Friday Quicken Loans Semi Live Blog

7:55 pm Update  Golf Channel is broadcasting a event from Utah this evening, and they just had a great interview (by phone) with Johnny Miller.  He designed the course (I think) and it was a good conversation.  Thanksgiving Point, that was the place.

4:15 pm Update  Woods will be playing tomorrow with either CHIII or Jimmy Walker.  I’m hoping for Walker.

1:00 pm Update  Oh, my!  The golf media is going to have a weekend where Tiger Woods is in contention.  Yesterday morning, they were calling for him to fire his swing doctor, now, “He’s back!”

9:30 am Update  Nice match going on between Peter Uihlein and Matthew Fitzpatrick at the Paul Lawrie match play thing in Europe.  Golf Channel has live coverage.

Woods parred the four holes he birdied in a row yesterday.  Golf Channel’s comment?  Woods off to a better start than yesterday when he had early bogies.  Speaking of bogeys, Woods bogied his first par-5 of the day, so is +1 on the day.  Shot Link says his drive on that hole went 161 yards.  Hmmm.

Tiger is Back, Etc., Etc.

I turn on Golf Channel expecting live coverage, but Morning Drive was on at its regular time.  They are about 25 minutes in.  It’s All Tiger All The Time.  Ryo and Rickie made hole-in-ones yesterday, so GC shows footage of Woods making a hole-in-one at the Phoenix Open fifteen years ago.  They had a discussion about cynicism and Woods being on TV for every shot, but I joined midway through, and could not really get the gist of it.  The takeaway is that GC obsesses over Woods as much as ever if they are given even the flimsiest of excuses.

Here’s a sampling of headlines for the T-27:

  • Tiger Woods able to turn the tables after slow start (ESPN)
  • Woods bounces back after rough start with 3-under 68 (Golf Channel)
  • Tiger Woods goes on birdie binge to shoot 68 at his tournament (USA Today)
  • Tiger Woods Gets Hot After Bad Start and Shoots a 68 at Quicken Loans (NY Times)
  • Tiger Woods rallies from rough start for 3-under 68 at Quicken Loans National (Yahoo)
  • Tiger Woods enjoys good start to Quicken Loans National (BBC Sport)

Of the headlines I saw, only one mentioned Woods being T-27:

  • Tiger Woods Tied 27th After US PGA Quicken Loans National First Round (NDTV Sports)

And I’m not sure what NDTV Sports is.

30-somethings:  Assuming Woods doesn’t win the upcoming PGA Championship, he will have won four majors in his 30’s.  Phil Mickelson won five majors in his 30’s.  (Well, actually just four, because one was in his 40’s.)  Mickelson got more coverage than the average golfer because the media annointed him the “anti-Tiger” (no one could complain about the Woods obsession if the media spoke about Mickelson a little more often than other players; that was their mindset; they also prodded the Tiger Only crowd to “hate” Mickelson ).

London Calling:  Golf fans are fed up all over the world.  Here’s a comment to a London Telegraph article about Tiger Woods:

Sorry to keep harping on, but Danny Willet wins the European Masters in Switzerland with Matt Fitzpatrick coming second and not a bloody mention. However it is deemed we are all interested in another shoddy article about what Tiger is up to. Get a grip Telegraph, your golf coverage is woeful these days.

I’m Shocked:  There has been shockingly little coverage of Tim Finchem granting OWGR #266 Tiger Woods an exemption into a tournament requiring participants be in the top fifty.  This is an issue ready-made for vigorous debate.  It’s a Tiger topic, and it’s actually interesting, but the media all but ignores it because it shows the special treatment Woods gets from the Tour.  So instead of Chamblee and Rosaforte having a knock-down dragout, we get, “How to chip from dewy grass.”

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18 Responses to Friday Quicken Loans Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Hey I had a hole in one 20 years ago, why didn’t they show my highlight?…it’s just as relevant as showing a hole in one from ANOTHER course FIFTEEN years ago….
    Why not show Ian Baker Finches hole in one in 1972, during the 2nd round of the ‘who gives a crap’ classic? Just as relevant….
    But seriously, are they REALLY going by ONE round AGAIN(echo)?????? This is about the 147th time, they’ve gone by one round……Ofcourse they love to live in Fantasy Island, and are waiting for Ricardo Motalban to show them to their rooms…

  2. Ken says:

    If Woods finishes top 10 this week, will Finchem award him OWGR points for honorary top ten finishes in every tournament he’s played since 2013? The “Tiger had an ouchy but we all know he’s sooooooo good” exemption?

    How would that be any worse than changing the rules for the Hero exhibition?

    • lannyh says:

      It would have been so easy for them to say Woods could play, but would not earn OWGR points. He could even keep any cash winnings (not that that would matter to him or anyone else).

      • Ken says:

        Exactly. Let him play but no points. (Though no field that small should award points.)

        Bobby Jones played The Masters until 1948, but in most of those years it was not really as an official competitor. Knew he played, but I didn’t know about the unofficial part until last week.

  3. Sports-realist2 says:

    This is one of those leaderboards, where you go, Oh, there is barely anybody here…..

  4. TigerFan says:

    Pretty noticeable difference in Tiger’s stat line thus far. Only T59 in driving accuracy but at roughly 64% it’s significantly better than what we’ve see over the last year. The same can be said for his T20 in putting and GIR.

    This week: 64% Driving Accuracy, 77% GIR, 1.68 putts/hole
    2014/2015: mid 50’s% Driving accuracy, ~60% GIR, and 1.78 putts/hole

    It’s been said before, one of the things Tiger did best at his peak was salvaging rounds; turning 74’s into 70’s or 72’s into 68’s for example. Over the last year he really hasn’t done that. In yesterdays first round, he had one of those rounds where a round that could have easily ended over par, turned into a 3 under round. Still long way to go, and I don’t expect him to play well tomorrow based on recent history, but there are signs that he’s got his swing in a better place. Of course, it couldn’t be any worse so there’s that caveat.

    • Bird says:

      Long way to go? Just two rounds and a win and Player of the Year buzzz.

      • lannyh says:

        I’m already hearing Player of the Year buzz. People expected Jordan to do well, but Woods making the cut in two straight PGA Tour events on American soil is so out-of-the-blue, he’s got to be the favorite at this point.

        I think Woods is with CHIII tomorrow, which should help him. Just like old times, one of his choking doormats.

    • lannyh says:

      Fascinating stuff. Thanks.

  5. Bird says:

    “Steiny, I’m cookin’. Get me four for tonight.”

  6. TrueGolfFan says:

    36 to go but Ryo just might get’r’done this week! Wouldn’t mind seeing Rickie over take him.

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