Rookies, Fantasy Sports Betting, Lanny’s Research Report Acknowledged

[Note:  Here’s a pretty good Wiki article on the lay of the land in the U.S. regarding sports betting.  This issue is in the headlines due to Nevada yesterday banning FanDuel and Draft Kings daily fantasy games.  Indeed we have a federal law granting certain states (four of them) a special privilege to offer sports betting, and indeed some of the other 46 states are challenging that (seemingly indefensible) law.  Typical law-making: ambiguous language, special treatment, lots of money changing hands.]

Rookie of the Next Year is narrowed down to two players: Smylie Kaufman and Emiliano Grillo.

Anyone following all the fantasy sports legal wrangling?  Summary: It’s a lucrative business, it’s somewhat rigged, there was a scandal by an employee, and now Nevada has declared daily fantasy sports to be gambling (not a “game of skill”) and banned it unless the offering company (Fanduel, Draft Kings) has a gambling licences (which they don’t).  Of course, if it is declared gambling, it will soon be outlawed in all the places that allow it as a “game of skill.”

There is no greater reward than recognition by one’s peers, so we are proud to announce Adam Sarson has written an article referencing our research.  I guess you could now call our research “peer-reviewed.”

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4 Responses to Rookies, Fantasy Sports Betting, Lanny’s Research Report Acknowledged

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Lead post today at Geoff…
    “Q&A: Tiger’s About To Open His Second Course”

  2. Kris says:

    I had no idea that people got away with Fantasy sports betting by calling it a game of skill. That’s ridiculous because if fantasy sports isn’t gambling, then gambling isn’t gambling. In both instances you’re choosing whoever you think is going to perform better and making money off of it. Playing fantasy sports takes a bit more effort than straight gambling, but that doesn’t make it a game of skill.

    Adam Sarson referencing your article is pretty cool. I like his stuff.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, it’s crazy, isn’t it. I read about one last night called “Syde” where players pick one of two sides offered on a given day. It’s like a coin flip. I’m going to post about it this morning. The people making rules about what constitutes a game of skill vs a game of chance remind me of my older brother making up rules when we played Monopoly as kids. At least he would eventually start laughing and give himself away.

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