More Corrupter and Corrupter, More Stupider and Stupider

The more I learn about this fantasy sports betting, the more ridiculous it gets.  I read about “Syde” last night.  Here’s how they describe themselves at the iTunes app store:

Are you ready to take your love of sports to another level? Are you ready to win money? If you said yes to either question, you’re ready to pick Syde.

Syde is daily fantasy sports gaming for the casual fan. We don’t have complicated rules. No rosters. No salary caps. No team management. No season long commitments.

How it works: Syde sends out a game each day. Side A versus Side B. All you have to do is pick a “syde.” That is, pick the side that you think will score more fantasy points (we follow industry leading fantasy rules). If you win, your money is automatically transferred to your designated account.

Syde is a game of skill, making us legal in most parts of the US (check out our FAQ for more info).

Here’s what that looks like:


Syde is legal because it is a “game of skill.”

Guessing whether this QB and RB can outdo that QB and RB is a game of skill, but guessing whether Spieth and DJ will outdo Grace and Oostie is a game of chance.  Uh, yeah, right.

There are reasons fantasy sports betting is legal while other sports betting is illegal.  Not logical reasons.  Not honest reasons.  A few random thoughts:

  • The NFL encourages fantasy gambling because it maintains interest in their sport.
  • The NFL has lobbied for pro-fantasy legislation.
  • Fantasy sports is a huge and profitable industry.
  • Fantasy sports companies lobby politicians.
  • The media likes the advertising dollars from FanDuel and DraftKings.  In September, those companies spent more on advertising than huge corporations like GM.
  • The massive popularity of gambling on fantasy is an accident in large part.  The change came when the industry introduced daily fantasy betting rather than the original season-long format.

This is all rather depressing.  There was a guy who had an off-shore sports betting operation.  He returned to the U.S., was arrested, and spent four years in prison.  Now, these fantasy sports gambling operations are supported by politicians and the NFL.  In one case, they lock up a guy up for gambling, but in another, they pretend gambling is not gambling.

One of the beautiful things about golf is that it does not grant preferential treatment.  That’s been a major theme of this website.  How the golf media gave preferential treatment to one golfer over all others.  They asked up to suspend our logical facilities to buy into the fantasy of Tiger Woods, Uber Golfer.  In the case of fantasy sports gambling, we are asked to deny that fantasy sports gambling is gambling.

Money, manipulation, greed,

Bonus Stupidstic:  ESPN just pointed out that some pitcher became the fifth pitcher in history to throw a 3-hit shutout in a post season game against the league run leader.  Wow.  Stop the presses.

Seriously, why not just say, “The pitcher threw a three-hit shutout.”  Everyone knows what that is.  Who the hell cares that it was the fifth in history?  Well, not the fifth in history, the fifth in history against the league run leader.  I swear, this stuff is created by and for damned idiots.

Keep An Eye On:

  • Justin Thomas — Can he make a run, or will a bad round once again scuttle his chances?  He got a lot of publicity last year, but it’s time to hear the phrase “closed the deal.”
  • Rory McIlroy — He’s within striking distance.
  • Harold Varner III — He’s the top African American player on Tour and is getting a lot of media attention.  Playing great in his first outing as a PGA Tour member.  Sits solo second, two back.  He’s 5′ 8″, so he goes against the media narrative we used to hear about “golfers in the future” looking like Lebron James.
  • Emiliano Grillo — From Argentina, this 23-year-old is a good pick to win Rookie of the Year.
  • Smylie Kaufman — another Rookie of the Year contender.

Varner is a potential Rookie of the Year, as well.  It will be interesting to see how those three perform this weekend.  My money is on Grillo, as he has European Tour experience.

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One Response to More Corrupter and Corrupter, More Stupider and Stupider

  1. Royalty says:

    I’m a Royals fan so I feel the need to defend the stupidstic. The Blue Jays scored more runs than any other team in MLB this year so for this pitcher to throw a 3 hit shutout isn’t just another 3 hit shutout. It’s a shutout, with minimal hits, against a team that had a lot of hits and scored a lot of runs during the year.

    Now, I don’t about the whole 5th player in history phrase but you have to show how impressive this really was somehow.

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