Semi Live Blogging Live From the Presidents Cup

Golf Channel’s first “Live From” is currently airing.  The course was designed by Jack Nicklaus!  I have only seen an aerial photo or two of the course, but based on that, it looks interesting.

The Irish Independent has a great article on Jordan Spieth (“Spieth has changed golf, but it’s a different sort of revolution“).  It’s well-written start to finish and even gives a shout-out to my current favorite golf writer, Gary Van Sickle.  I would only alter the article in one place.  I would add “(wink, wink)” after “physical fitness.”

While reading the Irish Independent, don’t skip the article on Rory (“Rory McIlroy: I’ve been in 118 different airports and had 287 nights in hotels in 12 months“).  Fairways and birdies, a good swing takes you far… (with apologies to Jackson Browne/Danny O’Keefe).

I guess they have to fill time, and maybe it generates some excitement among some people, and I’m not just talking about this pregame talk about the Presidents Cup, but I think I’ve had more than my fill of discussion about “what you would like to see on Sunday.”  We’re hearing things now along the lines of “What everyone wants to see is Jordan vs Jason.”  Yeah?  Well, we just had them paired in the final round of the year’s final major; I’m supposed to get excited about them meeting in an off-season team match exhibition?

Maybe it’s just the wisdom of Ole Lanny’s years, but I’m content to let things play out as they may.  Would I have said prior to Crooked Stick 1991 that I wanted to see alternate John Daly win?

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2 Responses to Semi Live Blogging Live From the Presidents Cup

  1. RealGolfFan says:

    Jordan has changed golf, a different kind of revolution, really? Jordan is doing what he’s doing with good putting. WHAT A SHOCKER!

    I hate to have to keep going back to Tiger, but during his 10-12 year run, he too, was the best, or at least among the best at putting.

    GMac, I believe, was quoted as saying the old “Drive for show, putt for dough” was old news. It was all about something like, “Drive it long, putt from closer to the hole”. How’s that worked out? Jordan, an average length driver won 2 majors and ZJ, among the short knockers on tour, won one too. Common denominator? The both excel at putting. Jason won the 4th major but it wasn’t necessarily because of his driving. He made, seemingly, miles of putts that week.

    If anything, Jordan is proving that the old adage is in fact true, “Drive for show, putt for wins”.

    • Ken says:

      Good post.

      At the PGA, there was a lot of talk about Day’s length. People always love the big hitters. They acted like Spieth didn’t have a chance, but it took a record -20 to beat him. Day is also a great putter who happens to drive the ball very long. Length isn’t why he won. The media was drooling over his amazing drives in round 4 at the PGA. But he beat Spieith by only one stroke in that round on a a day when Spieth missed at least four very makeable putts and also didn’t chip as well as he normally does.

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