Vice Magazine Ties Tiger Woods to Dealer of (non-FDA-approved) “Nootropics”

Vice Magazine has just published a story about Gordon Filemu Cady, a supplement-selling hippie in Oregon, and Bill Romanowski, a former NFL player [per the article, “the four-time Super Bowl champion and former NFL linebacker who was tied to the illegal steroid ring run by BALCO CEO Victor Conte”] who says he sold Neuro1 to Tiger Woods.  Here’s an excerpt:

[Romanowski] also claims his supplement helped Tiger Woods on the golf course. “When he was winning in golf, he was taking Neuro1,” he tells me. “That was after his dad passed. He was going through a real bad slump. I then started sending him Neuro1, a big supply every month, and literally he started taking off and winning every tournament for about two years.”

(VICE attempted to verify this claim. In an email, Tiger’s agent, Mark Sternberg, said: “Regarding your inquiry on Tiger, we are unaware of what you are asking.” When I followed up with more specific details, Sternberg [sic] did not respond.)

When he got the specifics, Steinberg went silent.  Interesting.

This, too, is highly interesting:

Romanowski is into modafinil, too, though he can’t remember who introduced him to the stuff. “Believe it or not, I’m not sure if it was Victor [Conte],” Romanowski says. “I may have been the one that turned Victor onto it. Because they used to give it fighter pilots, to keep them up. I was like, This is not on the NFL ban list, I think I’m gonna try it. I used it for at least two years.” (Though the prescription drug wasn’t on the NFL’s banned substances list at the time, it is now.)

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7 Responses to Vice Magazine Ties Tiger Woods to Dealer of (non-FDA-approved) “Nootropics”

  1. Romo says:

    Finally, something specific.

    • lannyh says:

      The 63 documented (by the state of Florida) house visits by Galea and Mark Lindsay weren’t specific enough for you?

      You were the guy calling all the prostitutes in 2009 liars, right?

      • Romo says:

        No, no they weren’t. He had visits from a doctor; whoopitty-effing do. We didn’t know, until now, what he was (supposedly) given. That matters in my book.

      • Ken says:

        “We didn’t know, until now, what he was (supposedly) given. That matters in my book.”

        Because you didn’t know that he was likely juicing in 2009, it doesn’t matter when you find out now?

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Romo, you need to actually do a little research….You will find that EVERY player linked to Dr Galea DID steroids/peds……Galea is as dirty as a 3 dollar bill, and so is Eldrick….

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        I’m sure the golf channel and friends will get right on this story……In about 20 years…

  2. Bird says:

    You’re grasping at supplemental straws, boys. There’s nothing here that would outclass Jesper’s volcanic ash. hee hee

    The negative energy spent on Tiger Woods is as meaningless as his Golf Channel promoters. Let it go.

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