Nobel Prize Live Stream Link

Here’s the link.  Keep your fingers crossed for Ole Lanny.  If I win, I promise to mention Biogenesis when I make my acceptance speech.  However, I will refuse the prize if Sports Illustrated does not make Jordan Spieth Sportsman of the Year.

Well, we did not win.  Svetlana Alexievich won instead, so hats off to her.  She writes good stuff, too, though.  Still, in our opinion, her writing is not as good as what you find right here at Lanny H Golf.

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3 Responses to Nobel Prize Live Stream Link

  1. JoseyWales says:

    headline from the Golf Channel site today: seriously?

    “U.S. continues dominance; Phil closing in on Tiger”

    • lannyh says:

      Huh? Wow. I just thought of a new term I’ll have to work into future writing: “steampunk golf journalism.” Because they pretend we are living in past times.

  2. Bird says:

    No new news. US dominates Prez Cup, only to get slapped down in Ryder Cup.

    Too many Cups, anyway.

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