Don’t Cry For Me, Emiliano:  The American copycatstream golf media is finally covering Emiliano Grillo.  Lanny, you’ll remember, was writing about Grillo at least two years ago, as shown by “Emiliano Grillo and the Most Courageous Round of the Year.”

Last Call for Simmons Grantland Article:  Yesterday there was discussion in the comments section about criticism of the golf media.  Someone wondered if I was too hard on them.  I wondered about that, myself.  This quote from the Simmons article perhaps sheds some light on the matter:

Anyone with a public forum should feel a certain responsibility to the greater good, whether you have a blog, a column, a podcast, a radio show or a steady TV gig.

Very relevant, because Simmons is talking about sports journalists covering up PED usage, fearing to even speculate about changes in body mass.  Gee, does that remind you of the golf media at all?

Simmons gave a list of six things that put someone on his “Pee In The Cup” list.  Do any of these remind you of Tiger Woods?  (I added my color-coded labels.)

  • POSSIBLE  Skip the Olympics (which has much stricter drug testing) in your prime for any dubious reason and you’re on the list.
  • YES — 2013  Enjoy your best season in years in your late 30s, four or five years after your last “best season,” and you’re on the list.
  • BINGO!  If you’re a skinny dude who miraculously managed to add 20 pounds of muscle to your scarecrow frame, you’re on the list.
  • I BELIEVE SO  If you chopped down the recovery time of a debilitating injury to something that just didn’t seem possible a year ago, you’re on the list.
  • BINGO!  If you were really good and really ripped at a really young age, and now your body is breaking down much sooner than it should be breaking down, you’re on the list.
  • ASK THE GOLF MEDIA CHEERLEADERS  If you’re exhibiting a level of superhuman endurance that has little correlation to the endurance of any of your competitors, you’re on the list.

A few other Simmons tidbits:

You don’t trust our [the sports media’s] ability to handle such a loaded subject, nor should you. We’ve ruined your trust too many times.


I believe that Ray Lewis cheated. I believe that to be true based on circumstantial evidence, his age, his overcompetitiveness, the history of that specific injury, and the fact that his “recovery” made my shit detector start vibrating like a chainsaw.

I think most feel exactly the same way about Tiger Woods.  This next quote applies big-time to golf.  Not only are PEDs off-limits for Tiger Woods, but the golf media is forbidden — or afraid — to utter a single negative word about him.  In fact, avoiding criticism isn’t enough.  The golf media is still pushing that Gandhi thing:

Cheating in professional sports is an epidemic. Wondering about the reasons behind a dramatically improved performance, or a dramatically fast recovery time, shouldn’t be considered off-limits for media members.

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4 Responses to Saturday

  1. JoseyWales says:

    So here’s Geoff Shackelford pimping Tiger Woods/Wyndham and bogus Golf Channel ratings on Twitter and on his blog site…you still drinking the phony Shack Kool-Aid?

    @GeoffShac…”Golf Channel Posts “Best 3rd Quarter Ever In Key Metrics”: Aided by Tiger’s Wyndham Championship performance…”

    • lannyh says:

      Well, he just spent a week on Morning Drive, so he has to pump them up. And if he wants to ever be on again, he has to pump up Tiger Woods.

      I wonder why they go to such lengths to associate Woods with ratings, though. Reality shows gets very high ratings, but they aren’t what I’d call quality television. And the trend for golf ratings during Woods’s career was generally down. A regular season event in 1975 (Pebble Beach Pro-Am) had a higher rating than all but two Woods tourneys — and both of those were Masters! So, that regular season event in 1975 got higher ratings than the other 500 tourneys Woods has played in. Bottom Line: Woods, with his “needle moving,” can’t even outdraw a regular season event from golf’s golden era. Not to mention Woods attracts the chewing gum and fast food crowd, not the viewers who buy the big ticket items golf’s sponsors covet.

      • JoseyWales says:

        Bottom line is these golf media hacks can’t resist pimping Tiger Woods because they have no confidence in themselves to be interesting and appealing to viewers. So when in doubt, they play the “Tiger card” and hope they have a job tomorrow.

      • lannyh says:

        Well put. You reminded me of something I forgot to put in this article. The piece I wrote a couple years ago about Grillo, the one about the Most Courageous round of the year… it got a grand total of ZERO comments. If I wrote one entitled, “Is Tiger Woods a Secret Racist?” it would get 20, 30, or 50 or more. And you can multiply that number by 100 for the big money outfits.

        I notice if I read an article about Jordan Spieth — even when Woods is not mentioned, which is rare — that many of the “anti-Tiger” people will mention Woods in the comments. Examples:

        “What, ______ actually wrote an article without mentioning his lover Tiger Woods.”

        “Jordan/Jason/Rory has completely made Woods irrelevant. LMFAO!!!!!”

        In other words, most of the people bitching about Woods being covered too much ENJOY Woods being covered too much.

        Some of us truly do find other aspects of golf more interesting. I truly do get a kick out of a playful “feud” with jalnichols over the Euro Seven. I enjoy watching the Grillos and Fleetwoods trying to make their way on the Euro Tour. I get a kick out of watching Rory bouncing down the fairway when he’s playing well. I enjoyed reading Shane Bacon’s book on “new players” and his description of Jason Day’s childhood. I enjoy reading books about golf’s Golden Age, reading about Hogan and Palmer and Nicklaus. When Woods was relevant — and not a post-scandal laughingstock — I enjoyed reading about HIM.

        When a player does something great, I don’t immediately think, “Oh, but Tiger did something better.” Or, “LMFAO! Woods never did that.” Many see EVERYTHING in golf in terms of Woods. When Norman or Faldo won a major, people didn’t feel the need to immediately point out that he trailed Nicklaus, or that Nicklaus did this or that more impressively. And, hell, Woods isn’t even top dog of all time like most would say Nicklaus is. (Not to mention Woods’s image having been destroyed.) I don’t think most, or at least many, of the people who obsess over Woods — fans, posters, I’m talking about her; the media is another matter — do so as a proxy for political/race foodfights.

        Some will say, Lanny, you hypocrite! You write of Woods all the time. I will say, preemptively, and for the 1,000th time, I write about the media cramming Woods down the public’s throat. That’s not at all the same thing as discussing Woods. If I write, “Holy crap, Chamblee will simply not stop his nonsense about Woods,” that is not “Lanny writing more about Woods than anyone.”

        Of course, with the continuing dumbing down of America, such a simple concept is as challenging to most Americans as differential equations.

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