Saturday Quicken Loans Invitational Semi Live Blog

8:10 pm Update  Unless Woods goes out with injury, or announces retirement, I don’t think the Tiger Woods nonsense is ever going to stop.  Why do I say this?  Well, USA Today just published an article with this line:

Woods’ resurgence hit another major roadblock Saturday in the third round

So Woods playing like crap all year then having two decent rounds which put him at T-5 in a weak tournament equates to “resurgence”?  It’s just crap.   If it’s “another” roadblock in his resurgence, to when do they date the resurgence?  And if it’s “another” roadblock, what was the first one?  Surely, they are speaking of a two-day resurgence, so what other “major roadblock” was there.

Maybe the problem is me.  Maybe I expect too much out of sports writers.  But I think their jobs would be a lot easier if they stopped trying to force Woods to be the story even when he’s not.  Woods’s entire season can be summed up the same way as 90 percent of pro golfers.  He played poor to mediocre golf with a few good rounds sprinkled in.

Of course, that’s the nature of golf.  And all golfers know that.  It’d be nice if the golf writers wrote with the assumption that their readers know that.  Don’t try to paint two decent rounds as “a resurgence.”

6:20 pm Update  I was looking forward to a nice Golf Channel Tiger Woods Apologist roundtable, but, alas, they are not on.  However, this Utah event is live and has been quite enjoyable the past two evenings.  Nice, live, kind-of-prime-time golf.

5:40 pm Update

Tiger Woods refuses CBS post round interview!!

5:22 pm Update  Woods needs to hole this one for par on No. 18.  The problem is he’s above a giant greenside bunker, short-sided, everything is downhill.  He needs to jar this one to save par.  Bogey would be a good score.  Bogey is what he got.

I really seemed to have given Rickie Fowler the kick in the pants he needed when I gave him the lecture when he played in New Orleans earlier this year.

4:16 pm Update  LIMP ALERT!!

Ian Baker-Finch hints that Woods may be “limping.”

I see Tiger Tracker set the over/under score for Woods today at 68.5, between -3 and -2.  If he pars in, he’ll shoot 75.

3:40 pm Update  CH III is eating Woods’s lunch today.  They need to stop this one.  TKO.

3:05 pm Update

CBS Coverage has begun.  Generally, they are a little less Tiger-obsessed than NBC/Golf Channel.  Woods is self-destructing right on cue.  Hits an approach onto a cart path near green; plays it from the cart path and whacks it 50 yards over green; pitches it onto the green, where it may be in the same zip code as the pin, but probably not.

Anyone who took CH III over Woods today (getting 7-4 odds) has to be wearing a big smile right about now.

9:56 am Update: Odds Info

  • Rickie   3-1
  • Jimmy Walker  8-1
  • Woods  8-1
  • Chappell 9-1
  • Ry0 11-1
  • Lingmerth 12-1

Those are from Bovada, which seems to be a place many Woods supporters support; they consistent offer some of the lowest odds on Woods.  William Hill has Fowler, Walker, and Chappel all ahead of Woods.

Wow, Tiger Woods is an even-odds bet versus Jason Bohn.  Even with all the Tiger money, it’s only even?  The times sure have changed.  On the other hand, Woods is a clear favorite over CH III at Ladbrokes.

9:10 am Update  Cara, a Golf Channel host I’ve defended in the past, just said she was openly cheering for Tiger Woods yesterday.  First off, isn’t she supposed to be a disinterested professional journalist?  Second, why would she make a point of saying that on national television?

Damon says he remembers watching Woods “hit shots he’d never seen before.”

8:35 am Update  I forgot about Morning Drive until quite some time after it started.  Heard Charlie Rymer say, paraphrasing, “For Tiger to win, after all he’s been through, would be front page news.”  What all has he been through exactly?  He won in 2013, so the scandal stuff has already been followed by a win.  Remember the “Winning Takes Care of Everything” ads?  So “all he’s been through” would mean, “he had an injury.”

Of course, Charlie is confusing the nonstop, repetitive Golf Channel Tiger chit-chat with actually “going through” something.  Again, if Golf Channel wants to obsess over Woods, they need to hire a guy who likes to poke holes in their Gospel of Tiger.

6:05 am  Reminder: Don’t forget this week’s Quicken Loans National is a limited-field event with only 120 participants instead of 156.

Another reminder:  Don’t forget Golf Channel is replaying the 2010 PGA Championship next Tuesday evening.  It was played at Whistling Straits, site of this year’s event.  You may recall Rory finished one back, DJ was penalized on final hole, and Bubba and Kaymer were in a playoff.

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54 Responses to Saturday Quicken Loans Invitational Semi Live Blog

  1. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny…go to Shackel’s site “WSJ It Only Took 600 Years for Gold to Return to the Masses”
    read the comment by Melvyn Hunter Morrow about how Shackel and his goon Tommy Naccarato unfairly censor and delete any comment that makes Shackelford look bad. And now that Shackelford is on the Callaway payroll, watch for the sneaky pimping of TopGolf (20% owned by Callaway) and Callaway stock (symbol ELY).

    • lannyh says:

      I will take a look right now!

    • lannyh says:

      I couldn’t make heads nor tails of his opening sentence. He must have meant “green speed debate” instead of “green speed delay.” I didn’t know anything about a Callaway deal, but I’m sure he’ll hawk for them every chance he gets. Will he wear a Callaway hat now when he appears on Morning Drive?

      I guess there are worse things to shill for than Top Golf. I like that idea, although I think right now it’s too “trendy.” I’d more than likely hate the people who go there “to see and be seen.” On the other hand, it keeps a lot of women beginners away from the golf course, and that has to be a positive.

  2. Sports-realist2 says:

    She’s openly cheering, cuz she hopes to be #2458th on the ‘oh we’re together and he really loves me’ list…..Ofcourse Charlie Rymer is hoping to be #2459th, but even Bruce Jenner told him he would look silly….
    I forgot who started the ‘lets put a hot chick to host a show’ stuff, but it’s starting to get old to me….It’s the ultimate sexism move by males, yet the women are just happy as clams, being paraded just a step above a playboy centerfold…..Give her a British accent and short skirt and throw her out there…..
    I don’t TUNE IN more if I think they have a girl, who could do the ‘Basic Instinct’ move with her short skirts, but obviously that’s what they are doing, and it’s rather hilarious…

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, it was kind of funny when they had the radio format, and Holly was so obviously dressed to get attention. She was kind of like a Howard Stern sidekick. But now it seems like a overused gimmick, an apology for having nothing of interest to discuss on the program.

      I can’t stand the fake happiness, fake excitement vibe. It’s so phony, I feel like I’m watching the Today Show talking about a 12-year-old who won the Science Fair. In every other sport, it’s fine to have controversy. The biggest NFL topic is Tom Brady and the deflated footballs. Discussing Woods and the Rock Ishii golf balls of 2000 is a serious taboo. It would make for great television, and bring in the viewers, but this NBC-owned network just will not do that.

  3. Barry Burn says:

    Cara wore thin on me quite some time ago.

    The cast of characters on that show is a joke. Unwatchable.

    • Bird says:

      It’s the worst Golf Channel crew, ever. They must be working cheap.

      • lannyh says:

        Oh,man, I totally forgot about tonight’s little 30 minute show after this Utah golf. I flipped to it. It will be interesting to hear what they say. (As if I don’t know. I do hope Chamblee is there, though. Maybe Notah!)

  4. Barry Burn says:

    Melvyn Morrow’s post got whacked at the Shackelford site, lol.

  5. Kris says:

    It’s the Tiger comeback tour at the Quicken Loans, so I’m just going to keep watching this documentary Angry Sky on ESPN 2. Jeff Tremaine can put together a good documentary now that he’s detached himself from the Jackass people.

    • lannyh says:

      I’ll have to flip over and see what it is, if it’s still on. Woods threaded a recovery shot through some trees, and they ooh-ed and ahh-ed, and you just KNOW they wanted to say, “No one could have done that but Woods, but then they remembered how much he sucks, and saying it would just remind people that any player in the field could have hit that shot, just like with every shot Woods has ever hit.

      • Kris says:

        The documentary was about a crazy guy who was trying to break the free fall record and be the first person to break the sound barrier outside of a vehicle. Obviously, he died horribly. Almost 50 years later, that Felix Baumgartner character succeeded.

        Ugh. Good to know I made the right decision to avoid that wretched golf tournament coverage.

  6. Barry Burn says:

    The ref apologizes to Tiger that he can’t get a drop, lol.

    • lannyh says:

      I thought he did! I wasn’t sure. Do you think Golf Channel gave enough air time to that situation? I mean, Woods is T-16. I got mad when they cut away — “while we wait” — to show 36-hole leader Ishikawa hit a drive.

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    Ok, currently tied for 37th, and I’m so excited…..Showing his every shot, and it still feels like, somehow, that it isn’t enough…..

  8. Sports-realist2 says:

    Well, we have another abortion of coverage by CBS, showing Eldrick walking, and staring, and standing…..Precisely why I hardly watch when Eldrick plays anymore…..
    The real story is Eldrick goes +3 for the round, WHEN he was actually IN contention going into Saturday, on a course he probably played about 100 times before this weeks event…

    • lannyh says:

      What’s funny is how Woods can butcher five holes in a row, then make a good shot (like his fourth shot at No. 18 to save bogey) and they gush over it like he’s shooting a 59.

  9. Kris says:

    Tiger has lost his ability to play under any amount of pressure. You can’t blame that on injury or a swing change. As a side note, what is a nearly 40 year old man doing with acne?

  10. RickiesCoach says:

    Like him or not, you gotta give Tiger props on that flop shot. That was ridiculously good.

    Seeing Rickie doing what he’s doing this week, I had a good chuckle. IT’S ALL BECAUSE OF LANNY! (Even though there were probably many others saying the same thing, at least this guy was. I guess that means I get some credit for Rickie’s play TOO!!)

    • lannyh says:

      Well, there’s a difference between saying it at your Wednesday afternoon dominoes game and saying it in an editorial at the New York Times or Lanny H Golf.

      • RickiesCoach says:

        No…no there’s not. You seem to have this idea that you are some soothsayer that was the only person with this notion. Sorry… you weren’t.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, I’m the only one I know who publicly gave Rickie a dose of tough love like I did. A kick in the tail.

        And “soothsayer” is not at all the right word. More like “life coach” or something. Or maybe just a guy who gave ole Rickie some good honest, friendly advice.

      • RickiesCoach says:

        Soothsayer may not have been the right word (I knew it wasn’t) but it got the point across. It’s just annoying to me, for “anonymous” people who share opinions about sports figures they’ve never met, to take credit for their performances. It’s down right asinine. One must have a Trump size ego to do that.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, I have never met Kyle Porter, but I read his writing. I think lots of Tour pros read my website. The mainstream websites just repeat each other.

        I don’t take the credit, though, I really don’t. Take today for instance. Someone pointed out that Woods had acne, a sign of steroid use. Tell me what other golf outlet pointed that out and speculated what it could mean.

    • RickiesCoach says:

      “I really seemed to have given Rickie Fowler the kick in the pants he needed when I gave him the lecture when he played in New Orleans earlier this year.”

      How is this NOT taking credit?

      • lannyh says:

        I meant I don’t take the credit for the quality of this website. That’s what I was trying to say, using the example of the guy who noticed the acne which brings up the possibility of steroids. That wasn’t me, but such things are what make this The Only Golf Website That Matters.

        About Rickie, Heck, yeah, I take the credit. Absolutely.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Rickies, it’s called SARCASM….If you don’t know what it is, please look it up in the dictionary…..But just fyi, I am the reason Elvis Prestley became a success…

      • RickiesCoach says:

        I am a professional sarcasticator….so that’s when I see Lanny using it the way he’s using it (there is clearly an implied seriousness to it)…I call bullskit…..your Elvis comment? That’s plain as day and I get it.

      • lannyh says:

        Well, there’s no law that says we have to agree.

    • Bird says:

      And I’m predicting here and now, that Rickie’s next squeeze will be a distinct upgrade. IOW won’t do Daisy Dukes.

  11. Ken says:

    Didn’t watch any of it. Just checked scores a bit. No interest in a Woods love fest.

    Great tournament “host.” Dodging interviews. What exactly makes him the host or makes this “Tiger’s tournament?”

    Typical past-their-prime performance by a few players. Justin Leonard, Ernie Els, and Retief Goosen were all in contention at first, now they’re not. Just like Woods. Just like every other old broken down player sometimes does.

    • lannyh says:

      Good point. You’d think the danged HOST of the event would grant an interview, or, frankly, go up in the booth for an extended chat with Nick and Terry.

      Good question. The primary beneficiary/charity is the Tiger Woods Foundation. This event was sponsored by AT&T until last year, and they were Woods’s bag sponsor until the 2009 scandal. So that’s kind of how he came to be the host.

      I have been noticing Justin Leonard’s name around Woods’s a lot lately.

      • Ken says:

        Makes sense about the foundation. If they didn’t mention that he was host, no one would know the difference in TV land.

        Leonard may not have much eligibility left. He played The British since he’s a past champ. Greenbrier paid Woods to be there and struggles to get a field, and this tournament struggles to attract talent. That might explain the Leonard-Woods thing you’re seeing. Mostly just the circumstances. Leonard just taking spots where he can still get them.

      • FreeMortgage says:

        Have you noticed that since Quicken took over sponsorship, Rickie has begun to show up in their adds???

      • lannyh says:

        I did not notice that specifically, but I did see Rickie in some new ads this week.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Justin Leonard’s last win was in 2008, but did win the British Open in 1997…….He’s ranked 547th…In 17 events he’s missed 12 cuts….His best finish in 2015 is tied for 34th……

      • lannyh says:

        I’ve always liked Justin Leonard. He was a darn solid player in his early years.

      • Bird says:

        I wonder when Tiger made his last (personal money) contribution to his foundation?

  12. Bird says:

    Re limping, I saw him cringe (body language) on one shot Thursday or Friday. It was only a quick video glimpse before the director pulled away. Don’t know if it meant anything. One thing’s for certain, his injuries are not over.

    • lannyh says:

      Interesting, because a reporter asked him pointblank if he had any lingering effects from the operation/injury, and Woods assured him he felt fine. But he might have answered the question not with yes or no, but with “I feel fine.” Which could be evasive, meaning I feel find this very instant, but I’m not really answering the question.

      It’s like the world revolves around tricking people into thinking Woods is the guy Nike thought they were paying the big money for.

      You know pre-scandal and even in 2013 with the massively-failed “Winning takes care of everything campaign,” that Nike and the networks thought they would have Tiger vs Jack either until Woods got to 19 or Woods was 65 years old. Because they didn’t see him getting stuck on 14. Do you think they thought, in 2009, when Woods won POY but no major, that Woods would go until 2016 (almost certainly) without winning at least a couple of majors? If he got to 17, then EVERY major could have been marketed as, “Will Tiger catch Jack?” Until he was 47, they would say, “He’s still younger than Jack was when he won in ’86.” I mean, they had it all mapped out.

      Then the scandal happened and they tried to paper it over. Then Woods’s game got shaky, which is darn odd, and truly does raise questions about Galea. Anyway, many of the golf media guys are sick to their core that things turned out like they did. They never could have imagined it.

      What they have is a guy who fell short on the golf course, but also had his image turned on its head. It was all so unhealthy, and there are so many weird reasons they even now try to sustain the old myths.

      • Bird says:

        “Then the scandal happened.” At YT, a couple of damning British documentaries. Perkins waitress is featured. Insinuation that Tiger fathered a love child. And, Tiger presented porn star Joslyn James with a replica green jacket.

  13. JoseyWales says:

    I have to say that Lanny is on the right track with all this and in the long run he will be proven right about the media and Tiger Woods selling out to the point of absurdity.

  14. Sports-realist2 says:

    Hey he’s got a limp, oh wait, that was a side hill, but I’ll be watching for that LIMP….Cuz if I can find a LIMP, then I can find an EXCUSE, which then can lead to an EXIT, then to another COMEBACK, so we can do it all over again….sigh….

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      I’m also guessing he HAPPILY game interviews the first two day?

      Resurgence? To MIS-quote Charlie Rymer, “When Eldrick misses 5 Major cuts in a row, he will STILL be the story”……The desperation is HILARIOUS isn’t it….Let’s all get our glass of wine and sip it in—but just a little at at time….

    • lannyh says:

      They have to keep a Tiger Storyline going.
      1. Tiger is in the hunt.
      2. Tiger is in contention.
      3. He might win!
      4. If he wins, this and this and this will occur.
      5. He is having a bad round.
      6. Why is he having a bad round? Oh, my, how frustrated he must be, because he used to be really good.
      7. What can be done to fix it?
      8. What does this mean to golf?
      9. We all feel bad and are cheering for him.

      When Woods plays next, he’ll say he’s changed the way he puts his little finger on the club and is striping it and shot 59 three straight times playing worst-ball at Pine Valley.

      The media repeats steps 1-9.

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