Wednesday Thoughts: Anirban, Branden, and Sneds

Afternoon Update:

From the Chicago Daily Herald, “Why Won’t Anyone Confront Tiger Woods?“:

The media is overrun with apologists who insist he can still do it.

Isn’t there someone out there covering the game of golf who will ask Tiger the difficult question?

Other struggling athletes are often confronted by the media, but if Tiger pars the last hole the analysts on TV say something stupid like this might turn it around for Tiger.


I just want to ask the guy a simple question: “What happened to you, man?”

Has anyone asked him that? Is the media too intimidated by him to ask?

Listen, I know many in the media write all kinds of things, but when it comes to face-to-face confrontation, it’s a different story.

Here’s a kind of two-parter.  First here’s a link to Stephen A. Smith on First Take discussing Tiger Woods.  Frankly, we’ve heard this from Smith two or three times before.  He basically gives his “Tiger is done” speech after every major.  It was interesting the first time I heard it, but now I don’t know what the point of repeating it is.  Paint-by-numbers “edgy” commentary is not edgy.

At the very end of that video clip, Bayless starts to dump on Jordan Spieth, but the clip ends.  I looked into that and found this nice write-up from the Sun Times.  It’s kind of odd that Jordan just had as good a year as Woods ever did — and Jordan was 21 years old — and Bayless would advise him to “be more like Tiger.”  Bayless and Smith must just be trolling at this point.  Sometimes I think the entire sports media is just one giant trollfest.


jalnichols: Does anyone actually think that guys like Lahiri, Jaidee, Gallacher, Bjorn, Jimenez, Warren, and Grace would be able to achieve what Snedeker has playing on the PGA Tour? I think it’s pretty unlikely; those guys feast on the weaker European/Asian Tour events.

That was written on February 16.  Six months later, let’s take a look at the results in this year’s majors.

jal22Snedeker went 2-6 vs Grace and Lahiri at this year’s majors.  (By the way, Snedeker’s finishes in the two tournaments this year where he made the cut are his career bests.)  And, bear in mind, Snedeker has vastly more experience than those two.  Consider: Lahiri was playing in his very first Masters and U.S. Open, and only his second Brit and PGA.

I’ll take a look at the others in the Euro Seven and try to put together a full chart.

Woods at Wyndham:  The only story I see here is the likelihood that he is playing as part of a quid pro quo deal with Finchem that gave Woods an exemption into the Hero Challenge.  Of course, the media won’t ask him about that.  They will completely ignore the suspicious circumstances.

Here’s something to consider:  Jordan Spieth finished one stroke behind the winner at the British Open at St. Andrews.  When the Olympics roll around, he’ll get 15 OWGR points for that finish.  The person who wins the 18-man off-season Hero Challenge will get 34.  The person who finishes second will get 20.5.  Third place will bring 13.  So, as far as Olympics qualifying goes, a third place at the silly 18-man Hero Challenge counts as much as finishing fourth at the British Open in a field of 156.  Winning it awards double the points of Spieth’s British Open finish.

This is yet another reason why Finchem’s exemption was totally inappropriate.  Finchem is using every dirty trick in the book, trying to get Woods into the Olympics and the WGC events.  All you can do is shake your head.

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5 Responses to Wednesday Thoughts: Anirban, Branden, and Sneds

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    ……For someone who just missed THREE straight Major cuts in a row, I’d think the Wyndham would be the last place you’d care to go….
    …….Finchem is either an innocent little guy with a ‘halo’ over his head, OR he is half-rigging how to get free owgr points to certain players on tour….
    ……..Since it’s most likely the 2nd choice, we have to ask, is Finchem just a figurehead, who is controlled by these corporations….Or as is usually the case, is Finchem getting paid ALOT to, um, ‘play ball’, as we see with politicians and corporations these days…
    …….Because $$$$$ in involved, we KNOW that the PGA is corrupt to some extent, but why wouldn’t Finchem just tell Woods to play MORE, to earn back his rankings? The answer is obvious, Woods is no longer good enough to do so, so the PGA tour and Finchem have to help prop up this guy over the next few years, until the Nike contract runs out….
    …….At this rate, it wouldn’t surprise me if Nike/Steinberg has Eldrick FAKE another injury for retirement, if in another year or two, there is no progress…..That way Nike and friends can save face, while Eldrick can pretend he just splintered his pancreas…..

    • lannyh says:

      Finchem is paid a small fortune. And the PGA Tour has always been a “non-profit” until recently. Very shady. Finchem is on the way out, so he’s granting Woods “pardons” left and right, like a president in his final days.

  2. TruthTeller says:

    Sneds has a PGA Tour victory this year. How about the Euro Seven?

  3. Ken says:

    Bayless didn’t like the way that Spieth handled himself? Seriously?

    What did he want? F bombs?

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