Sunday Barclays Semi Live Blog

Kostis, Mired in the Past, Spoils Broadcast

It’s hard to believe the fantasyland in which some people reside.

Nick Faldo and Jim Nantz were discussing golf’s new Big Three of Day, Spieth, and Rory.  They asked Kostis his opinion, and he responded that if Tiger and Phil can get their games back, we’d really have something special.  What???

Kostis said the next few years had the potential to be “something special.”

At this point, Nick must had enough of the nonsense and pointed out “we already do,” and referred to this year, with Spieth coming closer to winning the Grand Slam than anyone since Bobby Jones actually did it.  And Jason Day just set the scoring record for ANY major.  Of all time.  And Rory?  He’s merely on pace to beat Jack Nicklaus’s total majors number.

Yeah, Peter, you just keep waiting for the 40-year-old and 45-year-old to start competing regularly with the Big Three.  Don’t hold your breath, though.

4:20 pm Update:  Our statisticians have just informed me that Jason Day would have the chance to become world #1 next week if he closes this out today.

9:15 am Programming Note:  If you are not already watching… The Euro event is quite good, with young Matthew Fitzpatrick seeking his first win.

  • What great rounds by Day and Bae (and Ortiz) (and Rose).  Hard to pull against Day or Bae, so I won’t, other than pulling for Spencer Levin.  I guess I’d put them in this order: Bae or Levin, then Day, then Bubba.  Those are my rooting interests.
  • There was a lot of discussion about the Wyndham last week getting its highest-ratings since 1993.  (Wyndham Championship Ties 22-Year High Thanks to Tiger Effect) [“According to Sports Business Daily, the 3.9 is tied with 1995 as the highest for final round coverage since 1993 (4.2).”]  Hardly surprising.  During an era when the media insisted Only Tiger Matters, a tournament Woods never played gets higher ratings when he finally plays.  However, there’s one huge omission in this narrative: Why was it lower than in 1993?  That kind of goes against the claims of Tiger inventing golf, doesn’t it?  I thought Woods saved golf, made ratings go through the roof, etc., etc.  How can it be that Rocco Mediate winning in 1993 outdrew last week’s Woods extravaganza?  And Jim Gallagher Jr.’s win equaled the Woods?  What was that, the Jim Gallager Jr. Effect?  And what about the years prior to 1993?  How many of those topped last week?
  • Woods last week gained 4.7 strokes putting ranked #10 in the field, but couldn’t do much of anything with it.  You’re not going to putt that well most weeks.  And remember the very first hole on Thursday when he chipped in.  Much more like to take three from there than chip in, obviously, so there was another “found” stroke.  A weak field, great putting, a fortuitous chip-in netted him a T-10.  On a course where you can tee off with irons on most holes, hiding Woods’s glaring weakness.  Hardly the stuff of legends.
  • A talking point I’ve noticed from the golf media is that Woods’s decline “was not just one long decline of seven years; why just two years ago he won five times.”  I guess falling off a cliff twice doesn’t scare them the way a long decline does.
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13 Responses to Sunday Barclays Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist. says:

    …..Good point on the ratings…Ofcourse you would expect today’s media to skew the stats….You then look at the numbers/ratings and go, um, ok, isn’t that still a rather LOW ratings number for Eldrick? I mean isn’t he supposed to bring in millions upon millions?
    …..If you add the black population, who will tune in to watch Tiger Woods play in contention, I don’t think the JUMP in ratings is that surprising…..With not much going on in sports at this time, and NO NBA going on, you would just need around 5% of the black population to get that extra 2 million folks watching….
    …..Ofcourse you will never hear that in the so called MAIN stream media, because it would be called……wait for it…….racist……but it’s most likely the truth….

    • lannyh says:

      Also, too, consider how much more they advertise when Woods plays, and the free advertising via ESPN (TV and radio) and all the radio talk shows. They’ve been conditioned like Pavlov’s dogs to equate Woods with golf.

    • lannyh says:

      By the way, Trump in the debate got over four times what Wyndham got, and that debate was on cable. Does that mean “Trump is good for the nation” because he gets better ratings than any of the others?

      Some will say, but the nation is much more important! Fine, but the converse of that is, “Golf is a sham of no importance. You are a fool to follow it. We treat it like WWE.”

      Of course, many think golf offers some great life lessons. Better than in any other sport. So, to them, golf is more important than which corrupt pols get elected (to do the same things, anyway).

  2. DayTime says:

    We’ll see but that PGA win by Day may be the beginning of a big time run for him over the next few years. This week’s event is further evidence. After all, he’s been good for awhile. May have just gotten over the hump.

    • Bird says:

      And Stenson’s showing signs of regaining his form. That could mean a most impressive future, with atleast a Big 4. There certainly is no reason to wallow in the past. Those who can’t keep up, must be fired from their talking head roles, or risk the scourge from Lanny H Golf.

  3. TigerFan says:

    We do already have something special but it would be even more special-er if Phil and/or Tiger could mix it up at least a little bit.

    I’m not old enough to remember any of Jack’s prime but from what I understand Jack winning The Masters in ’86 at, what, 46(?) probably added to the environment since he was several years’ removed from his prime and hadn’t been doing much winning just prior to that.

    Same idea.

    • lannyh says:

      Disagree. There was never an Only Jack Matters media. And remember this about Jack: He won a grand total of five tournaments after age 40. He didn’t “regain his game.” He occassionally contended, like, say, a current day Freddie Couples. If these jackass start trying to force Woods and Mickelson down our throats, it will reverse all the good that’s been done. Like Faldo pointed, out, we’re beyond Woods and Mickelson. We’ve got a Big Three and we don’t need a Galea-ized Woods anywhere near them. Even if he brings his Rock Ishii ball. Woods was ultimately a big fake and a big embarrassment for golf, and it’s time to move on. Hell, if you want to mention someone else, make it Rickie Fowler. That guy (I think it was Kostis, but I wasn’t positive) needs to update his playbook. He’s selling 8-track tapes in an mp3 world.

      Well, that’s my view, anyway.

  4. Sports-realist. says:

    ……It’s hard to judge when you are right in the moment….Last year it was Horschel who was on fire toward the end of the year….
    …..Obviously Day is playing the best right now…..Spieth has seemed a little off, EVEN though he was still right there for the British Open and the PGA championship….
    …..Yep Peter Kostis continues to show his errant ways…..Let’s go back to 1999, were the announcers caring if Phil Mickelson, Ernie Els, or Greg Norman ‘GOT IT GOING’? Nope, they probably weren’t even mentioned, as it was all about ONE golfer……NOW, that we have Rory, Spieth, and Day, SOMEHOW, they aren’t enough….Somehow we need MORE golfers, according to Peter Kostis….What Peter doesn’t understand is that THESE big 3 are BREAKING Major records and other course records that were previously set in the glory days of the PAST…..

    • lannyh says:

      Perfectly put! No one was saying in 2000, “Gee, all we need is for the Shark to get his game back, then we’d really have something worth watching.”

  5. Ken says:

    Funny how they keep talking about Mickelson. He’s 45 for god’s sake. On the golf news, they still include his scores along with the leaders (as in 1. Day -19, 2. Stenson -13, 50. Mickelson E) 45-year olds just don’t do much in golf. There might be some occasional flashes and maybe a stray win, but that’s it. Much as I like Phil, he’s done and the media really needs to stop focusing on him even more than on Woods. Like any once great player, Mickelson can still do some amazing things. So could Jack Nicklaus. They just aren’t going to happen often enough.

    If they want to talk 45-year old players, talk about Furyk. He’s pretty amazing, staying competitive every week and still ranked 6th (last I checked).

    Golf comes down to repetition. Hell I can play any one hole as well as anyone in the world. But I can’t repeat it often enough. Phil can knock your socks off for six holes. He can’t keep it up.

    I don’t get how a resurgent Mickelson or Woods would make golf better. It’s just fine right now.

    • lannyh says:

      Well put. If your game drops from where you expect to play 16 solid holes a round to a lesser number, that doesn’t mean you can’t have the occasional good tournament. If you play enough events, the odds are that you WILL have a good finish. But when you are 45, you expected good holes per round ratio isn’t going to suddenly go from six holes to sixteen. Davis Love III isn’t suddenly 25 years old again.

      About Phil’s publicity, my view has always been that media “Phil” was a creation to offset the backlash against their All Tiger All The Time coverage. So they created “Phil” as the anti-Tiger so they could pretend to be talking about somone else (“Phil”) but really still be talking about Woods via the anti-Tiger.

  6. Ken says:

    I respect Kostis’ knowledge of the golf swing. He breaks down mechanics as well as anyone. I’m not really into televised instruction like on “Morning Drive” and it bores me quickly. But I do find those quick isolation shots of someones swing during the weekend broadcast somewhat interesting (mostly because I’ve been tinkering with my own swing recently).

    But he needs to move past the Woods cheerleading.

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