All You Can Do is Laugh Dept.

Bragging about this would be akin to bragging about tying my shoes, so I’ll just shrug and sigh, and laugh at how predictable (and awful) the golf media is.

For, you see, Fox Sports’s Shane Bacon has pulled the precise same subterfuge ESPN used in the tweet I analyzed just this morning.

Bacon sees ESPN’s Watson and raises them a Nicklaus.  The topic is player performance following a multiple-major-winning year:

  • Rory McIlroy (2014) — 0 majors, 2 PGA Tour wins
  • Padraig Harrington (2008) — 0 majors, 0 PGA Tour wins
  • Tiger Woods (2006) — 1 major, 7 PGA Tour wins
  • Woods (2005) — 2 majors, 8 PGA Tour wins
  • Woods (2002) — 0 majors, 5 PGA Tour wins
  • Woods (2000) — 1 major, 5 PGA Tour wins
  • Mark O’Meara (1998) — 0 majors, 0 PGA Tour wins
  • Nick Price (1994) — 0 majors, 0 PGA Tour wins
  • Nick Faldo (1990) — 0 majors, 0 PGA Tour wins (1 European Tour win)
  • Tom Watson (1982) — 1 major, 1 PGA Tour win
  • Jack Nicklaus (1980) — 0 majors, 0 PGA Tour wins

Here’s Bacon’s little summation:

What this tells us is, outside of Tiger Woods in his prime, it’s really, really tough to follow up a multiple-major season with anything that looks remotely close to what you just accomplished.

Damn!  Nicklaus ain’t shit, is he?  He couldn’t even win a damned event after he won multiple majors.  Of course, he was 41 years old, having won two majors in his 40th year.  Watson, for his part, won one event, which happened to be a major.

Let’s add Watson and Nicklaus prior to Bacon’s very convenient cutoff year of 1980:

  • Watson (1977) — 0 majors, 5 wins
  • Nicklaus (1975)  — 0 majors, 2 wins
  • Nicklaus (1972) — 1 major, 7 wins
  • Nicklaus (1966) — 1 major, 5 wins
  • Nicklaus (1963) — 0 majors, 4 wins

Now, reconsider Bacon’s words:

What this tells us is, outside of Tiger Woods in his prime, it’s really, really tough to follow up…

No, what this tells us is that you are dishonest.  The Prop Up Tiger movement needs to either (1) show the complete data for Watson, Nicklaus, et al, or (2) leave them off your idiotic Woodstistics.

[By the way, I’m open to alternative names for “stupidstics” (example: this is historic; he is the fourth player to make a hole-in-one after an earlier triple bogey on the same nine on a course with Bermuda greens) and “Woodstistics” (Example: Woods had a better year at age 21 than Spieth at age 21 because Woods only missed one cut whereas Spieth missed four.  Just ignore the fact that Spieth had more wins, including two majors.)]

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8 Responses to All You Can Do is Laugh Dept.

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    …..Yeah why 1980? When did that become such a magical date? And any REAL golf fan would know that Jack was 40 years old in 1980, so well past his PGA golfing prime……
    …..I’m CONVINCED there is MONEY changing hands, ALOT, behind the scenes, either to certain sports writers or editors or supervisors ect…..this is SOOOOOO fishy that Steinberg is possibly the MOST corrupt agent in sports history—–and that’s saying something….

    • lannyh says:

      A golf industry payola scandal would not surprise me at all. It would rival Woods’s scandals.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        …..Has that Olsen guy made any other statements, interviews ect SINCE retracting his so-called other statements about Woods doing steroids? Has this guy disappeared, or does he NO longer do interviews? I would think he would be a VERY popular interview candidate by any number of media outlets……
        …..Has Olsen suddenly gone on an extended vacation? I looked a little while ago and couldn’t find any follow ups by Olsen in any way, shape, or form…..

      • lannyh says:

        I think he disappeared. My guess is his source got ticked off, or it would have perhaps put his career/sponsorships at risk. And Olsen’s wording — that Woods was serving a suspension — was easily deniable, since Finchems suspensions are pretty much never official suspensions. They just agree the player will not play. And he may have just been repeating rumors. That the rumors were true would still have not allowed him to stand by his suspension claims.

      • JoseyWales says:

        You could start with Golf Digest where EVERYTHING in that rag is bought and paid for…Top 100 List…Best Courses…Best Golf Vacations…Golf Digest = Payola Digest.

      • lannyh says:

        Good point. I think Matt Ginnella also fits into that sector.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Let’s do stats that JUST show from 1930 to 1950…Suddenly alot of golfers don’t even exist….It’s truly lame and RIGGED reporting at it’s best….

      • lannyh says:

        I am toying with the idea of doing one for “years following POY award.” I will go back to 2010. Obviously, Woods won zero events in his only year in that time frame. It would show the same kind of sleight-of-hand.

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