It’s Not Just The Golf Media

I watched a Bill Mahar video clip a day or two ago, sucked in by a — surprise, surprise — misleading headline.  It was a waste of time, but at the very end, I was amused by another Einsteinian comment from our American media.

Mahar:  As Sarah Palin says…

Sarah Palin video insert:  You want to be in America … when you’re here, let’s speak American.

Mahar:  Which begs the question, why are the people who demand that everyone speak English always the ones who can’t speak English?

Mahar mocks Palin over her casual misuse of language, then immediately misuses “begs the question.”

I’m not a fan of Palin, and I’m not defending her.  Nor am I bashing the “liberal media for their constant lying.”  My point is that we live in a world of people who misuse their access to a microphone.

Bill Mahar, meet Brandel Chamblee.

Jerry Jones Made All NFL Players Rich!

Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 million.  The franchise is now worth $4 billion.  All NFL players owners need to send Jones a thank you card.  When Jones retires, football will die.

Poll Question of the Day

Donald Trump, owner of Doral, would be “good for golf.”  Therefore, you must feel obligated to cheer for him.  In honor of tonight’s big debate, let’s us golfers show the world we want to “grow golf” by electing Donald Trump!

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