Saturday Semi Live Blog

6:50 pm Update:  But seriously, folks…

What the heck kind of course has pros hitting a 4-iron off the tee, then an 8-iron to the green?  And even the “long” holes have little danger for a stray drive.  No. 18 at Whistling Straits alone has more danger lurking than the entire Wyndham course.

I like shotmakers courses like Colonial, but Colonial has some danger.  Same with Riviera.  This course doesn’t even have driveable par-4’s; they stretch a little creek across the fairway to prevent that.

I’ll tell you something else.  The atmosphere at that place is nothing like the television presenters would have you think.  They keep talking about how massive the galleries are and how vocal, but the video and audio don’t support that.  I saw Woods in 1997; I saw Woods in 2000 and 2001.  This ain’t that.

Look, I’m not meaning to insult the course or tournament, and it’s great for the locals that Woods is finally playing there.  (Although it’s not like they couldn’t have seen him at Pinehurst.)  But coming the week after the PGA Championship at Whistling Straits, after Jason and Jordan’s epic battle, don’t blow smoke up my tail with all this silly talk of 10-deep-galleries and jet-engine decibel levels.

Sneds:  Finally I cheer wholeheartedly for Snedeker — Euro Seven be damned! — and he rewards me by putting like a drunk popcorn machine.  (A drunk popcorn machine — that’s a good one, if I must say so myself!)

3:30 pm Update:  I gave up watching.  This course is silly.  Hit iron off tee; hit iron into green; have a 4-foot to 25-ft birdie putt.  Is it like this every year, or is it water-logged?  There’s no drama.  It’s a total pitch-and-putt.  After Whistling Straits, this looks worse than my local muni.  Life is too short to watch this.  I’ll check the scores tonight.  Zzzzzzz.

2:01 pm Update:  Is this a pitch-and-putt or a regulation course?  Does no one hit a wood off the tee here? Seems kind of rinky-dink.  Hoge thirty yards past Woods in fairway.

A rather experienced top ten at Wyndham:

                 Age    OWGR-rank

Tom Hoge          26       315
Tiger Woods       39       286
Davis Love III    51       613
Chad Campbell     41       222
Brandt Snedeker   34        28
Scott Brown       32       209
Bill Haas         33        30
Nick Watney       34       112
Carl Pettersson   37       143
Cameron Percy     41       310

Average Age       37.8

Sneds and Haas stick out like sore thumbs in an
OWGR comparison.

Carolina Connection:  The fans will have many Carolina players to cheer for:

  • Tom Hoge:  Born in Statesville, NC.
  • Davis Love III: Born in Charlotte, NC; attended University of North Carolina.
  • Scott Brown: Lives in North Augusta, SC; attended South Carolina – Aiken.
  • Bill Haas: Born in Charlotte, NC; lives in Greenville, SC; attended Wake Forest (Winston-Salem, NC).
  • Carl Pettersson:  Lives Raleigh, NC; attended North Carolina State.
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17 Responses to Saturday Semi Live Blog

  1. Kris says:

    Plenty of Carolina boys. It’s a shame Webb Simpson isn’t really in contention and Chesson Hadley missed the cut. Brandt doesn’t have a Carolina connection, but he is one of the locals/favorites since TN is just as close as SC, and he’s sponsored by Wyndham.

    I have a feeling Tiger isn’t going to do well today. I’m impressed he was able to get into the lead knowing he has to win to make the playoffs, but he couldn’t hang on any of the previous Saturdays this year when he was near the lead. Surprisingly, I’m not rooting against him. It’s kind of nice to see Tiger playing a tournament he previously saw as beneath him, like he’s starting to realize he’s not special anymore.

    • lannyh says:

      Well, I have no doubt he’s in Greensboro because Finchem told him he’d play if he wanted the exemption to the Hero Challenge points giveaway.

    • lannyh says:

      One other thing about the exemption. Woods got an exemption to play the Turkish Open last year in exchange for playing the this year. (Rory McIlroy did, too.) However, is not being mentioned at all when discussing Woods’s upcoming schedule by the talking heads. We KNOW he is playing, but they don’t want to mention it because it brings up the quid pro quo deal, which makes people notice the Hero/Wyndham link.

  2. TrainConductor says:

    If we’re not going to have Jordan or Rory, or Rickie, or Jason…this is about as solid a leader board as we could hope for!

    Will be interesting to hear the talking heads when Tiger blows up today.

  3. TigerFan says:

    Tiger, Tiger Woods y’all!

  4. TigerFan says:

    Hoge and Woods hit it pretty close to the same distance off the tee. Hoge was just closer to the inside of the dogleg so he was significantly closer to the hole with a similar length tee ball.

  5. TrainConductor says:

    And the bogey train departs

  6. Sports-realist! says:

    Since I haven’t watched a single shot this week, I feel I’m more qualified to talk about this SUDDEN ‘GRAND EVENT’…..
    ……The Wyndham should now be mentioned in the same breath as Augusta now, just because….
    ……This is one of those GEMS of a course, that just was hidden for decades, until the CULT channel told us how AMAZING it has become, and how it’s a TRUE test of golf(no I didn’t watch them, but I imagine that is what they are saying)….
    …….Anytime you can use PUTTER off the tee, and still only have WEDGE left, it’s gonna test your manhood……
    ……..I had the golf channel on for literally around 30 seconds, before the start of round 3, and as usual, that was enough, before I changed the channel…..
    …….Still, looks like someone else will win this thing, which will leave the golf channel to talk about their guy NOT winning, yet not caring who ACTUALLY wins…..Yep, good ole CULT channel….

  7. JoseyWales says:

    By my count, there have been FOUR 62s and THREE 63s shot so far this week and we have one round to go. Has this EVER been done before at a PGA Tour event?

  8. Bird says:

    Two 62s thrown at Urkel today. He could only muster a 68. That doesn’t bode well for tomorrow. His score was the highest until those at T10. The missed putt on 18 won’t make the Perkins girl er dinner taste better.

  9. Sports-realist! says:

    …..Gosh, trying to watch a little of the replay, and it’s like Ian Baker Finch and the rest are watching GOLF PORN…..They are SO over the top and STRANGE, it’s actually UNCOMFORTABLE……..
    ….Do they realize they are talking about a guy hitting a ball with a stick? Instead, they remind me of Bill Murray from caddyshack, as he’s using the ball washer, while talking at the old ladies leaving the green…

    • Sports-realist! says:

      Coverage as SUCKY as I would have expected too…..No reason to watch this nonsense live…..Bill Mcatee should be announcing a wnba fishing show or something….

  10. lannyh says:

    I just caught Rex Hoggard on a national radio show. He repeated the meme that “32,000 people came out today because of Tiger Woods.” This is definitely something Golf Channel has instructed their employees to repeat. Over and over again.

  11. lannyh says:

    The guy in the studio with Chamblee: “Tiger could still get hot and run away with this thing.”

    Yeah, I guess so, but so could Webb Simpson or Jim Herman or…

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