Saturday Western Open Semi Live Blog

1:15 pm Update:  Well, I only lasted fifteen minutes.  Then Johnny Miller went into his standard Tiger Woods bullshit.  Suddenly the Missouri-Connecticut game sounded a lot better.  When will those NBC/Golf Channel idiots learn there are alternatives to their Tiger Woods circle jerks?  If they would just cover the actual golf, it would be watchable.  Tiger Woods could die, and NBC/GC would discuss how that would help his chances of catching Jack.  Maybe I’ll check to see if they are doing that online CBS radio coverage again today.  No.  At least I can’t find it.  Screw it; I was a fool to even turn on golf on a football weekend.  I’ll check the scoreboard tonight.  Johnny can tell his Tiger Woods tales to the remaining 100 viewers he has left.

1:00 pm Update:  This semi-morning golf is a good idea.  Not much competition from the early college football games today.  By the way, I hate to say it, but I’m pulling against Daniel Berger.  No offense to Berger, or any of the other rookies, but I’m for Justin Thomas to get Rookie of the Year.

About Jason Day:  Jason Day has become the talk of the town.  The golf media, who could only talk about “Tiger and Phil” not being at Dove Mountain in 2014, thought Jason and Dubuisson was an entertaining afternoon, but little else.  They thought Rory, Jason, and Rickie playing the first two rounds together at Augusta in 2011 was… of no interest whatsoever.  They were too busy living in their Tiger Woods echo chamber.

When Day at age 23 won his first Tour event, the 2010 Byron Nelson, the media was just beginning their whining about “unknowns” winning tournaments.  And “parity.”

Now, though, they all want to hope on the Jason Day train.  Fine.  No one deserves the support more than Day.  But why can’t they state the obvious when discussing Day’s recent spell of great play?  He’s remained healthy, first off — the thumb injury of 2014 seems to be behind him — and he’s always played when when healthy.  However, Day has obviously stepped it up a notch this year, particularly since…  the U.S. Open.

Now, golf media brainiacs, what happened after the U.S. Open?  Jason finally solved his long-standing problem with vertigo.  Is it so odd that a man might feel the weight of the world lifted off his shoulders and be propelled to joyous, confident successes after such a thing?

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24 Responses to Saturday Western Open Semi Live Blog

  1. JoseyWales says:

    “Jason Day has become the talk of the town.”
    from Golf…”Jason Day leads BMW”…36 comments
    “Tiger Woods has surgery”…202 comments

      • TigerFan says:

        Doesn’t look like he’s really the talk of the town.

      • lannyh says:

        You’ve been going on about that all day. I don’t get your point.

        Did you feel insulted when I used the term “talk of the town” to describe Jason Day? You’ve been going on about that all day.

        Man up and make your point, if you have one. If your point is, “I only care about Tiger and I am jealous of the other players,” then state it. No one here is going to bite you.

      • TigerFan says:

        The point is, as much as you want Day to be “the talk of the town” the masses still find Tiger more interesting.

      • lannyh says:

        Have you not been watching golf lately? Day has won 3 of the past 5 events. His great play has been topic one. Everyone is hopping on his bandwagon. I’m not sure what there is to dispute about that.

        You are so hung up on Woods that this upsets you? Woods gets the same dozen people at the mainstream golf media sites saying the same things over and over in comments. We all know that. If your “town” is the comment sections, you might need to move.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    here are the latest three Tweets from the same golf media person…
    “Round Up – Tiger’s done for 2015…”
    “Tiger commits to Fry’s then has surgery…”
    “BREAKING: Tiger Woods announces…”

    guess who?

  3. Ken says:

    Regarding ratungs…. With Woods not having won a major since 2008 and being winless in 4 of the last 6 seasons, and getting older every day, Fox and NBC are bidding big money for rights. They believe in the future of golf.

    Raw ratings are overrated. Target demographics are what matters. Woods or not, high ratings or not, the right people watch golf. That’s the people with good incomes who buy exoensive things. They always watch whether Woods plays or not. That’s why advertisers always renew.

  4. HennyB says:

    Yep Good Old Johnny just couldn’t help himself. After a highlight reel of Jason Day playing spectacular golf, Johnny had to mention and compare Jason to Tiger’s 2000 season. I will give Johnny a bit of credit, he did say he thought Jason was playing better than Tiger did in 2000 because of Jason’s ability to go so low so often. But that was short lived, we had to hear about how Tiger inspired Day, how Day copied Tiger’s “2000 swing”, Jason is playing fearlessly and attacking pins just like Tiger did etc. I also changed the channel and will check the leaderboard tonight via internet.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I missed all that because at the first mention of Woods, I was at ESPN watching Missouri and Connecticut (who is seriously threatening the upset).

      Who is Johnny speaking to with that crap? Does he think even one Tiger Only fan is watching that broadcast?

      • HennyB says:

        Your guess is as good as mine. Has he taken a look at the galleries these past few years? You don’t see black shorts and a red shirts topped off by a black Nike hat. Every young kid out there is sporting an orange Puma hat or something Under Armour. They all want to be Ricky Fowler or Jordan Spieth Johnny! That goes for adults as well.”I am Tiger Woods” and the days of little kids using a Tiger head cover are over! It’s time to move on.

    • Bird says:

      And then Gary “Suck Johnny” Koch would blurt, “Well, they didn’t call you the Desert Fox for nothing, Johnny.”

  5. Kris says:

    The CBS radio has been live for a little over an hour. I only listened for a few minutes, but so far it’s better than “Rah Rah Tiger” Johnny Miller and rehashed Jimmy Roberts pieces from In Play.

  6. RealGolfFan says:

    I think you meant you’re for “Jordan Spieth’s good friend Justin Thomas for Rookie of the Year”

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, but here’s where I think it’s evolved to now. He’s no longer “Jordan Spieth’s good friend.” He’s “the guy everyone comments on as being Jordan Spieth’s good friend.”

      Not sure if that is an improvement or not.

  7. Jaybird says:

    If Day wins this week, which is likely, and next week, he is the POY.

    • lannyh says:

      I’m torn on that. Two majors is hard to top when there are a couple of other wins. But… the image of Jason on the 54th hole at Chambers Bay.

      I don’t think I could vote. I’d split my vote.

  8. Jaybird says:

    I think, to an extent, the tour players showed in 2013, when Tiger had 5 wins but no majors, that quantity beats majors. If Day goes on to win tomorrow, and then wins next week, he’ll have 2 more W’s than Spieth which will include 3 of 4 playoff event wins, the Fed Ex $10mil prize, and oh by the way, the PGA Championship.

    Maybe a tough call, but I’m of the mindset that quantity is a major factor and it would be 6-4, Day.

    • lannyh says:

      Haha, I don’t think that is what that showed. Damon Hack was ready to give Woods the Biggest Win of the Year award if he could have bested DLIII at the Mighty Wyndham. And no one won two majors that year, anyway.

  9. Bird says:

    Tiger will be POY. Player of yore.

  10. Sports-realist. says:

    So wait, Day is BLOWING OUT THE COMPETITION….Day is winning by MARGINS THAT ARE INHUMAN!!!! and so on and so on….Except, does the media treat it that way? I hope Day goes out there and wins by a dozen, so that we can be told how it’s ‘tiger like’….SMH….

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