6:25 pm Update: Bombers dominating leaderboard at Firestone; DJ and Bubba make moves.  Koepka, Day lurking.

1:05 pm Update:  Jordan moves to T-2!


Tiger Woods, who publicly opposed physically-handicapped Stanford teammate Casey Martin using a cart, received an exemption into the Hero World Challenge, and now there is a golf media-driven push for additional exemptions into WGC events. Rules only apply to other people, I guess.



Strict Rule Followers:

The PGA has taken a firm stance on this issue. Tim Finchem, PGA Tour commissioner, says there are two main issues in the Casey Martin case. First, “The Tour should always have the ability to make its own rules and regulations. Second, walking is an integral part of the game and shouldn’t be lost.”(Strange, 1998) All of today’s top players seem to be in agreement with their commissioner. Even Tiger Woods, who considers Casey Martin a good friend, doesn’t believe Martin should ride a cart.

Rules Are Made to Be Broken:

Tiger Woods sought and received an exemption into the Hero World Challenge, an event he hosts, later this year that will allow the tournament to continue to give world ranking points to its competitors even though Woods is unlikely to be ranked among the top 50.

[W]e felt the request was reasonable,” said Ty Votaw, executive vice president of the PGA Tour. “After consulting with the Official World Golf Ranking people, we approved it.”

Give Tiger An Exemption!  I’m sure by now you’ve heard the pleas in the golf media to give Tiger Woods an exemption into WGC events.  All you can do is laugh.  They so badly want Woods to play in these limited-field events at a course where he has had past success.  To hell with actually, you know, qualifying.  Sorry, Golf Channel, Freddie Couples doesn’t get to pick the field.

Giving out such an exemption would degrade the entire game, of course, but make no mistake, the golf media truly wants Woods playing these events he is no longer good enough to qualify for.  But, in the case of the WGC, it ain’t gonna happen.

These calls for a special exemption into a WGC event show what a huge mistake it was to grant Woods an exemption in to the Hero World Points Giveaway.

Hunter “Ace” Mahan:  Can someone please explain Mahan’s ubiquitous Ace Hardware commercial?  A guy is holding a mailbox and some other items, and Mahan hits the mailbox with a golf ball.  Why does Hunter then jot down the reminder, “newww… mailboxes…”?  Did hitting the mailbox trigger an otherwise unrelated reminder?  Did he hit his own newly-purchased mailbox and intend to replace it on his next visit?  Was it someone else’s mailbox the guy was loading?  I can’t figure it out.

Man in the Street Interviews about Tiger Woods:  I don’t know what to say about this Hannibal Buress video other than every golf media person needs to watch it ten times.  SB Nation has it.

Golf Announcers, Baseball Announcers:  I used to follow baseball, but now I catch a few stray half-innings a year on the radio.  However, I well remember how low-key the baseball announcers on the radio are when the game/series calls for that.  There is a comfortable flow to it.  In 162 games, not every one of them is a Can’t Miss game.  They also discuss every player in the game.  They have lengthy discussions about obscure players on visiting teams.  Golf coverage is like that on occasion, but it’s usually the Thursday and Friday telecasts of lesser tournaments.  Baseball does not focus on one player and discuss him in games he isn’t in; they don’t show him standing around in right field when the third baseman is making great plays; they don’t show footage of his at-bat while another player double to clear the bases.  “While we were showing slo-mo video of Tiger Woods striking out, Matt Kuchar just tripled to clear the bases.”

Tatoo Idea:  Under Armour has filed for patents on a new Jordan Spieth logo.  Here’s a slight modification our art department was up all night crafting:




u p e r m a n

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30 Responses to Friday Firestone Semi Live Blog (CAUGHT RED-HANDED HYPOCRISY EDITION)

  1. JoseyWales says:

    who said this?

    “Rory Has Officially Milked This Kickabout Injury Dry: Month old swollen ankle photos from a football injury”

    • lannyh says:

      My guess is… Mr Shackelford?

    • Ken says:

      Yeah, Rory’s milking a ruptured tendon. Geez.

      Let’s go back to hearing about Tiger’s knees, back, shoulders, etc. Because he’s been playing golf for so long, he has an old body we’ve been told. How that’s different from nearly every other player on tour has yet to be explained.

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    …..Very funny how humans continue to NOT see into the future….They didn’t see the END of Eldrick’s career, where he would be a FIGUREHEAD and not winning anymore…
    …..So now they have to CHANGE the present, along with the rules…..OBVIOUSLY, it’s VERY posible that Eldrick NEVER plays in a WGC event again—–NEVER……So what will they do?
    ……If you think Steinberg didn’t START with the 17 man POINTLESS event for FREE points, to eventually try BIGGER and better events for AUTOMATIC exemptions, I think you are being naive….

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      ……The ‘playing window’ in all this is actually quite a short one though…Eldrick will be 40 at the start of next season….So lets say that he is competitive, aka Phil Mickelson esque up to around 45 years old….Then what? Then it REALLY becomes a figurehead, where he finishes in 17th place EVERY TIME, smiles, waives to the adoring fans, and collects $100 grand for sucking……
      ……I believe it is time for the players to start speaking up about all this, but WHO…Who will rock the boat, WHO will be the George Washington of the golfing world….Stay tuned.

      • Ken says:

        Kaymer was the only one who disregarded the “shouldn’t Tiger be here question.” Jordan is too nice to really say otherwise, though he didn’t exactly endorse just letting Woods play. Jason Day is under the false impression that Tiger Woods gives a damn about him.

        How is Mickelson still ranked 20th? He rarely contends. I guess those two second place finishes in majors add up to a lot in OWGR. Those rankings are very deceptive at times. In reality, is he top 50 anymore? I’m saying this as a Phil fan; I’d love to see him play consistently well like Furyk.

      • lannyh says:

        But here’s something else about Jason, which agrees more with how I interpretted his remarks, from the Irish Indepdendent: “In fairness, he was not looking for sympathy, although it would be in short supply from his peers, if Jason Day’s comments are any indication.”

        Then they quoted Jason, “It’s something that, for us as players, we have to earn our spots in these tournaments.”

        I read Jason’s remarks as him saying no, as politely as possible. And, these players are NOT bring this up on their own. The damed reporters are asking them about it, hoping to write headlines claiming so-and-so wants Woods to play. As if players are outraged that he isn’t.

      • Ken says:

        There is some precedent to the attention that Woods still garners. With the 24/7 news cycles it’s just worse now. But Nicklaus and Palmer still got headlines and feature stories every time they even approached contention well into their 50s.

        I’m from western PA. When I started following golf, Palmer was in his late 40s and rarely contended. But any time he started a tournament with a decent round, the “Arnie’s Back!” stories would appear in our local papers. It’s hard for people to let go of beloved figures. How “beloved” applies to Woods is a total mystery to me, but there are a lot of people who really like the guy; if admiring someone like that isn’t a sign of the downfall of western civilization, I don’t know what is.

      • lannyh says:

        “But any time he started a tournament with a decent round, the “Arnie’s Back!” stories would appear in our local papers.”

        Sure, but with Woods, he’s the big story going INTO tournaments where he misses the cut. Certainly no one was obsessing over Jack circa 1983-85, A good first round, fine, but he wasn’t the headline story every freaking week.

  3. Bird says:

    Re 2015 PGA Championship, some Whistling Straits bunkers have been covered, including the infamous one. Not a surprise, but likely, new embarrassments will be in play. Oh well, atleast the greens should be decent.

  4. Ace says:

    The PGA always promotes itself as the world’s foremost authority on running golf tournaments. However at its crown jewel, the PGA Championship, they always seem to drop the ball; i.e. the Tiger Woods “magic ball” tee shot on #18 at Valhalla that disappeared then suddenly reappeared, the bunker debacle of Dustin Johnson at Whistling Straits, Jason Day last year having no way to cross a creek that was clearly in play (couldn’t foresee the need for a temporary walk bridge?), also last year the “bachelor party” 4-man finish on #18 in the dark. Who knows what will happen this year.

    • Bird says:

      Outstanding trip down memory lane.

    • Jason says:

      That TW magic ball really was terrible. Imagine how different Bob May’s life would be right now if that didn’t happen. I remember watching that live and thinking “wait a minute. what?”. But it was never even given a second thought.

      What really happened? I wonder if a PGA staffer threw a ball back in play…

  5. TigerFan says:

    How dare the PGA allow Tiger to play in his own tournament. That’s absurd.

    • lannyh says:

      Can I do my own 18-man tournament and award myself OWGR points?

    • Anonymous says:

      What does this complaint even mean?

      Who is stopping him from playing any PGA tournament?

    • Anonymous says:

      If he wants to move up in the rankings, he should be playing now in Reno. There’s a PGA event there right now. But the 250th ranked player on Earth considers that beneath him.

      • TigerFan says:

        You mean, the player with 79 wins including 14 majors considers Reno beneath him. I agree.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why? He’s ranked 250. He didn’t qualify for BStone. It’s a legit tournament with many good players. It awards OWGR points.

        Rather than potentially improving his ranking, he sits jome and pouts. Great move.

        The real answer is that finishing 20th, 30th or worse is something he’s afraid to risk.

  6. TruthTeller says:

    Meanwhile, the 65th ranked player in driving distance this week is leading by 3 at the long ball oriented WGC-Bridgestone.

    • lannyh says:

      Dude, go to with that idiocy. Mike Wier winning the Masters doesn’t mean Augusta is not a long hitters course.

      I don’t find feigned stupidity the least bit witty. Go try that out at Golf Channel, sport.

      • Romo says:

        You’re right, it doesn’t. What it DOES do is point out that short game and putting are more important than hitting it 400 yards off the tee.

        Rory hits it 5 miles but has had several events where he was middle of the pack….because his short game and putting disappear on occasion.

      • lannyh says:

        For the like tenth time… No one said only driving matters. What was said was at THIS course, driving distance, even when quite inaccurate, grants a marked advantage to a player.

      • Romo says:

        My bad, I should have known better than to start up a conversation with someone who doesn’t understand how golf is played.

  7. RealityRules says:

    Drive for show, but for dough.

  8. TrueGolfFan says:

    I see you, Lanny, as the type of person that would bitch about having to drive 20 miles to collect your 10 million dollar lottery jackpot

  9. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yeah, the INTEGRITY of the PGA Tour is starting to look slimy……If Finchem would EXPAND on any other type of exemption, then RULES become irrelevant…..CHEATING is OK, and break all the steroid/ped rules you want, the PGA will catch the 550th ranked player in the world, to show it’s doing, uh, something…..
    Finchem apparently doesn’t realize, he is RAPIDLY looking like a ‘BOUGHT AND PAID FOR’ commissioner……

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