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The Rise and Rise of Lanny H Golf

Make no bones about it.  I was disappointed not to win this year’s Nobel Prize for Literature. But the prize we won this week — the admiration and acknowledgement of our peers — was even more special. Emily Kay at … Continue reading

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Lanny’s Very Smart Golf Brain

BREAKING NEWS!!! Golf Activist Lanny H Forces Finchem’s Hand Sayonora, Tiger Woods! Armed only with truth, facts, and the 21st century equivalent of a No. 2 pencil, Lanny H Golf has once again shaken up golf’s power elite.  After Emily … Continue reading

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Fantasy Sports are a Tax on the Stupid; I thought Tiger Woods made golf “cool”

8:09 pm Update: Smylie Wins; Lanny Knows Golf (endofmessage) ********* This stuff gets funnier and funnier.  These articles are all short, so those with limited attention spans can read them, too. From Deadspin: Look at that shit! Seven out of … Continue reading

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Saturday Musings

♠♥♣♦ This would be a good week for Spencer Levin to prevail.  I hope to see him win while I’m still on this planet. ♠♥♣♦ In discussions about television networks and their strategies, sometimes we give management a bye with, … Continue reading

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Friday Thought: Housecleaning in Golf

Maybe you have a drawer, a closet, or a room where you store things you don’t use, but are reluctant to throw out.  This lessens the functionality of your home by turning part of it into a storage area for … Continue reading

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Thoughts on ESPN’s Financial Struggles; Cowardice, Favoritism, and Inanity in the Golf Media

I hope someone gets video of Britt McHenry being told she’s been laid off. Offer to ESPN:  Why don’t you fire your entire golf division and replace them with a link to this website? The Players page at still … Continue reading

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Van Sickle; Fantasy Fantasy; Lanny H Golf Pushes ESPN into Layoffs

A Tale of Two Sports Reporting Outlets In one corner we have endless stupidstics, nonstop scrolls, useless graphics, ear-shattering sound effects, fantasy sports advertisers, daily Plays Dunks of the Day, an annual budget of $6 billion, and Britt McHenry.  In … Continue reading

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