  9. GolfFan says:

    Jordan didn’t win but I believe his T7 is good enough to move him back to #1.

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