Justin Thomas Gits ‘er Done, Wins Midnight Madness Classic; Dubuisson Takes Turkey Title!

  • It was good to see Justin Thomas get his maiden victory.  Well, not actually see, because the tournament was played at an unwatchable time for all Americans not keeping vampire hours.  He won by one shot, so I reckon it was exciting.
  • The Euro event is heading into the home stretch.  Looks like a three-man race with Dubuisson, Aphibarnrat, and Van Zyl.  Rory fizzled.  Spencer Levin faded.  (Victor won.  Two great winners this week.)
  • I was looking for the final score of last night’s World Series game.  I did a Google news search and clicked on first return.  The page, from CBS Sports, loaded.  Slowly.  Video boxes, ads.  I wait impatiently.  Finally I can scroll.  No mention of the score in the headline or first three paragraphs.  I only see one mention of a score and it is an eighth inning score.  Awful writing.  Simply awful.
  • That got me to thinking.  Why is journalism in such a terrible state these days?  I think it’s useful to compare newspapers circa 1970 and today’s Internet news.  Newspapers back then needed a quality product to attract readers.  If they spread out NFL standings over 32 pages, one team per page, the better to assault you with advertisements, you were not going to read the newspaper.  You certainly were not going to PAY for it.  So, we got (for the most part) concise, compact, clear, interesting, readable information.  While reading, you’d glance at the ads scattered throughout the pages.  With the Internet, it’s a competition to see which websites can scream, “WOLF!  WOLF!” the loudest.  It’s all about getting people to click.  They don’t care much about repeat customers because so many readers arrive via some kind of search link.  The more confusing and less informative the website, the more likely a person will spend a few minutes clicking from page to page, fruitlessly seeking useful information.  Useful information like that we used to get from newspapers.
  • So, Morning Drive is now beginning, with Justin Thomas and Victor Dubuisson as the weekend’s winners.  Prepare yourself for a lot of faux excitement, feigned fascination, and overblown amazement.  Not sure I’ll last very long.  I’m already losing the glow of Dubuisson’s win as the panel of four — count ’em, four! — pretends they are excited about Gary Player’s 80th birthday.  (I didn’t last long; Hack said, paraphrasing, “A lot of people think Tiger Woods invented working out…”  Bye-bye.)
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16 Responses to Justin Thomas Gits ‘er Done, Wins Midnight Madness Classic; Dubuisson Takes Turkey Title!

  1. TruthTeller says:

    I think I need to start my own website that criticizes every little detail of ESPN. God knows there’s a lot of content about that!

  2. Sports-realist. says:

    Ok, is Rory Mcllroy just another golfer now? Last year I gave him a pass, but another VERY avg Sunday finish, when he is just one shot out of it…..1 under par, when many go way below that….Is it the Nike equipment, is he just overthinking, is his swing messed up….But what happened to Roy Mcllroy….

  3. JoseyWales says:

    “TMZ SPORTS offers a window into the world where sport and celebrity cultures intersect — whether at a party, movie premiere or an ordinary day,” said Jamie Horowitz, President of FOX Sports National Networks. “To both avid and casual sports fans, these stories are captivating.”

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, I knew they had the website, but no idea they were thinking of doing a TV show. I’ve seen the regular TMZ show a handful of times. It’s funny, fast-paced, and amusing — at least in small doses.

      Hey, maybe this is just in time for a prominent golfer being outed for PEDs…

      • JoseyWales says:

        “Who needs details on injuries and transactions throughout the day when we can see viral videos? And hell, who really cares about an extra half hour of highlights and news each night when there’s such a huge market for gossip?”
        Tiger Woods downward spiral is perfect for TMZ Sports. If he is ever outed for PEDs, would some/most/all of his victories be disallowed?

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Well in the PGA’s case, who are they going to follow? Adam Scott? Monty visiting the buffets? Sounds riveting…..Ofcourse they will have ALL their cameras on Eldrick Tiger Woods and his COUGH, ‘night life’, but won’t that backfire?
      Won’t NBC hate this idea because it will KEEP showing Eldrick’s car at all those Vegas Ranches…

  4. JB says:

    I don’t know, I think Hack should get some credit for acknowledging that Wood’s didn’t invent working out.

  5. Kris says:

    Your mistake was clicking on a story about the game. If you just wanted to know the score you should’ve googled “world series game 4 final score” and it tells you, no clicking necessary. Sports websites are atrocious with autoplay videos and 47 pop-up and embedded flash ads. Easily the most annoying sites on the internet. It’s like they think all sports fans are semi-functional apes who need blinky lights and loud noises to keep their attention. I always use “text-only” view when reading sports stories, otherwise I’d die of old age waiting for my overheating computer to load all their garbage.

    • lannyh says:

      I agree with every word. You know, I do try to get my scores that way. Google has their own little thing they will often pop up. For whatever reason, I didn’t get the baseball score on my search term this morning. I wish someone would start up a website called Just the Facts Sports and charge some small amount, say $1/month, and give us schedules, standings, etc., in very compact form. When I look at, say, the college top 25, I want a simple list all on one page, so I can scan my eyes across the entire list.

  6. Jaybird says:

    There’s an article over on CBS talking about Tiger building another new golf course.

    I would love nothing more than course designers, whether it be Tiger or Nicklaus, or any of dozens of others, to stop building new courses and start renovating/updating current golf courses.

    I’ve been a part of a few courses that have been redone and they are miles better than their original versions. If they’d do this, maybe we could enjoy the good current courses instead of closing some of them down since the industry went and over built in the late 90’s/early ’00s.

    • lannyh says:

      I’d like to see some of them lobby for rolling back the equipment so the old courses — greener, cheaper — could be relevant again.

      • Jaybird says:

        That’s part of it but the redesigns I’ve been a part of didn’t really have to change the distance. It was more cosmetic. Make the bunkers/greens more playable, maybe take out or trim a few trees here and there to make things more fair.

    • lannyh says:

      P.S. A Tiger Woods article at CBS? That’s so unlike them. You sure you got that website right?

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