Wednesday Thoughts

Just Start Over: Could Morning Drive possibly get any worse?  I do not have a background in television, but even I can see that Morning Drive is broken.  I’m a huge golf fan, but the show has gotten so bad that is forces me to change channels.  I turn on the show this morning to hear about Jordan Spieth and the Barclays; instead I get a depressing tearjerker mini-documentary about some guy who died.  With all due respect to that guy and his family, that’s not what I want to see first thing in the morning.  I flip to CNN for a while, then flip back to GC.  The tearjerker segment was STILL running.  Back to CNN.  After a while, I remember golf and change back again.  They are showing Paige and some chick instructor telling the audience how to hit a 5-iron or some such.  The chick is there all week, they tell us.  Is she paying them to be on?  To publicize her training course?  Here’s a quick rundown of Morning Drive:

  • Only Tiger Matters propaganda
  • Golf Instructor infomercials
  • Matt Ginella golf travel infomercials
  • Depressing tearjerker segments (a regular feature of late)
  • Commercials
  • Endless Today-Show-style “joking” which is devoid of humor

I try to watch, but they repel me.  If a golf fan of my caliber can’t watch, who is left?

Why don’t they do a Mike and Mike style golf show?  That was the original format.  If they returned to that, they could fire half their on-air personnel and save a lot of money.  They could take calls and let the callers take the heat for “controversial” opinions about, gee, I don’t know, Galea and Biogenesis and Rock Ishii.

Anyway, sorry for the rant, but it’s just that I’m such low-hanging fruit.  I’d be a faithful viewer, but the show is so awful, it forces me change the channel.

In fact, I’m now caught up in the Trump vs Journalist thing in Iowa.  I’d rather be watching Jordan Spieth on the range, hearing about the Barclays, but this Trump stuff beats all hell out of Paige Mackenzie yapping about hitting a 5-iron.  (How often do Mike and Mike give lessons on how to hold the football for a placekicker?  How to throw a curveball?  Never.)

Oh, one last thing.  Golf Channel would profess a policy of never saying anything negative about players.  However, the undeniable truth is that with their Only Tiger Matters policy, they are unceasingly bashing every other player.  What’s the difference between sweeping Davis Love’s win at age 51 under the carpet to fawn over Woods and someone saying, morning zoo style, “Who gives a flip about Davis Love?”  At least with the latter, someone might take the opposite side.

They feel free from criticism if they go, “What a wonderful win by Davis Love, now let’s talk about Tiger for 90 percent of the program.”

I am still shocked by Damon Hack’s comment, and this paraphrase accurately captures his comment: “If Tiger wins Wyndham, that’s a bigger story than Jordan Spieth winning two majors at age 21.”  What the frack does that say to every other player on Tour!  Tiger Woods can win some weak bullshit tournament and Golf Channel is going to proclaim that as Story of the Fracking Year over you — even if you win four tournaments including two majors!

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4 Responses to Wednesday Thoughts

  1. JoseyWales says:

    The Tiger obsession is truly an insult to other players…but Golf Channel doesn’t care…why?…because they have no competition. They have the only cable golf channel so they can say what they want. They are only beholding to NBC and Comcast who pays their salaries. NBC and Comcast only care about one thing…the bottom line. As long as the ratings have a pulse, content means zilch. It is incredible to me that Golf Channel, which has been on the air for 20 years, has never won an Emmy…for anything…not once…nada. That speaks volumes about the sh*tty content they have been upchucking for two decades.
    They suck but they have no competition to keep them honest.
    Now back to more golf lessons from Paige (who by the way is looking old, tired and way too made-up).

  2. Anonymous says:

    Agree. As I’ve said before Morning Drive is a poor man’s version of every other morning sports show on television. Sets look cheap and the “talent” is very weak. As for other Golf Channel programs Martin Hall is tolerable while Michael Breed is nothing but a self-promoting carnival barker. Never watched any of the “Big Breaks”. It’s not reality programming, it’s staged programming. I do miss the days of a soft-spoken Peter Kessler.

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