Tiger Woods Was So Good For Golf

I just read this comment on ESPN.  The article was about Jordan Spieth.

He’s not even gonna break woods record… You white people sound so much like haters… I bet you prayed for a white savior to come along & top woods… Well he has to do much much much more then be a one year wonder….

Of course, you also got this comment to that article about Spieth (Woods wasn’t even mentioned):

Tiger who? hahahah!

The guys who write “Tigger” will swap insults with the guys who write “you white people” for an hour or two.  And ESPN tells advertisers, “Our comment sections really attract a lot of traffic!”

Is this beneficial to golf?  Golf used to be considered a cut above other sports.  Now, in a lot of way, I fear it’s worse.

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7 Responses to Tiger Woods Was So Good For Golf

  1. TigerFan says:

    Of course Tiger was good for golf. If not for him, guys like Jordan, Jason, Rory, Rickie, etc probably wouldn’t have been driven to take their games to level they are at. Sure parents and family introduced them to the game but it takes something extra for people to want to get to this kind of level. That’s where Tiger came in. Something to aspire too as it relates to performance.

    • lannyh says:

      Exactly. No one aspired to anything until Tiger Woods invented the concept. Byron Nelson, Shakespeare, Mark Zuckerberg, the Wright Brothers — all owe their success to Tiger Woods.

    • Ken says:

      You’re just trying to provoke Lanny, right? You can’t really believe that other great players wouldn’t have come alone were it not for Tiger Woods. That’s just a ridiculous notion.

      What sports have all of a sudden just ground to a halt and not progressed and produced new stars? Jousting? Gladiator tournaments?

  2. Ken says:

    I swear that when I’ve read “Tigger” in comments sections, I really thought it was just people trying to be cute or trying to demean Woods with a reference to the cartoon character.

    • lannyh says:

      First off, I believe you, so this is not aimed at you. (When Donald Trump made his alleged menstruation joke, I never made that connection whatsoever. The media attacked for a full day before I even understood what they were complaining about.) However, the “beauty” of that term is that the writer has “plausible deniability.” If they didn’t, the mainstream golf media couldn’t let it go. As it is, the mainstream golf media loves it. Foodfights over race bring the comments and views.

      • Ken says:

        I didn’t think you were aiming at me.

        I think maybe I’m just kind of slow on the uptake. It’s not that I haven’t noticed a lot of racist stuff thrown at Woods in comments sections. I just never made the tigger/nigger connection.

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