Morning Is Broken

Against my better judgement, I turned on Golf Channel to catch post-Presidents Cup commentary.  I didn’t last long.  Three comments:


I turned the TV on fifteen minutes before Morning Drive; Golf Channel was replaying a repeat of Golf Central; a panel was discussing — surprise, surprise — Tiger Woods.  Brandel Chamblee says something about Woods being involved in the Ryder Cup; he’s not keen on it because Woods didn’t have a great record there, but he did in Match Play elsewhere.  In fact, Brandel tells viewers, in other match play Woods had an “almost 90 percent win rate.”  What the …?  This is typical bullshit from Brandel Chamblee.  He says it confidently and matter-of-factly as if he knows what he’s talking about — but he doesn’t.  I’ll run the numbers and post them in a separate entry.  Suffice it to say, Chamblee is going to look like a fool.


Morning Drive starts.  Gary Williams lambastes the possibility of a Presidents Cup tie.  He speaks with fire and passion.  Or at least faux fire and passion.  He sounds like (or tries to sound like) Rush Limbaugh talking about Nancy Pelosi.  Total disgust.  Of course, the “issue” of a potential Presidents Cup tie doesn’t mean diddly-squat.  But here’s the key: No one is going to be offended if you vigorously attack or defend ties in the Presidents Cup.  No player is going to feel slighted; no advertiser is going to get his feathers ruffled.  Morning Drive is devoted to providing its 117 viewers the most boring show possible.  Williams and pals will NEVER passionately argue about anything if a person associated with golf might take offense.  Never.


They showed Anirban Lahiri missing a short putt.  They used that to segue into a segment where John Cook was going to demonstrate how to never miss four-footers.  I instantly turned off Golf Channel.  Ten minutes into the show and they are already giving golf playing tips.  Do you think Mike and Mike, after showing a video of a snap going over a punter’s head, give tips on how to be a better long snapper?

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5 Responses to Morning Is Broken

  1. Ken says:

    There actually is some football pre-game show where retired players do little demonstrations of plays on a tiny piece of astroturf. Total waste of time.

    • benchrat says:

      you could say the nfl is worse than golf because there are at least 4 major pre-game talk shows every sunday, which most of isn’t any more interesting than morning drive. but somehow there is a need for media speculation and drivel on 4 different networks.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, the vapidity of football pregame shows is a different topic. My point is when I turn on Mike and Mike to get the rundown on the weekend’s sports activity, I want to hear about the players and teams and great plays and bad plays and winners and losers. I don’t want to be shown how to hold a fracking tennis racket for my backhand just because Federer lost a key point with a lousy backhand shot. I don’t want to be shown the proper technique for scooping up a ground ball to a shortstop’s right because Elvis Andrus botched a catch. We are told, “Weeden isn’t getting the job done for Dallas.” We do not then have to sit through a segment on how to grip a football so we can throw the ball better than Weeden.

    • lannyh says:

      Right. Terry and Howie and Michael (on Fox, for example) demonstrate coverages and whatnot. While I have seen them demonstrate blocking technique, I see most of their football “tips” as more akin to golf features like, “How to play No. 2 at Augusta.” So viewers will know what to look for.

      Telling me the laces should be turned away from the FG kicker’s foot is one thing; spending five minutes detailing which part of the foot should contact the ball to get a right-to-left flight is quite another.

  2. HennyB says:

    Chamblee is really reaching on this one. He must be referring to Tiger’s college ,US amateur, and US Jr. Amateur match play record LOL. We all know Tiger’s Ryder Cup record is terrible and the funny part about it, he’s only been a member of one victorious Ryder Cup team (1999). I can’t wait to read Lanny’s rebuttal to Mr. Chamblee

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