Saturday Coca-Cola Championship Semi Live Blog

Sportsman Spieth Springs to top Spot!!

Jordan Spieth can solidify his grasp on Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year award tomorrow if he wins the Fed Ex Cup.  He is currently in first place, one clear of Henrik Stenson, and four clear of the rest of the field.

10:20 am Update: Lanny Admits Mistake

How foolish I was to push for 21-year-old Jordan Spieth to win Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year award.  All Spieth did was win two majors at a younger age than every other one of SI’s previous golfing Sportsmen of the Year.

Oh, how wrong I was!  SI needs to reward the pretty white girls of the U.S. women’s soccer team.  Just think: What a message that would send to Serena Williams and all the other WOC!  Stop getting so damned… uppity!!

And a message to Jordan Spieth and the rest of the world of golf:  If you want SI to recognize you, play a whiter sport.  Too many men of color in golf!  Why, your biggest star for the past 15 years was black, don’t you know!  Lily White is the new Black.  Or at least the new touchstone for women’s soccer.

Look at these pretty white girls!  Doesn’t that make you proud to be a pretty, white American!

If SI doesn’t select these pretty white girls as Sportswomen of the Year, that would send an icky message of inclusivity.  Gag me with a spoon!


7:08 am Update: Morning Drive Watch

I joined the show eight minutes in.  (I turned on GC expecting live coverage of the Euro event.)  How long until they make a superfluous mention of Tiger Woods, causing me to turn them off.  Rosaforte and DiMarco are in the studio so over/under is five minutes.

[Note:  I think GC said tee times moved up at Atlanta, due to weather.  PGA Tour Twitter account says nothing… par for the course…

Okay, they have definitely been moved.  That’s great!  Now I can watch golf this morning before football starts.  Worked out well.  Tomorrow’s forecast calls for clouds w/o rain, which would also be nice.  An uninterrupted final round would be optimum, and the NFL bores me for the most part, so I’ll be watching golf whenever they show it on Sunday.]

Sunrise Thoughts:

  • Gary Van Sickle seems convinced Sports Illustrated is going to go with the women’s soccer team.  That would be a ridiculous choice, though.  The U.S. women’s soccer team draws from a pool of 330 million people and is competing against much smaller nations (often nations where women’s athletics is hardly even a thing).  I already pointed out that the U.S. women have three 1sts, one 2nd, and three 3rds in the only seven world cups played.  In the Olympics, they have five 1sts and one 2nd in the six that have been held.  In other words, the U.S. women winning a worldwide soccer event has all the drama of a U.S. vs. Grenada war.
  • Can you imagine SI giving the award to the lily-white U.S. women’s soccer team for winning an easy event and snubbing Serena Williams who won the first three legs of the tennis Grand Slam?
  • I noticed yesterday that none of the mainstream golf media outlets are live-blogging the Fed Ex Championship.  But let Tiger Woods play the Podunk Minor Leagues Invitational and they all live blog it.  Gee, you think if they gave that kind of attention to Jordan Spieth, he might already be a lock for the SI Sportsman of the Year?  After all, Woods got it for winning two amateur events and some weak fall series events.  Jordan has won two majors as a 21-year-old.  Talk about a double standard if he doesn’t win.
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8 Responses to Saturday Coca-Cola Championship Semi Live Blog

  1. JoeM says:

    Tee times are early because of NBC’s coverage of Notre Dame football which begins at 3:30.

    • lannyh says:

      They claimed it was weather. The football game makes more sense.

      • RealGolfFan says:

        It was because of potential weather.

        During the last playoff event, tee times were normal and they cut away from NBC at 2:30pm for the ND game and finished that Saturday broadcast on GC. I would assume they would have done the same thing but this time weather was involved.

  2. TigerFan says:

    SI has to go with the jockey. That’s the best choice. That stuff hasn’t been done in, what, 30+ years? There have been a dozen guys that have won 2 majors in a year in the last 15 years. Put differently, 2 majors have been won in a year more than a couple times in the last 15 years. Not nearly as impressive.

    • lannyh says:

      The jockey would be a great choice. I could not argue that one. The only thing is… Ron Turcotte did not win for Secretariat in 1973. They gave it to Jackie Stewart, Formula One car racer.

      I’m starting to think, though, that the fix is in. The women’s soccer team wins an event they win all the time because the deck is stacked in their favor. In these international competitions they are 8-2-3, never finishing worse than 3rd Because we are a nation of 330 million playing far smaller nations. It’s like the Ryder Cup when it was entire U.S. versus just the UK.

      Also, there’s some heavy-duty racism in women’s soccer. It makes Augusta national look like the ACLU. However, a lesbian player kissed her wife after the final game; that seems to be the key thing. To hell with Serena Williams, a black woman who has dominated her sport and never won. They want to give it to the lily white gals because one of them was an open lesbian. Like THAT is such a novel thing in 2015. Billie Jean King, Karrie Webb, and Martina Navritilova never happened, don’t you know. Of course, last year Michael Sam got a written nomination in their magazine.

      I want to cry when I think how far that magazine has fallen since I read it cover-to-cover as a young teen. Maybe they should just shut it down.

      • TigerFan says:

        The fix is always in.

      • lannyh says:

        If Jordan lost to the jockey/horse, fine. If he lost to Serena, I’d disagree, but figure she was reasonable for her career, combined with this great year. But the women’s soccer team? They win those event over half the time. It’s just not that hard. And they already got the award in 1991. If they say, Oh, there were a lot of viewers, I’d say, well, then give it to Brady for winning the little thing called the Super Bowl. Way harder to win than the unfair fights in women’s soccer. Plus, the Patriots weren’t a lily white team.

  3. Ken says:

    Honestly, who cares what a struggling, dinosaur magaxine does?

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