Monday Thoughts

  • If Jason Day wins, should be become Player of the Year?
  • Is it Player of the Year, or Player of the Season?
  • Did Daniel Berger just beat Justin Thomas for Rookie of the Year?
  • Is it Rookie of the Year, or Rookie of the Season?  (Another reason the non-calendar-year season is a mistake.)
  • If Jason Day wins, could a case be made for him as Sports Illustrated’s Sportsman of the Year?  What about Spieth’s chances?  Tiger Woods was awarded the title in 1996 by winning two weakish PGA fall series events along with two big amateur events.  Could they crown both Spieth and Day as co-Sportsmen of the Year?  They’ve had dual winners three times since 2000.
  • Will Serena Williams win it?  Will the women’s soccer team?  In an age where  the media elevates political correctness about all else, they might get a kick out of spitting in Jordan Spieth’s face.
  • The Solheim Cup had a good ending after the episode of poor sportsmanship, but I can’t get into team golf.  These teams aren’t really teams, but the hype would have you think they live and breathe for “the team.”  They throw the players together for a week, and the players talk about not wanting to let the team down, etc., as if they’d been training with each other every day for a year.  As if their entire golf life revolved around winning “the championship.”
  • Jason Day is OWGR #1.  I’d like to see Rickie Fowler get to No. 1, so all the Big Four will have held it.
  • I tried to watch golf this weekend, but Johnny Miller can’t go five minutes without mentioning Tiger Woods.  I no longer suffer through it; I just turn off golf.
  • Reminder: Van Cynical (Gary Van Sickle) is (almost certainly) going to use a submission of mine in his Mailbag this week.  I believe it will come out Tuesday night.  [When asked for Tour Confidential if Day has overtaken Spieth for Player of the Year, Van Sickle said, “Sorry, Jason, but two majors and two near-misses beats one major and potpourri. Spieth locked up the Player of the Year a long time ago. It’s over.”  That bodes well for a push for Spieth as SI’s Sportsman of the Year.  Can’t wait until his Mailbag tomorrow.]
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18 Responses to Monday Thoughts

  1. JoseyWales says:

    suzann pettersen…
    “I’ve never felt more gutted and truly sad about what went down Sunday on the 17th at the Solheim Cup.
    I am so sorry for not thinking about the bigger picture in the heat of the battle and competition. I was trying my hardest for my team and put the single match and the point that could be earned ahead of sportsmanship and the game of golf itself! I feel like I let my team down and I am sorry.
    To the U.S. team, you guys have a great leader in Juli , who I’ve always looked up to and respect so much. Knowing I need to make things “right,” I had a face to face chat with her before leaving Germany this morning to tell her in person how I really feel about all of this. I wanted her also to know that I am sorry.
    I hope in time the U.S. team will forgive me and know that I have learned a valuable lesson about what is truly important in this great game of golf which has given me so much in my life.
    To the fans of golf who watched the competition on TV, I am sorry for the way I carried myself. I can be so much better and being an ambassador for this great game means a lot to me.
    The Solheim Cup has been a huge part of my career. I wish I could change Sunday for many reasons. Unfortunately I can’t.
    This week I want to push forward toward another opportunity to earn the Solheim Cup back for Europe in the right way. And I want to work hard to earn back your belief in me as someone who plays hard, plays fair and plays the great game of golf the right way.”

  2. JoseyWales says:

    latest World Golf Rankings…
    1. J. Day
    2. R. McIlroy
    3. J. Spieth
    4. B. Watson
    5. R. Fowler
    292. T. Woods

  3. TruthTeller says:

    NFL and NBA are played in two different years and yet it’s still Player of the Year. Seems applicable to golf too.
    Another example in the business world is Fiscal Years; they don’t all run January to December. For example, the PGA runs July to June.

    • lannyh says:

      So what’s your point? I think we’re all aware of those things.

      My point is that it was better when the golf year matched the calendar year.

      • TruthTeller says:

        If you say so.

      • Anonymous says:

        “What’s your point”???? A reply to your statement about the wrap around season is a mistake. Your retorical questions indicated you were not a fan and implied it was confusing. Truth teller was trying to explain that most other sports have no problems or confusion when naming a player of the year. I’m happy I could explain that to you Lanny.

      • lannyh says:

        No claim was made that it was not confusing in other sports. In fact, it IS confusing in other sports. The NCAA football championship game is played in, for example, 2016 to decide the 2015 champion. Not sure how it is in the NFL — which is exactly my point.

        Some here are so eager in the desire to “get Lanny” that their logic goes out the window.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lanny – I think the Donald should have you as his presidential running mate. You both cannot take a correction, criticism or disagreement without taking it personally.

      • Anonymous says:

        And it’s not so confusing to the vast majority of us in any sport because she for baseball, the majority of all other sports are wrapped around 2 calendar years (I’m sure their may be more minor sports that play in the same calendar year). What are your thoughts on the traditional school year? Are you confused when they say the graduating class of 2015? Do you think they begin in January and graduated in December of 2015?

  4. RealGolfFan says:

    Here’s a random thought. I wonder how many people bought tickets to the event, since Tiger was scheduled to play, and now are trying to get a refund?

  5. TigerFan says:

    Why the infatuation with the SI Sportsman of the Year award?

  6. Sports-realist. says:

    ……..In past years, as Lanny has pointed out, Eldrick won some of those awards for doing FAR LESS than Spieth did this year…If he doesn’t get it for winning TWO Majors, that really shows how out of whack the picks can be…..
    ………The problem with these awards is they are kinda ‘fair weather’…..Spieth clearly won the first half of the year, and was SO close to 3 majors in a row, I’d still give it to Spieth over Day, esp when you consider how he did win the Two majors…..
    ………The Fed Ex cup tournament is not even in the same phone book as a Major, so whoever wins that, feels like you just won the ole Bob Hope Chrysler Classic or something…..

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