Thursday Western Open Semi Live Blog

7:00 pm Update: Lanny Needs Your Help

I’m getting really close to canceling my account at CBS.  I wrote a comment yesterday that has been deleted, and I have no idea why.  I didn’t cut and paste it to a file because it was complimentary of Porter and in agreement with his point, and I saw no need to save it “just in case.”  It took me 10 or 15 minutes to write.  Frankly, I thought I was doing them a favor by giving them a well-thought-out, high-quality post.  I’ll try to reconstruct it, as best I can…

It was a comment to Porter’s recent article about Jordan Spieth’s press conference.

  • I commented on Porter’s point that commenters sometimes contribute to the conversation.  I know I did this because I quoted Porter, and the quote had a parenthetical word in it.  “(sometimes) equally interesting takes” — I quoted that, I’m absolutely certain, because I noticed after I had posted I tacked on a superfluous phrase.  I wrote something like:  “(sometimes) equally interesting takes” on occasion.  I thought afterward I should have left off the “on occasion.”
  • I said something in agreement with Spieth along the lines of “there is too much non-information information these days.”  It was a reference to J.K. Galbraith’s phrase about “no-business business meetings” in his book about the 1927 stock market crash.  Commenter VealChop made a reply (which still shows up as a reply to a deleted comment) mentioning what I wrote.  (I’m sure it was meant as an insult, but whatever his point was was lost on me.)
  • I started with, “Good article, Kyle,” or similar.
  • Oh, I also wrote about how in the old days, people’s “comments” were sent to magazines and newspapers, who then selected the best, and edited them, which caused people to put more effort into writing their “comments.”  I said that today’s online commenting was more enjoyable, but there was something to be said for the days of straight sports reporting in newspapers, with Sports Illustrated and George Plimpton books for in-depth coverage.

That’s all I can remember, and I think that covers it.  I give myself a pat on the back for being able to reconstruct it as well as I did.

Now, you tell me: Why the hell was that comment deleted?  After all, they allow stuff like, “You wish you could give it to Rory up the rear, don’t you, Lanny H FAAAAGGG?”  Of course, they also allow “Tigger,” with the idea, I guess, that racism is beneficial for a golf website.

Seriously, folks, what was my “sin”?  I don’t even have a guess.

6:30 pm Update

Heckuva day!  Here’s hoping Jordan Spieth ended his slump with that ace.  Berger/J-Thomas battling for Rookie of the Year?

2:00 pm Rumor Central  A little bird just told me there’s a good chance Ole Lanny will be making a second appearance in Van Cynical’s Mailbag next week.  Stay tuned.

1:40 pm Update: More of the Same  Day -2 after three holes; Spieth +1 after three holes.  I feel Spieth would have been SI Sportsman of the Year had he simply skipped the FedEx playoffs.  Now, I’m not so sure he’ll get it.  He will likely need a win next week.

What the heck happened to him?


The biggest week in golf?  The PGA Tour playoff semifinals!

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14 Responses to Thursday Western Open Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    Probably the more interesting storyline of this dragged out championship is whether Spieth finds his game again, or will he continue to miss cuts……

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, that’s an interesting development I don’t think anyone saw coming.

      It really is dragged out. Honestly, I can’t get worked up about it. Today’s late start doesn’t help. If Spieth were playing better, I’d be into it bigtime, because I think he has a real shot at SI’s Sportsman of the Year, which I think would be huge.

      No kidding, I think I’m looking forward more to the fall events with the new blood trying to get off to a good start. This format just sucks all the drama out of it. Spieth misses two cuts, badly, and is ranked #3. The whole thing has the feel of a silly season money grab. A glorified Skins Game or Shark Shootout. They might as well tape it and show delayed like the old Shell Wide World of Golf things.

      Take the top money winners. Rig the system so that those top money winners are ensured of playing every round. Call it the Tour de Rich Get Richer.

      Putting this format against football? Give me a break.

    • lannyh says:

      One other point: This would be a great event to ATTEND. Watching the first three rounds on TV… not so much.

  2. Bird says:

    Yep, watching a missed FG is better than this stuff. Though it’ll be nice to see Jason Day win the FedUp Cup’s $10M, to help with the arrival of his next child, and skipping the Australian Open again. That’s not played well Down Under.

  3. Kris says:

    Jordan Spieth was cracking me up in his press conference this week talking about media narratives and the opinions of casual golf fans. He gets to number 1 in the world and he’s the greatest ever. Then he misses a cut and Jason Day is the greatest ever. Then Rickie Fowler wins and people come out of their igloos saying he’s the greatest ever. He even said something essentially thanking true golf fans for not thinking like that.

    Then you have Sergio Garcia skipping the first 2 playoff events because he can. He knew he was good enough on points that if he skipped the first 2 events he could still play the 3rd, get his 15 minimum events, and play 16 events maximum if he happened to play his way into East Lake. He said he expected the PGA Tour to call him and chew him out, but they didn’t seem to care. I like that by skipping playoff events he’s pretty much admitted that the playoff events are BS and he doesn’t respect them. And both tours let him get away with it.

  4. Kris says:

    You might have said something objectionable that you don’t remember, but I doubt it. I believe CBS is run by comment-deleting fascists that don’t deserve your thoughts in the first place. I used to post on 3 different sites, but this is the only place I come to any more because you don’t require a login and you interact with your readers. You have discussions with people that don’t agree with you instead of it devolving into insults or deletion. The wind seems to be a bit out of your sails lately, though. I almost asked if you were depressed the other day.

    • lannyh says:

      The wind is definitely out of my sails. I think it’s more golf fatigue than depression. Historically, I’ve have not posted much once football arrives. Once these “playoffs” are over I plan to scale back a lot. I might work on a couple of big pieces I’ve yet to finish. Part 2 of my review of Shane Ryan’s book, although I seem to have lost my notes… Also, my years-in-the-making Lucy Lui vs Tiger Woods piece.

      I was thinking about interaction today in relation to CBS. I don’t think anything of interacting because I really just think of myself as a commenter here like everyone else, the only difference being that I can post original articles.

      But I was thinking, Porter could have responded to my comment with a defense of what he objected to. Was he offended that I suggested things were more cerebral in the past with newspapers and magazines? If so, he could have responded with humor, with, “Yeah, you could get your latest news 12 hours — or two days — after it happens.” Or, “I kind of miss the old days, too, but, like 8-track tapes, they aren’t coming back. Or a million other ways. To delete a well-intended quality post is unprofessional, and surely CBS pays them.

      Anyway, to bring the two topics together, while I had recently been suffering website fatigue, today reminded me of the reason it exists in the first place. The golf media is absolutely horrid, and most of those in it are afraid of their own shadows. And offer almost zero value add. They all post the same inane trick shot videos and write the same inane obvious articles. They’re scared to death they’ll lose their jobs. And, the reality is, they write BS troll articles designed to sucker posters into having foodfights about Tiger Woods, even if the majority of those foodfights are proxies for arguing about race.

      Haha, see, that’s the kind of thing all the “edgy, young writers” wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. No, they would not touch that topic even if they were rockin’ an AWESOME ten foot pole.

      If you want truth in sports or politics, look to the Old Lions writing blog posts and commenting to articles because you are not going to get anything other then warmed-over pablum from the “real” media.

      • Kris says:

        Rob Bolton responded to me a couple times, but that’s it. It seems easiest to get people to respond on twitter, but I don’t use twitter. The 140 character limit really throws a wrench into a lot of discussions. The golf media and their tactics get tiresome. I’m impressed that Chris Solomon has infiltrated the way he has. Just today one of my friends said journalism is dead in relation to politics. Kind of hard to argue that it’s alive in relation to much of anything.

        It’s a pretty sad day for golf when Jordan Spieth gets a hole in one and Jason Day has the possibility of shooting a 59 if he holes out tomorrow, and I still can’t wind up my give-a-damn. Other sports and sport personalities are more interesting right now.

      • lannyh says:

        The eternal season doesn’t help. I’m going to post on that this morning.

      • JoseyWales says:

        Why the concern?
        Shackelford does that shit all the time and nobody calls him on it.

      • lannyh says:

        CBS doesn’t have the history of deleting comments that Shackelford has. That’s why my posting period at Shackelford was short-lived. Now the only time I think of his website at all is when you mention it. I could not tell you the last time I read it. Again, no offense to him; his view on the equipment arms race is the right one; I just don’t see any value to the website if I can’t post. He’s another of those who post the same trick shot vids, etc.

  5. Sports-realist. says:

    ………Made me laugh, I noticed one of cbs’s articles by prob Kyle, I didn’t read it, was the “Tiger officially enters the event” or whatever…..It’s like, um, ok, officially ey? I mean it’s so lame……actually TWO so called articles about Eldrick, for absolutely no reason….No article about Spieth’s hole in one….Are you serious CBS? No one gives a rats azz about….I still don’t know what it is and I wouldn’t care if I was playing in it…

    • lannyh says:

      What’s funny about Frys is that it’s been known for nearly two years. When McIlroy and Woods got exemptions to skip a PGA Tour event to play in the Turkish Open, they had to agree to play in a lower-tier PGA Tourney. They both chose the Frys, and had two years in which to fulfill the obligation. How long ago was that Turkish Open? Well, Dubuisson won it, and that win springboarded him into the top 64, where he went on to meet Jason Day in the finals of the classic WGC Match Play. Seems like a lifetime ago. And this “enters Frys” stuff has been known since. (If it wasn’t last year, it had to be this one.)

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