Lanny Defends Working People; Additional Awards; One Day Until RORY!!!

Last Minute Heads-Up:

Golf Channel is showing a 30 minute documentary on Jordan Spieth’s 2015 tonight.  Might be worth checking out.  Also, the pro-am portion of frys open has some kind of coverage.

Editorial on Lamar Odom Regarding His Comment About Home Depot:  I didn’t know who Lamar Odom was until ten minutes ago.  I’d heard the name, I suppose, and probably would have guessed that he was some kind of pro athlete, but I certainly knew nothing about him.  This headline caught my eye: “Lamar Odom Found Unconscious at Nevada Brothel.”  I scanned a Washington Post article on the matter.  In the article, Odom was quoted as saying sometime in the past, “Y’all beat me down, degraded me, said … I’m a womanizer, a f—king drug addict, everything. I probably couldn’t even get f—king hired by Home Depot right now because of how people look at me.”

I often shop at Home Depot.  Numerous times employees there have bent over backward to help me understand how to perform some kind of repair or other.  My local store is one of the best places I know for friendly, helpful service.  Now, do those employees make the same pay as professional athletes?  Of course not.  But it’s good, honest work.  Denigrating honest work is one of the worst things a person can do.  (Recall the ESPN reporterette bashing the woman who worked at the towing company.)

You hear these kinds of remarks all the time.  McDonald’s is a frequent target.  Wal-Mart, too.  There are literally millions of people who work at these stores.  They should not be insulted.

Let me make this clear: I am not saying this because I feel sorry for those people.  No, the fact is that their jobs are perfectly honorable, and their work there is admirable.  I do not say that out of pity; I am pointing out fact.  I’ve had far “lesser” jobs than those, and I was never ashamed of them, nor should I have been.

By insulting perfectly respectable — RESPECTABLE — jobs, we create a culture where impressionable people come to think the jobs attainable to them are beneath them.  Is a kid better served to watch his father get up to an alarm clock, shower and dress and got to work, or to watch his father lay about all day, living off family and acquaintances or on the government dole?  We have created the insane idea that not working is more admirable than working.

Why does our society condone — even encourage — the casual putdown of good, honest service industry workers?

Can you imagine one of the Fore Horsemen saying such a thing?  Nicklaus, Player?  Woods?  Daly?  Hell, no.  Golf IS better than other sports, and I’m proud of that.

  • Lanny Awards, Second Runner-Up:  How could I have forgotten jalnichols and his Euro Seven bashing?  That was fun to follow all year.  Don’t confuse my criticism of Tilghman, Hack and Chamblee, however, with my mild chastisement of jalnichols; jal was at least offering up something of interest. Still, his predictive analysis turned out to be anything but predictive.  Consider that Branden Grace just went 5-0 in the Presidents Cup against the cream of the American PGA Tour players.  Yet jalnichols insisted, less than a year ago, Grace was not worthy of carrying the clubs for the godlike PGA Tour players.  But now we are seeing things like this from Michael Bamberger: “Grace! The most underrated player in all of golfdom.
  • Won’t it be refreshing to have a golf tournament unaccompanied by a bunch of dim-witted hype?  No endless discussion of the format.  No discussion of the worthiness of the event.  Just a golf tournament, like Bobby Jones and Young Tom Morris and Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson used to play in.  This tournament will have a cleansing effect.  Rory playing is a plus.  This seems like the first real golf since the PGA Championship.  Of course, I can already hear it, on Thursday, “If this tournament ended right now, the Fed Ex standings would look like this.”  America is becoming one never-ending advertisement; the movie Idiocracy come to pass.
  • Harold Varner III is in the field this week.  I thought he made some great comments in an interview after he earned his card at the final event.  However, he made some fairly crude comments on his Twitter account a few days ago.  A “#wtf” tag and a comment about “pissing in adversities [sic] face.”  Those are the kinds of things potential sponsors pay attention to.


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8 Responses to Lanny Defends Working People; Additional Awards; One Day Until RORY!!!

  1. Bird says:

    Exactly. TW supported McDonald’s and Perkins.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure the Kardashian clan is busy trying to figure out how to make money from Lamar Odom’s situation.

  3. Broadcasters says:

    I may have some of my folk wrong but saw that Dottie Pepper is joining CBS to replace Feherty. Faldo, Gannon, Dottie, Nobilo sounds decent.

      • Broadcasters says:

        Just gotta show Nantz and McCord to the door and we’d really be cookin’!

      • lannyh says:

        I think all golf announcers need to realize their schtick: (1) is always going to be a better fit for Thursday and Friday; (2) it can get old. For instance, predicting every putt and then, if a predicated make misses, joking about a jinx. Okay, I’m not sure that was ever amusing. Saying it 10,000 a year certainly isn’t.

  4. Bird says:

    Let’s not forget Rossie’s “impossible shots” that were always possible. R.I.P.

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