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Request:  If anyone watches a replay, if you see Woods hit from the fairway on No. 11, please watch to see if you think he is grabbing his back.  He doesn’t drop the club, but he kind of does a miniature loop thing with it, then he reaches with his right backhand toward his right lower back.  He kind of holds back, like he’s been coached not to do that.

Final Update: 7:50 pm

Don’t forget the ladies; it’s looking very Lydia right now, but there are still nine holes to be played.  [8:20 Update: It got tight in a hurry.  Lead is down to one stroke now.]

I just stumbled upon an Emily Kay article which is pretty cool.  Especially considering she wrote it Friday night:

Considering the way Twitter reacted to Tiger Woods’ surge into a share of the two-day advantage at the Wyndham Championship, it would seem the entire golf world is smoking crack.

No sooner had Woods buried an eagle putt after a heat-seeking missile to 10 feet on the 15th hole at Sedgefield CC, than the punditry went berserk with fantasies about Tiger running the table in the postseason.

Something Funny…

For Tiger Woods, it was “win or go home.”  We heard that pretty much every ten seconds.  Okay, Woods was FedEx #187 going in.  How many times did you hear it was win or go home for Davis Love III this past week?  He was FedEx #186 going in.

The golf media is a joke on the level of Paris Hilton, who, unlike the golf media, probably realizes her popularity peaked ten years ago and it is time to move on.

Ho Hum: DLIII Wins, Becomes Third Oldest PGA Tour Winner

Tiger Winning Would Have Been Bigger Than Spieth (just ask Damon Hack).

Woods gets few OWGR points.  Unless he does well at or another event, Finchem is going to look very bad for granting the exemption into the Hero Challenge point giveaway.

Note: If you see replays of Tiger Woods, notice right after he hits his second shot on No. 11 that he makes a backhand grab at this back.

By the way, the Ryder Cup players will be told about this win a million times, haha.

Baker-Finch Sez: Tiger Tips Put DLIII on top of leaderboard Didn’t we all know the story of DLIII winning would be… all about Tiger.

Woods is Injured: I wrote this morning how I was Joan Didion’s “outsider” when it came to the golf media.  Well, Woods grabbed his back after hitting his second on No. 11, and no one in the golf media is going to report it until “someone else” does it first.  It was clear as day on television, but they are all going to ignore it, just like the political reporters ignored the phoniness of the pitch-and-catch routine on the tarmac.  It’s been focus-grouped, don’t you know.



Alert!  Developing!  Tiger Woods takes triple bogey on No. 11…  skulls chip across green… chili dips next chip… chips well past hole…  misses putt…

What the media is not saying, but Lanny H Golf noticed immediately:  Tiger Woods. after hitting his second shot from the rough, reached for his lower right back, kind of back-handing it.  I had been noticing all week how stiffly he was walking.  His very next shot was the skull, and then came the chili dip.  This is precisely what happened early in the year, if you recall.  Everyone in the media wanted to call it a “case of the yips,” but it happened when he was battling back problems, and that looks to be the case here.

Is the golf media under orders to avoid all talk of a potential lingering Woods back injury?

[I debated whether or not to publish the following section, “Explaining the Golf Media,” but after seeing Golf Channel’s ridiculous red-shirt paean to Woods this morning, I felt compelled to do so.]

Explaining the Golf Media: Golf is not unique in having a silly-acting media.  I recently mentioned a New Yorker book review of a new Joan Didion biography.  Here are a few excerpts from that review which hit the nail on the head regarding Golf Channel, Golf Digest, and the rest.  Perhaps I’m being vain, but I recognize myself in Didion’s “outsider”:

In 1988, [Didion] covered Michael Dukakis’s campaign for President. Dukakis was having “regular guy” problems running against George H. W. Bush, a Connecticut blueblood who had somehow managed to trans-class himself into a self-made Texan.  […]  To address the guy gap, Dukakis and his aides came up with the plan of having the candidate, whenever his plane landed somewhere, play catch with his press secretary on the tarmac. Reporters duly filmed this performance, often in hundred-degree heat, to be shown on the evening news. It was, as Didion wrote, “a repeated moment witnessed by many people all of whom believed it to be a setup yet most of whom believed that only an outsider, only someone too ‘naïve’ to know the rules of the game, would so describe it.

In this next excerpt, substitute appropriate golf industry movers and shakers for the political functionaries:

[Didion] thinks that this is how what she calls “the permanent political class”—the press, the talk-show experts, the campaign strategists, the political parties, even the candidates themselves—has rigged the game. Everyone knows that what you see in politics is fake or confected, but everyone’s O.K. with that, because it’s all been focus-grouped.

I have read those two paragraphs at least a dozen times, and I hope you will take the time to read them a couple.  They are critical to fully grasping how the media deliberately and knowingly distorts.  That is important to know if you want your criticism to have more gravity than, say, that of Little League parents insisting an umpire called a strike on their kid “that was a foot outside the strike zone.”

The political media knew the pitch-and-catch on the tarmac was phony, but the rules of the game prohibited them from admitting that.  Consider the myths of Tiger Woods (“Tiger is the reason prize money rose”)  that I have repeatedly poked holes in : the golf media knows those myths are phony, but the rules of the game prohibit them from admitting it.

If some of you reading this find it dry, boring, or pedantic, I do not apologize.  I have said from day one that I do not cater to the flame warrior types.

SOF:  This week’s event is indeed one of the year’s weakest.  With a Strength of Field rating of 218, it’s the fourth lowest-rated tournament of the year (excluding opposite-field events).  That said, it’s a full-field event, and, in my opinion, the OWGR system doesn’t put enough emphasis on that; for example, the 18-man Hero Challenge awards more points than this 154-man event, which is just plain silly.

Drive For Show?  You have to admit it’s pretty funny at Wyndham how Woods is often hitting 4-iron off the tee and yet, still, Golf Channel and CBS show every single one of his tee shots.  He’s hitting an iron to a 90-yard wide fairway, and it is covered like he’s trying to drive the No. 10 green at Riviera.

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  1. Sports-realist! says:

    …….The way the announcers built are trying to build up this ‘po-dunk’ event is bizarre…..But you figure someone out there will shoot another 63 or so to win…..Camillo Villegas shot a 63 last year, while Bill Haas shot a 64…..17 under won it last year, so I’d expect a similar score….That would mean anyone who is 10 under or better has a shot……..

    • Sports-realist. says:

      hmm…back to back years 17 under par wins the Wyndham…..Back to back years someone shoots at least a 64 to win the tournament……

  2. Ken says:

    I didn’t watch a second of this and won’t today. Just the buildup during the week was sickening. You’d swear that Sam Snead rose from the grave with the big deal the pathetic golf media is making over this tournament.

    It’s like they’re determined to justify their long-running “Tiger is bigger than the game” myth.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, Damon Hack just said Woods winning would be the biggest story of the year, topping Spieth. Of course, we know that Hack’s comment was a “troll” meant to “outrage” that was carefully crafted in their production meeting before the show, but it’s still miles away from actual sports journalism.

      It spurred me to quickly put together something I had decided not to write about; I’ve had it with the media; they need to be called out, even if only a small minority of intelligent people will understand.

  3. JoeM says:

    That entire morning crew needs to be fired….If Tiger wins its a bigger story then Jordan Spieth this year, that are absolutely a bunch of effin droolers……And Tiger will be on Sports Illustrated this week someone remarked. Spieth wins 2 majors and closely contends in the other two. Tiger winning this pitch and putt tourney is a bigger year then Spieths, fire them all……Off with the Golf Channel and over to QVC.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, and this event has a lower Strength of Field rating than the damned Hero Challenge. THIS is why golf fans are pleased when Woods misses the cut…

    • Sports-realist! says:

      …..QVC is trying to sell Charlie Rymer’s Dancing with the Stars Memorabilia coffee mugs….The shot on the mug is actually one of Charlie’s memorable LEAPS into the air, while wearing his leotard………Get em while their hot…..
      …..Sorry if I ruined anyone’s appetite…..

    • lannyh says:

      Imagine: Woods wins and goes to FedEx playoffs as “biggest story of the year.” All of the Spieth-Day-Rory “golf is at a great place” talk would be thrown out the window for All Tiger All The Time.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        But I agree Lanny, I was watching some of the ‘repeat’ coverage yesterday, and I wasn’t seeing this GRAND display by the crowd..They actually seemed pretty sublime…..The announcers has eldrick’s dick in their mouth the whole time, but besides that, it just seemed like a ‘po dunk’ tournament that you see before and after Major tournaments……

      • lannyh says:

        I watched a little of the repeat last night as well, and I was looking at the crowds, too. They simply were not there in the numbers the television guys kept insisting. At times, the gallery was surprisingly thin.

        Question: If the week after Serena Williams won Wimbledon, Anna Kournakova won the Boise Open, would the Tennis Channel employees insist that winning the Boise Open was the Story of the Year? Think about it.

  4. Sports-realist! says:

    ….But to Lanny’s point, the coverage has gotten worse and worse, as Eldrick has gotten, um worse and worse…..Coming off back, to back, to back, MISSED major cuts is hardly something to call making progress, IMO….
    ….The coverage will be an absolute joke today, as they will try and mention Eldrick’s distance from the lead about a trillion times, along with what he has to do….
    …..While all the while not giving a crap about the leaders….They will be telling us how tough it will be for the leaders to HANG ON, with the crowd CLEARLY behind their guy, and the PRESSURE of the moment ect…..
    ……Not considering, it’s THEIR guy who is choking and not scoring and not doing anything on the weekend…..
    ……Peter Kostis and friends all need to be replaced with robots or something…..

    • lannyh says:

      The “analysis” in the past ten minutes on GC has been about how players in groups around Woods will be affected by the massive galleries. They act like it is 2001 and this is the U.S. Open.

    • lannyh says:

      Now, GC is crediting Woods for the entire crowd at Wyndham. I am not kidding. As if last year not a single person attended.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ……lol….yep, last year it was just cactus plants, and those things that get blown in the wind in the dessert…..Poor, poor Wyndham….
        ……Their lame attempts at fear for the other players, also speaks to the LACK of athleticism and sports talent of the Golf Channel crew….
        ……I am an ATHLETE who played in front of crowds in different sports…..Let me tell you, after a very short period of time, the crowd becomes IRRELEVANT…..These guys have played before SO many crowds, they aren’t even a thought…….
        …..They are grasping at straws, but the crowd is going to cheer for their own North Carolina boys as much as anyone else…..

      • lannyh says:

        Would now be a good time to point out that Spieth is 8-0-1 when paired with Woods?

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ….Yes but Lanny you aren’t a REAL man, until you’ve played—duh, duh, duuuu!!!!!—-THE WYNDHAM……I mean it really is the toughest test of golf the WORLD has ever seen…
        ….Jack Nicklaus must have said somewhere, that he’d trade in ALL his 18 Majors for ONE Wyndham title….

      • lannyh says:

        He could toss in his drivers in that trade, too, because he wouldn’t need them.

  5. OldSchool says:

    I’d like to see Tiger win but DLIII is offiically who I’m pulling the most for.

  6. Sports-realist. says:

    Scott Brown had a hole in one? I don’t understand, how did he possibly do that with all the CROWDS watching him?

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Looks like 17 will be the number(based on last years winning total) and the way the scoring is going…
      ….. Davis Love with a legitimate shot to win this? Surprising…..

      • Bird says:

        He’s got the tempo. He’s got the length. And maybe more importantly, he’s got a putting stroke this week. Good luck, DL3. Bring it home!

  7. Jason says:

    #278 was playing pretty good for most of this week, but that amateur display of chipping just now oughta end his season. Go Davis Love!

  8. Bird says:

    Tiger soils his trousers in crunchtime. Taking five shots greenside en route to a triple. Egads! The comeback will have to wait.

  9. Sports-realist. says:

    This is hilarious….possibly the funniest day in the PGA/golf channel history….You figure the ENTIRE story for the week was Eldrick, and he layed a GIGANTIC egg…..Hilarious….

  10. Sports-realist. says:

    So Davis Love would actually move into the top125 for winning the po-dunk classic? hmm….I thought he’d be way back, even with a win…..

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, Golf Channel mentioned literally hundreds of times that it was “win or go home” for Woods, but never said that about anyone else.

    • lannyh says:

      It’s kind of hard to pull for DLIII. He’s got permanent status, captain of next Ryder Cup team. A win for these other guys would be life-changing.

  11. OldSchool says:

    I don’t like DL3’s chances if this go to a playoff.

  12. Sports-realist. says:

    Ian Finch loses credibility by the second…He just needs to shut up sometimes…The whole group just needs to be replaced with NEW blood…Enough of these ‘2000’ guys…..

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, I’ve always thought Ian did a decent enough job, better than most, but today he’s really been disappointing.

      • TrueGolfFan says:

        IBF if one of those guys that is generally better than most but he does have his off moments. Obviously they all do but of the good ones, like Faldo, he has the most off days.

    • lannyh says:

      Now they say, “Let’s hope the attention Tiger brought to this course will bring other to players.” Sure, Bubba, Jason, Rory, and DJ will all flock to a course where you hit 4-iron off the tee.

      • Sports-realist. says:

        …….It’s the CONSTANT ‘apology train’ that is soo predictable….Before today, it was ALL about Eldrick winning…..NOW it’s about ‘FAIRWEATHER fans’ showing up…? .
        ……..Forgetting the week before was a MISSED MAJOR cut….NO, no, no, let’s also NOT focus on how EASY this course is and how you DONT need DRIVER….NO, no, no, let’s just talk about, uh, the positives?
        …….Ok, let’s talk…Eldrick wet his pants on an EASY course and lost to a 51 year old AND lost to the person in his own group….Forget about the triple bogey, let’s talk about AFTER that, when the pressure is OFF…..
        ……With their logic, Davis Love will be competing in the Majors next year because of this tournament? They end up sounding like total bafoons….You can’t have it both ways—-either it’s a VERY easy course, or it isn’t………

      • lannyh says:

        Being in the hunt and finishing top ten in a lesser event is now one of the “lower highs” in Woods’s downtrend channel as he ages. The golf media will never present it like that, though.

        Instead, any positive result is a step toward his “return to dominance.”

  13. Sports-realist. says:

    Davis Love is BACK…He should be favored to win the MAJORS next year….The Wyndham is the ULTIMATE test…….Ironically though, what happens if Davis wins another po-dunk tournament or two and QUALIFIES to be a player in the Ryder Cup, would he still captain? I realize he’d have to probably win another couple times and finish high in a few other events, but…..

  14. JoseyWales says:

    I counted TWENTY THREE players with all four rounds in the sixties (Woods was not one of them)…has to be a record.

  15. JoseyWales says:

    re-count…make that TWENTY FIVE players with all four rounds in the sixties.

  16. JoseyWales says:

    The only worse scam than the Tiger Woods garbage spewed forth by the CBS and Golf Channel pathetic announcing crew is the junk printed every month and online by Golf (Payola) Digest which is BOUGHT AND PAID FOR by the golf club equipment manufacturers and Tim Finchem. Their phony Top 50, Top 100 “Best Golf Courses”…the phony “Best Golf Club Reviews”…the entire Golf Digest/Conde Nast operation is a sham and an insult to the gullible golf readership. They are on the take in the worst of ways and they continue to get away with it.

  17. Kris says:

    Journalism is intended to persuade as well as inform. Critical thinking and cynicism are essential if you want to figure out the real information. Golf journalism is failing at keeping up the facade of Tiger’s importance to golf. If Kyle Porter was pushed to rage against the machine, golf journalism has huge problems.

  18. Sports-realist. says:

    …..Yeah I don’t know why these ‘announcers’ turn into blithering idiots when Eldrick makes a birdie or an eagle……Peter Kostis to me is one of the WORST at being OVER THE TOP about a SINGLE hole, or a few holes……
    ……The announcers had to AGAIN go BACK into their ‘cocoons’, once Eldrick tripled the 11th….Eldrick can’t beat the “B” team players, and this was a course where the DRIVER didn’t really play a huge role, but they just can’t seem to connect those dots…..
    …….Going into this week, we KNEW this course wasn’t a test of where you are as a golfer, but it was sold as “GOLLY WHAT A HERO THAT ELDRICK IS PLAYING THE WYNDHAM”…..Then they were turning Wyndham into the 5th Major by Saturday, so EVERY third word was Woods this and Woods that……It just got so uninteresting to watch, since you KNEW their ‘by the numbers’ approach, we’ve seen for these last number of years….
    ……Golf NEEDS a VIN SCULLY type announcer…They don’t need a Peter Kostis or Ian Baker Finch type, who CANT seem to understand how NOT to exaggerate what just happened………

    • Sports-realist. says:

      Good info on the Davis Love/Woods Fed Ex Cup rankings RIGHT NEXT to each other….Davis Love didn’t exist until he had the lead, while the other guy was treated as life and death…..

    • lannyh says:

      Amen to Vin Scully type. We definitely need someone with a new approach to what’s coverage worthy.

      By the way, the real hero for getting him to play — I’m convinced of this — is the exemption Finchem gave him into the Hero Challenge! It had to be a quid pro quo deal. (Remember Woods’s first statement said if he did well at PGA, he’d play Wyndham. Then he missed cut at the PGA.)

      • Sports-realist. says:

        …..Yeah the ‘behind the scenes’ deals by Uncle Finchy is looking to be a COMMON occurrence in this PGA tour……Maybe Nicklaus and Palmer had similar ‘scratch each others backs’ deals with commissioners, but Finchem is making it look obvious…
        ….WE on here KNOW the REAL Eldrick, and not this fake nonsense the media portrays with flowers and bunnies…….
        …….The idea that Eldrick ‘lowered’ himself to play in this tournament on his own is silly…The idea that he was REQUIRED to play, due to Finchem helping him out with something else, makes alot more sense……

  19. RealityCheck says:

    Tiger is to golf what the New York Yankees/Boston Red Sox are to baseball…what the Celtics/Lakers/Bulls are to basketball…what the Detroit Red Wings are to hockey, what the Patriots/Cowboys are to football. TV is about ratings and every sport has it’s “horse”.

    Love him/Hate him, everyone has an opinion about Tiger……which means everyone is “emotionally involved”. People are essentially “indifferent” to Jordan, Rory, Jason, etc in that if you pay that close of attention, you like these fellas. If you don’t like them, then you probably don’t care that much about golf.

    They can talk all they want about Jason Gore, or Scott Brown….even Rory or Jordan….people make fun of it but it’s a true statement….certain players/teams draw more interest…..and they are most commonly the one that have fans “on both sides of the fence”.

    Example, outside of golf, The San Antonio Spurs, and stars like Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and Manu Ganobili (spelling?) go largely uncovered….because everyone loves them. A team like Cleveland? They get lots of pub because LeBron is loved, AND hated, and thus more people pay attention…so the media focuses on them.

    • Ken says:

      I doubt that I’m unique.

      I dislike Woods and the coverage level afforded him. I watch a lot of golf. I didn’t watch one shot this weekend because I knew how they would skew the coverage.

      I don’t think you can compare it to team sports. The teams that you mention are from the biggest media markets in the country. That’s why they get coverage; the ratings are built in because of those population bases. The networks, for as much as they cover hockey, are quite happy that Detroit is no longer a dominant team because that market doesn’t deliver ratings. They’re much happier with the Black Hawks and Kings winning Cups.

      • lannyh says:

        Great points re market size.

        I might add, too, that when Dallas goes 0-16 two years in a row, they don’t get national games other than Thanksgiving.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I would say a couple of things: (1) Woods is more like Army/Notre Dame; at one time they were hot stuff, but now it’s Alabama and Ohio State and Oregon. And (2) Let’s be honest; what’s the unique thing about Woods? His race. Because Americans love their race arguments, is it good for golf to have a sizeable number of fans saying “Tigger” or “If you don’t like Tiger, you are a racist.” I find that exceedingly UNhealthy.

      Consider Donald Trump. Should we elect him President simply because he moves the needle? (I’m not pro or con Trump; I’m just asking is “needle moving” the utmost thing?) People will say, “Oh, but running the nation is so much more important.” Fine, but to real golf fans, golf is important. We don’t want a player being covered in a ridiculous fashion just because of his race. And at this point that would appear to be what is happening.

      I asked this morning… If Serena Williams won Wimbledon (she did) and the very next week someone said, after, say, Anna Kournakova won the two-bit Boise Open, “Oh, that’s the biggest event of the year, bigger then Serena!”, people would raise their eyebrows and ask the REAL reason he is saying that. Yet, that’s exactly what GC was saying this morning. (And I’m not dumping on Damon Hack, who said it; I’m sure they drew straws at the production meeting, and he got the short straw.)

      Also, I don’t think ESPN showing Boston/NYY every Sunday night has exactly “grown baseball.”

      The golf media has reached the point where they are trolling for race-based foodfights to up their clicks and viewers. And it’s working. I must have seen “Tigger” 25 times today at CBS.

      By the way, that word is pretty much the only word banned here. I don’t like vulgarity, but I will tolerate it within reason. (For one thing, I sometimes use it.) However, “Tigger” is simply not allowed. Why CBS and Golf Channel and the rest allow it… well, you figure it out.

      Sorry if that sounds like a soapbox rant, but we get excuse after excuse after excuse on why the media just HAS to cover Woods as if no one else matters. Tomorrow morning, I plan to write about my views of Woods not being in the FedEx and, well, here’s the spoiler: the coverage of Rory and Jordan and Jason will be GREAT. Throw Woods in the mix, and it would totally be ruined. As a real golf fan, that’s just simple fact. It would be fine if the media treated Woods like his play warrants, but they wouldn’t. We all know that.

      • RealityCheck says:

        I guess at the end of the day you can say the system is broken. Use your kardashian example….for example. People pay attention to what’s “popular” and the media covers what’s “popular”. I don’t think you’ll ever be able to get that to change.

        Give Jordan and Rory 1000% of the coverage and I, personally, don’t think it would matter because you’ll have that portion of the media/fans/population that just sit there and nod in approval, not willing to do anything more. Tiger? The people, such as yourself, that despise the coverage, are tuning in in disapproval, consequently raising the level of “interest”.

      • lannyh says:

        Well put. I do wonder sometimes about my role as a “golf media watcher.” Perhaps it is a mistake. However, basically I’m selfish (haha), and this place was founded as a place to allow me to vent. (As GC, at that time, actually allowed fellow posters(!) to delete other posters comments. (Insane, I know, but it actually worked that way.)

        But, yeah, the Kardashian effect/model, so to speak, is the reality we live in.

        But I don’t have to like it, and I don’t have to go gentle into the night. Or jump off the cliff with the rest of the lemmings.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      ……..To a point I agree….I compare the media/fan coverage of Woods to Michael Jordan…..I remember when Jordan left and came back to basketball around 1994? It was treated like the 2nd coming…..
      ……..Ofcourse Jordan was still in his prime and won more titles… Then Jordan retired AGAIN, then returned AGAIN, it was treated LARGE again by the media…
      …….Then Jordan DIDNT win….Then he retired again….Then he came back AGAIN, and DIDNT win again…..By this time, the media was starting to get PAST Michael Jordan and moved on to Kobe Bryant…
      …….I think it is playing out similar with Woods, it’s just how you decide to look at his career post knees/back/wife/steroid realities/issues/comebacks…..Because of the GOLF CHANNEL, this death might die a little harder, but not winning eventually creates APATHY.
      …….After the knee surgery in 2008, Woods never won another Major….He won regular events, but those had yearly GAPS that we weren’t used to seeing….NOW since 2009, there have been FOUR different years, where Woods hasn’t won anything(2010, 2011, 2014, 2015)…..
      …..The other RARELY talked about reality in the golf media is Eldrick’s AGE….Jordan could no longer dominate as he approached his late 30’s….Eldrick had his probable last hoorah in 2013(37 years old), which based on some evidence points to DESIGNER STEROIDS, aka DR. Galea…..
      …..I just don’t see Eldrick playing on the regular PGA in his mid 40’s, missing a bunch of cuts and finishing in a bunch of ‘who cares’ finishes…If Eldrick can’t win anything in the next few seasons, my guess is Eldrick will retire, like Michael….Perhaps try and return here and there(desperately trying to reach Sam Sneads record), or maybe even go abroad and try an international tour(maybe the European tour even), but that will just be further proof, that it’s more about image that anything else…..
      ….The media transition will be slow, but it’s inevitable…..

      • Sports-realist. says:

        ofcourse this ‘retirement’ will come post Nike’s current contract…..

      • Jason says:

        You make a good point about the Snead chase. Soon the storyline will change from “catching Jack’s major record” to “Catching Snead’s win record”. He may find a way to pull this off and it will be celebrated much the same way Bonds HR record was celebrated, which is to say people will make a big deal about it but they will know it was tainted.

    • Bird says:

      Montreal in lieu of Detroit, for hockey.

  20. JoseyWales says:

    The truth is a lot of the more experienced golf media would love to see Tiger Woods just disappear…they are embarrassed at all the excessive fawning… but ratings and adv. sales come before pride in the golf media business. Tiger Woods sells tickets and draws eyeballs.

    • Sports-realist. says:

      …….I think this tournament would have had an increase in sales had Rory, Jordan, or Bubba ect showed up to play instead of Eldrick…..Spieth helped the John Deere earlier this year…….
      ……The golf channel just returned to their OLD, TIRED, narrative….They just live in their own ‘roided up’ reality…..
      ……Frank Nabalo and Ian Baker FInch are just terrible together….It’s like there’s not an original thought between them……..And don’t me started about Bill Mcatee

      • lannyh says:

        Therein lies my problem: If Jordan Spieth had played, MORE people would have showed up. But the golf media pushes the narrative that only Woods attracts additional people.

        They did the same thing at the Phoenix Open, which year after year after year draws the largest galleries. This year Woods played for the first time in ages, and suddenly those great numbers were due to Woods. Again, it’s ridiculous, dishonest, and obvious. It needs to stop. It’s insulting to golf fans and the general public, both.

      • Bird says:

        Those talking heads, together or not, are just plain terrible. Golf announcing needs new blood. And don’t get me started about the Norman & Faxon duo.

  21. Sports-realist. says:

    Last year’s Barclay’s…Hunter Mahan won it at -14………Day was -12 and both Mcllory and Spieth were -5…

  22. Sports-realist. says:

    Saw the 2nd shot on 11 by Eldrick, and initially, it just looks like he was mad at the result….He may have reached for his back side, but nothing obvious….
    ……….right on que by Peter Kostis…Eldrick sucks it up on 11, and Peter is telling us how much progress he has made??????(um Peter forgot about those little Major tournaments I guess, even just the week before)……..
    …….Then Finch follows that right up with crediting Woods for Davis Love DECIDING to win instead of just play????????(Lanny pointed this out earlier, but I just heard it)……….I mean CMON…….This strains even the beginning of logic to go there, but by golly, Ian Finch and Peter Kostis are so freaking dumb, they do…….

    • Bird says:

      “Saw the 2nd shot on 11 by Eldrick, and initially, it just looks like he was mad at the result….He may have reached for his back side, but nothing obvious…”

      Sometimes, yuh just don’t know what’s real. Urkel’s been know to play the sympathy card, as well extending his TV exposure with melodrama, rudeness, and lengthy putt reads.

      • lannyh says:

        I found something about that a little while ago. ESPN reported that Woods grabbed at his back on the TEE SHOT on that hole. I didn’t see that. What I saw was Woods kind of dropping his hand to his right lower back. It’s fairly subtle. I’ll post the ESPN snippet tomorrow. Afterward, when asked, Woods referred to his hip, but did not give any details.

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