Wednesday Night Into Thursday Semi Live Blog: Presidents Cup Edition (Day One)

10:00 pm Update:  Here we go!

8:30 pm Update:  Butch Harmon vs The Euro Seven:  I just realized Jay Haas has Butch Harmon’s two prize pupils going up against two of the Euro Seven.  This is the match of the day.

The Golf Media’s Spieth Impediment

How the Golf Media Would Be Covering the Presidents Cup if Jordan Spieth Were Tiger Woods

Jordan Spieth, the youngest player in modern golf history to win two majors, is in Korea — swamped by fans and photographers — looking to build on his history-making year, which also included a little $10 million bonus for winning the FedExCup.

Jordan smashed the single-season money list by winning $12 million (not including the $10 milllion FedExCup bonus), breezing past the record long held by Vijay Singh.

Simply put: Jordan is playing golf at a level none of us has ever seen before.  (Apologies to anyone over 150 who saw Young Tom Morris play.)

The question this week is whether Jordan Spieth and his untouchable game can inspire and lead a rag-tag group of American veterans and newbies to a victory over an all-star cast made up of the best from Asia, Australia, Africa, and All Points In Between.

Jordan won’t be playing alone, but his teammates seem better-suited to carrying Jordan’s clubs than carrying their own weight.  Only three of the eleven have won majors, and those three are all on the geriatric side.

But if anyone can lead America to victory, it’s Jordan Spieth.  One thing we’ve learned: Never sell Jordan short.  He’s already leapfrogged the accomplishments of every modern golfer not named Jack Nicklaus.  Fittingly, the Presidents Cup will be contested this year at the Jack Nicklaus Club Korea.  In a way, the two icons of modern golf will be facing off against each other.  If that doesn’t get your golf blood pumping, nothing will.

Someone else special will be there, too, you can be sure, following Jordan with rapt attention.  The ghost of Young Tom Morris.  Young Tom, who left this planet at age 24 will surely say of Jordan — just like us mortals — “But he’s just a kid!”

Jordan Spieth has irreversibly changed the game in ways too numerous to count, and there is no reason to expect anything short of the spectacular this week.  When it comes to Jordan Spieth, Lesson One is: Expect the unexpected.  The jaw-dropping, can-you-believe-your-eyes unexpected.

The world is anxiously watching to see what Jordan will do next.  Including some very nervous European Ryder Cup players and fans.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Night Into Thursday Semi Live Blog: Presidents Cup Edition (Day One)

  1. Ken says:

    Good looking course.

    Doesn’t seem to be a lot of fans.

  2. benchrat says:

    those of us that frequent your blog will recognize the tongue in cheek references to ‘changing the game’ etc., but to a passer-by, is that the message you want them to get? just asking.
    btw, SPIETH IMPEDIMENT, nicely done.

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