Prominent Writer for Iconic National Magazine Calls Out Lanny H — For Political Correctness!!


Lanny H was called out today for using (incorrectly, as it turns out) the phrase “Sportsperson of the Year” when referring to annual Sports Illustrated award.  We are attempting to contact Lanny H for his response to this broadside attack.

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8 Responses to Prominent Writer for Iconic National Magazine Calls Out Lanny H — For Political Correctness!!

  1. Bermuda Bob says:

    Grammatically speaking, the word “person” ought never be used as a “suffix” word. A “suffic” word must indicate gender. Even the United States Congress refers to their members as “Gentleman” and “Gentlewoman” …

    This whole “person” stuff is nothing more than the “disengenderment” and dumbing down of America by the “PC Police” !!! Then there’s that damned “AP Style” of writing, which also has plenty of flaws, but everyone points to it as if it were an absolute.

    Rock On !!!

    • lannyh says:

      Ah, that would explain why SI has maintained “sportsman” while Time went from “Man of the Year” to “Person of the Year.”

      Thanks for the info.

    • Bird says:

      Wondering if the New York Times still use “Mr.” for murderers and rapists.

      • lannyh says:

        I don’t know, but some major publication — the Wall Street Journal, maybe — uses “Mr” without the period. I do that sometimes when it occurs to me.

        By the way, when I use “Woods’s” rather than “Woods’,” I’m following the lead of the NY Times.

      • Bermuda Bob says:

        That would only be surpassed when they call a criminal a “gentleman” …

        A scumbag is a scumbag, but I guess not when scumbags are covering scumbags !!!

  2. Bermuda Bob says:

    Lanny, you obviously know and understand that “Woods'” is the proper way of reference in the possessive, but when you see “Woods’s” it is by imbeciles who maintain that “AP Style”(or Standard) which is maintained by the PC Police !!! That is what I was talking about …

    What makes anyone at AP grammar, punctuation, and language experts ???

    If you think about it, the AP sent stories in all UPPER CASE because that is the printing language of teletype up until the time of the internet, when Mr. Microsoft decided to diss his grammar school Teacher who failed him for capitalization !!! Hence, all lower case web addresses and e-mails. He didn’t have to re-write the language because Teletype language already existed, but he had to diss that Teacher and thus make UPPER CASE mean you are shouting …

    It is nothing more than the dumbing down of America by people who give trophies to kids who just show up … or people who are somehow threatened by a gender specific reference !!!

    Don’t give in … You went to school and learned proper English. If you don’t continue the language in it’s proper form, it will die and be reduced to text language !!!

    Rock On !!!

  3. Bermuda Bob says:

    Well, Lanny … I sometimes think they are one in the same !!!

    I have no problem with your use of incorrect apostrophe, as long as you acknowledge that it is grammatically incorrect. As you know, I use Exclamation Points and Question Marks differently than we wee taught growing up, but I do it because I believe that they are useful in conveying an emotion or exclamation.

    My best example is my walking past you and inadvertently stepping on you toe … You’d exclaim “Ouch !” but if I really stopped on your foot and my Cane did too, you’d exclaim: “Ouch !!!”

    Therein lies the “rub” if you will. What good is writing something that looks like milquetoast on a phone, tablet, or desktop ??? Remember, the idea is to make it so your readers will actually read what you write … Yes ???

    Rock On !!!

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