Thursday Barclay Semi Live Blog

8:45 pm Final Update: I hardly watched any golf all day.  Pretty sad.  I guess I saw a fair amount of Dubuisson in the Euro event, but the way they scheduled things today in the U.S, Spieth was +4 before the TV coverage even started.

I guess I was thinking the top-ranked guys went off last.  Clearly I didn’t remember.  Honestly, though, 125 guys in the “playoffs”?  I guess I’ll give the leaderboard a closer look tomorrow, but from what I saw after the morning rounds, I’m for Spencer Levin this week.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll repeat my story of why I pull for him.  He HAS to win a tourney one day, and this would be one heckuva a time to do it.

What with the first college football game a week away, the last major two weeks behind us, and all the crazy stuff in the news, it’s pretty hard to get enthused about round one of the first tournament of these stupid playoffs.  The format is just plain dumb, which doesn’t help.  They need to do something.  Maybe they should have cuts all four days for these first two at least.  Playoffs need to have a sense of immediacy and urgency.

Hurray Day: Finally, the day has arrived.  The one day every golf fan circles on his or her calendar: the start of the playoffs!

Morning Circle Tear Jerk: It dawns on me that all these tearjerker segments Morning Drive is running must “improvements” the new producer is making.  I’m sorry, but I turn that stuff off.  I don’t turn on my TV in the morning to be depressed.  And do we really a history of the ice bucket challenge?  That fad jumped the shark in about three days — and then lasted another two or three months.  We’re not hard-hearted at Lanny H Golf: we contribute to St. Jude Children’s Hospital every year through our Make Me Pay commitment players.  But we want golf, not tearjerker segments that belong on the Today Show.

Here are my options each morning:

  1. Golf Channel
  2. Bloomberg/CNBC/Fox Business
  3. CNN/MSNBC/Fox News
  4. Music or Silence

Things I never watch:  Anything with “Today” or “Good Morning” or “Wake Up” in the title.  I don’t want touchy-feely, human interest crap; I don’t want cooking crap; I don’t want People magazine crap.

So, Golf Channel, here’s my story:  I turn on Golf Channel with the intention of staying there for all live programming, be it from the studio or live tournament coverage.  However, you are forcing me to change channels, to one of my backup plans.  This morning, when you ran the ice bucket tearjerker segment, I switched to CNN and encountered an amusing live interview between Chris Cuomo and Donald Trump.  I’m still there thirty minutes later, having completely forgotten about golf.  At the commercial break, I flip to Golf Channel, which is also running commercials, so it’s back to CNN.

I guess what I’m saying is, you really, really need to get rid of the programming that makes people turn off your channel.  Bring back a Williams-Kuselias  Mike-and-Mike type show.  No, wait, make it a Shane Ryan-Erik Kuselias program.  Give us MEATY discussion between guys who are not afraid to argue and make controversial statements.

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10 Responses to Thursday Barclay Semi Live Blog

  1. JoseyWales says:

    I see on Twitter that Morning Drive is now pimping Fantasy Golf.

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t care for fantasy sports stuff, but that’s probably an improvement. I watched almost none of MD this morning, but I did see about a minute of them picking players. They had Williams writing on paper easel things and five people sitting in director’s chairs (and Cara on the phone). After what you wrote, I’m betting that was fantasy golf.

      The good thing about that is is FORCES them to talk about other players other than Woods. So, my initial reaction is that this would indicate an improvment.

      I wish I’d have watched it now, but, like I said, that tearjerker segment literally caused me to abandon them for the day.

    • lannyh says:

      One thing I neglected to mention… When I saw those five director’s chair sitter, plus Williams and Cara, I thought… They have WAAAAY too many people on that show. Williams, Kuselias, Sonders, and one or two fill-ins = plenty enough.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ……It’s the ‘quantity=quality’ theory….Ofcourse, they are all so dull and uninteresting, that it just means there are MORE dull and uninteresting folks on the show……
        …..The current golf channel format is HOPELESS…..Until they face up to reality about Woods, and quit pretending it’s the Barney and Friends show with him, then it is a total waste of time…..
        …..It would be a fairly simple fix: Have someone who is AGAINST all the ‘Woods lovers’ like us, and be allowed to say ANYTHING, then it would become alot of FUN….After all, isn’t this supposed to be entertainment? Ofcourse you’d scrap the current bunch of hacks there…..
        …..I mean when did Eldrick become the POPE? I mean he hits golf balls, and they treat him like they CANT talk bad about one of the FAKEST personas we’ve seen in decades…..
        …..And yes, I KNOW the coverage is rigged………

      • lannyh says:

        Contrast to Tim Tebow. He’s savaged in the media and by most fans. Why? He’s not the first QB to win a national championship/Heisman then struggle in the NFL. But they savage this guy. Why? Political reasons at first, then the snowball effect. They freakin’ mock the guy! Tebow’s got a helluva lot better chance to make it in the NFL than Woods does of returning to anywhere near the level to justify the All Tiger All The Time coverage. Hire a guy who will launch a few zingers at Woods! Ratings would quadruple! It would make mainstream media. Think, “Gary Williams Says Tiger’s Mental Outlook Seems Better This Week” is going to get any attention? But how about a Shane Ryan or Steve Elling (there’s the team they need!) saying, “The Woods coverage was overblown in 2000, and it hasn’t lessened in seven majorless years.” And the other, saying, “And in 2000, he effectively hit from the women’s tees.”

  2. Sportsnation says:

    I guess I’m never tuned in and actually paying attention so it doesn’t bother me. It’s mostly back ground noise most of the time. That said, I think I might pay more attention if it were more like a Mike and Mike or PTI or Around the Horn type setup. Seems like most of those people have or are transitioning away from Tiger, unlike GC.

    All of that said, whatever they do, do not bring Kuselius back! They could do a 180 and it could be tons better, but I refuse to listen to (or watch) any show that involves him.

  3. RealGolfFan says:

    Oh man! What a sequence from Faldo and Gannon!

    “Scott Brown, first time someone has made a hole in one while paired with Tiger” Interesting factoid different animal when playing with Tiger”

    Faldo, “Well it was 10 years ago”

    “There’s still a lot going on”

    Faldo, “Well, Tiger is more worried about his game than other players are about his”


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