Thursday Thoughts/Semi Live Blog

7:30 pm Update

You might want to check out the LPGA Canadian Open this week.  Quite the leaderboard shaping up.  Ko on top, Charley Hull right behind.  Stacey Lewis another shot or two back.  It’s in western Canada, too, so it’s live in the evenings.  Good stuff.  Oh, I almost forgot… the 17-year-old Canadian, Brooke Henderson.

Noon Update: Settle Down, Everyone

Our phones won’t stop ringing.  Our fax and Twitter machines have each run out of paper twice!  Settle down, everyone!

Tiger Woods is having a great round on a wet course playing ball-in-hand.  You’d think Martians had landed on Manhattan Island.

I wrote this just four days ago, and it refers back to something I wrote six months ago:

  • Golfers’ improvement and degradation falls into channels.  An up channel when young; a down channel when aging.  Here’s something I wrote last winter about Woods’s downtrend channel.  I mention this because Woods has spent much of this year recovering from his back surgery a year ago.  His back will continue to improve, and I expect next year he’ll have a “good year” by his current standards.  I mention this because when it happens, the golf media will totally jump back onto the “Tiger is Back!” bandwagon.  They won’t treat it as an against-the-trend uptick in a downtrend channel.

Now, today, it will be interesting to see how the Golf Channel treats
this good round, which signifies a high in the downtrend channel for Woods.  My money is on them trying to sell it as a complete reversal of the “aging player downtrend.”  Would anyone bet against that?

Brandt and Brenden: Brandt Snedeker and Branden Grace are both in the field this week, so comparisons are inevitable.

Morning Jive: Morning Drive pushed back thirty minutes due to live coverage of the “Made in Denmark” tournament on the European Tour.  I’m sure the jive turkeys at Golf Channel will be hard-selling Tiger Woods to a ridiculous extent.  The start is only ten minutes away; I’m trying to stay focused and catch it because I’m sure there will be plenty of laughable nonsense to report here.

Okay… three minutes in and they are in Full Tiger Woods Mode, with live video of Woods on the putting green.  That’s not a surprise, of course, but what’s a little surprising is that I can’t pay attention even though I intended to grab a few laugh-lines to write here.  Instead, it’s going in one ear and out the other.  All I hear is: Tiger Woods, blah blah, Tiger Woods, blah blah.

“Could this be the time when it all comes together for him?”  Blondie just spoke those words in one of her “tee sheet” teasers.  Yeah, guys, something magical will happen and it will be 2000 all over again.

After the break, they tell us, they will have Jaime Diaz on to discuss “The Tiger Story.”  Certainly Golf Channel is doing nothing today to dispel the perception of them being the Tiger Golf Channel.

New Jason Day TaylorMade Commercial:  I just caught the new TaylorMade commercial done in the wake of Jason’s win at Chambers Bay.  Restrained and modest, tastefully done in black-and-white.

Ten Dollar Green Fees!  I was reading a long-form article from The Atlantic about the mayor of New Orleans seeking to lower the rate of violent crime in his city.  Many of the convicted wind up at the state prison in Angola, 130 miles away.  The mayor occasionally travels to the prison to ask inmates if there was anything he could have done as mayor to have kept them from going down the wrong road.  The Atlantic reporter accompanied him on one such trip and wrote this:

An escort met us at the front gate, and we followed him down narrow roads, past “freemen” housing—freemen is an Angola term for guards—past lakes stocked with crappie, and past the Prison View golf course, maintained by prisoners and open to the public (convicted felons excepted) for a $10 greens fee.

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12 Responses to Thursday Thoughts/Semi Live Blog

  1. JoeM says:

    Piled High Deep on the Golf Channel this morning……Cara, Gary now Jaime…and don’t get me started on the worse cheerleader of all Paige…Wait, she is in a tie with Kelly……Over to Mike & Mike.

  2. HennyB says:

    I also caught Morning Drive this morning. Unbelievable. Thank goodness I had a puke bucket standing by.

    • lannyh says:

      I just witnessed Paige give a long spiel on if it would “be better” mentally for Woods if he shot around par or if he went low.

      “If THIS happened, what do YOU think HE would be thinking?” Great journalism.

  3. HennyB says:

    Why do they keep saying, “He doesn’t have to play this week. He could have taken the rest of the year off. This shows how dedicated he is and how he continuous to “press on” etc” ? Give me a break. We all know why he’s playing this week. I was a little disappointed in Jamie Diaz, telling us how much more respected Woods is by his peers now because he continues to play despite his poor play and he’s “just like them” battling through swing changes and trying to figure it out week to week. He also talked about how Tiger has “changed” and he’s nicer to his fellow players and we see him hugging Mark O’meara blah blah blah. If anything he’s gotten worse in my opinion. His swearing, club smashing and tantrums are the worse they have ever been.

    • Ken says:

      I thought it was very interesting how he didn’t show up for this “good buddy,” “great friend” Mark O’Meara’s induction into the Hall of Fame. They were both in St. Andrews for the British Open. Woods couldn’t take a little time out of his day to attend. Phony, manufactured “friendship.”

    • lannyh says:

      Well put. I agree with every word.

      I think they say those nonsensical things because the well is completely dry.

      They could sum it all up with: Woods, after his scandals and the loss of his game, is acting differently after two years choking down humble pie.

  4. HennyB says:

    That is a very good point. I assume he didn’t show up for his best buddy Freddy Couples either? He was inducted the same night as O’meara wasn’t he?

  5. DanishDude says:

    Mark O’Meara and Tiger Woods haven’t been buddies since the scandal.

  6. JoseyWales says:

    Enjoying the LPGA golf from Vancouver, BC…except Golf Channel keeps blowing smoke about this being a “homecoming” for Brooke Henderson…a “home game” for her…the “hometown crowd” is behind her…pssst Terry Gannon…Brooke is from Smiths Falls, Ontario…which is 2824 miles from Vancouver…she grew up there…played her junior golf there…if you know ANYTHING about Canada you know these two places are light years apart…almost the distance from Los Angeles to New York City. VANCOUVER IS NOT HER HOME YOU BOZOS.

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