Tuesday Thoughts

2:30 pm Update

  • I’m after responding to Van Cynical’s request for mailbag questions.  We’ll see later today if he answers.
  • For The Win is after putting up an article about Woods saying at his presser that he played with his kids.  The accompanying photo shows Woods, his two kids — and Lindsay Vonn.  Somebody at For The Win needs to spring for a new camera.

1:00 pm Update  Tiger Woods presser is underway.  Golf Channel is covering it live.  In response to a question about this week vs St. Andrews, Tiger makes a friendly little joke about the difference in weather and no one laughs.  He quickly adds, “No, the difference is…” and then gives a real answer.

This is really pitiful.  Because of the huge Nike contract, Woods can’t say, “Guys, I’m on the downslope of my career.  I may never play well again.  I’m older.  That’s undeniable fact.   Do I think I can still win from time to time?  Yes.”  Such a comment did not hurt an old Jack or Arnie whose play was only part of their commercial appeal.  If Woods’s image had been legit, he’d be laughing about getting old, and saying missing cuts gave him more time to design golf courses.  It wasn’t “tragic” when Jack and Arnie faded away.

Woods give a polite, but lukewarm, response to a question about Jordan Spieth.  I guess he’s learning it’s not much fun to be asked about other players.

The blonde host (Clinton’s niece or cousin) points out afterward that Woods’s mood was rather depressed.  I think the golf media is starting to embrace the storyline of, “The end is here, and he’s depressed.”

After Effect:  While reading A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce, I came across a sentence which reminded me of a discussion we had here:

Moynihan, seeing the professor bend over the coils, rose in his bench and, clacking noiselessly the fingers of his right hand, began to call with the voice of a slobbering urchin.

—Please teacher! This boy is after saying a bad word, teacher.

Note the usage of “after,” just like in the Shane Lowry quotes we discussed three weeks ago:

Maybe someone can translate these two comments from Shane Lowry.  I’m curious about the use of the word “after”:

“Obviously his career’s after suffering now because of it, but it’s not the end of the world. No one’s after dying.

His career “is after suffering” and no one “is after dying.” What does “after” mean in that context?

Joyce grew up in Dublin and wrote about it his entire life.  Lowry grew up about an hour west of Dublin.  I can’t recall Rory McIlroy or Graeme McDowell using such a phrase, but they are from Belfast (in the northern part of Ireland).  I’m guessing, based on how Joyce presented the usage and the location of Lowry’s upbringing, that the origin comes from the rural parts of central Ireland.  That’s just a guess, however, and I still don’t know what “after” means in this context.

Race Race:  Two recent articles at CBS Sports show the sports media has joined the general media in using race to attract and incite readers/viewers.  The first concerned comments Gary Player made about Tiger Woods’s effect on golf interest by black kids; the second concerned comments made by former NFL player Charles Haley during an inspirational talk to San Francisco 49er rookies.

Why is the sports media now cranking out such articles with regularity?  Well, consider that the Haley article drew 2,421 comments and the Player article drew 339.  Each of those numbers is about 50 or 100 times the norm for NFL and PGA articles.

Golf Medal in Corporate Outings:  I think of Olympic golf as a distraction for the top professionals and nothing more.  Adam Scott has said as much: Scott barely interested in Olympic golf ‘exhibition’.  It occurs to me the top players in the game will treat the Olympics as a corporate outing: Smile and say the right things in public, realizing the sole purpose is PR.

Calendar Stupidity:  This is absolutely my favorite mangling of “Grand Slam.”  From Paige McKenzie yesterday on Morning Drive:

“career grand slam in one season”

Reminders:  Golf Channel tonight is replaying the 2014 PGA Championship; it’s the one where McIlroy beat Mickelson and Fowler in near darkness.  Also, for those interested, Tiger Woods is having a press conference at 1:00 pm today; Golf Channel just announced that, so I presume they will cover it live.

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29 Responses to Tuesday Thoughts

  1. DanishDude says:

    Maybe this can shed a light on the matter:
    From: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hiberno-English

    Recent past construction[edit]

    Irish indicates recency of an action by adding “after” to the present continuous (a verb ending in “-ing”), a construction known as the “hot news perfect” or “after perfect”.[89][90] The idiom for “I had done X when I did Y” is “I was after doing X when I did Y”, modelled on the Irish usage of the compound prepositions i ndiaidh, tar éis, and in éis: bhí mé tar éis/i ndiaidh/in éis X a dhéanamh, nuair a rinne mé Y.
    “Why did you hit him?” – “He was after giving me cheek.”[clarification needed]

    A similar construction is seen where exclamation is used in describing a recent event:
    “I’m after hitting him with the car!” Táim tar éis á bhualadh leis an gcarr!
    “She’s after losing five stone in five weeks!”

    • lannyh says:

      That’s it! Perfect! The mystery is solved. Thanks much!

      Warning: If I can properly absorb all that, I’m going to start using it myself.

      • DanishDude says:

        What a strange coincidence that you, while reading James Joyce, came across that sentence and made the connection (Joyce, Lowry, Dublin, irish) which allowed me to find the answer.

        Reading great literature has its merits.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    Proposed question for todays Tiger Woods presser posted by Steve Elling:
    “Why are there only five players in the world top 50 in the field?”

  3. JoseyWales says:

    For those of you who figure these things, this week’s tournament has to be one of the weakest fields of the year.

    • lannyh says:

      The numbers are not up yet; it will be interesting to see. I believe they add up the numbers once tee times are announced (which will be today).

  4. DanishDude says:

    LOL – you’re after using the “hot news perfect” construction!

  5. Bird says:

    Heaven forbid, should it happen. Will this website be hosting a going away er retirement party for Tiger?

    • lannyh says:

      You know, I’ve got a little titdbit I’m saving for tomorrow. It’s not a big thing, but something sad, really, that I found on the TigerWoods.com website (of all places). (I hope they don’t change it overnight.) It gave me an Ozymandias moment.

  6. Sports-realist2 says:

    LoL…that’s hilarious if Lindsey is still in the photos….Actually, I would expect NO LESS from today’s media…….I guess they haven’t been taught ‘air brushing’ techniques……
    Which website did this? Is the photo still there?

    • lannyh says:

      For The Win. Here, I’ll fetch it…. Oh, For The Win is actually USA Today, which kind of makes it even worse…. Here’s the link…

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        SMH…..Yep as we ALL know, once you start playing soccer with your kids, there is NO way you can golf anymore…It’s just impossible…It just takes TOO much time…
        It’s a proven fact that EVERY PGA golfer that played soccer with their kids, could no longer perform on the PGA….WHY DIDNT STEINBERG WARN HIM ABOUT SOCCER!!!!!!!!! Why didn’t Brandel tell him about SOCCER!!!!!!
        The built in excuse that Eldrick sucks, NOT because he is NO longer on steroids but because of soccer and PART TIME family is hilarious…Steinberg and friends RECENT attempt at ‘image changing’ is SO bizarre…Is anyone really buying this crap?
        So the story goes that Eldrick spends ALL his time(meaning PART TIME) with his kids? So what does he do with the OTHER ‘PART TIME’ that he has…………Hmmmm, let me think….What’s that thing Eldrick like to do in his spare time….oh yeah HOARS, lots and lots of HOARS……

      • lannyh says:

        I was just reading an article at Golf.com about this week’s event, and the comments section was both sad and funny. People are saying he doesn’t have the drive because he’s too rich, golf just isn’t as important as children, and on and on.

        When he was winning, none of those things mattered. Now that he’s losing, they tell themselves it’s GOOD that he is losing, because it shows not only what a great golfer he is, but what a great guy.

        And, right, Jack, he didn’t have any kids. And Jason Day and Bubba Watson don’t currently have kids. And all of them are living under bridges, surviving hand-to-mouth.

        I guess it’s human nature; they just can’t accept that Woods’s career was very much front-loaded. And they want to forget that they spent ten years projecting forward that Woods would play at 40 just as well as at 25 “because he works out so much.”

        They are really having trouble adjusting. I don’t pity them, or Woods, because both spent the past 15 years belittling every other pro golfer, past or present. They awarded Woods 30 majors a decade ago, and proceeded to act like it had actually happened. And the media were cheerleaders every step of the way (and remain so). Woods and his apologists are finding out why the Germans came up with the word schadenfreude.

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yep, so to them Eldrick was going to defy AGE…As long as as he had the DRIVE and TIME, he would be dominating, as they said, for at least the next 10 years……(they said that 10 year line dozens of times)…….
    Didn’t we hear last year that Woods was practicing ‘like crazy’ to get ready? I’m almost positive we kept hearing that….NOW, he just doesn’t have the time or drive?
    But why is this media SO happy that he doesn’t have the time or drive? It’s because it would RUIN their MYTH and CULT of him otherwise….They can’t bring him DOWN to mere MORTAL man golfer……
    So to sum up, Eldrick doesn’t have the DRIVE anymore, YET claims he can still get Jack’s major record, YET, says he just spends all his time with his kids, YET he’s missing cuts with regularity now, YET the media treats him like its 2000……porky pig ending…..

    Also, this is Eldrick’s event? IF only 5 of the top 50 are in this field, isn’t that the rest of the tour giving Eldrick the two fingered salute? I mean will this tournament even survive once Eldrick just CANT get away from his kids to golf a few rounds? People don’t realize there have been plenty of sponsored events that have come and gone, and you just wonder, if the BEST players are ignoring him NOW, what will they do in a few years?

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, they can’t backpeddle now from “greater than Gandhi” to “somewhat better then Nick Faldo.”

      I kind of forgot about the “ten years” thing. I remember writing about that. Chamblee, maybe it was, said something like, “Tiger Woods will STILL be the biggest story in every golf tournament ten years from now.” Wow. That sounded odd then and even moreso now. I’m going to see if I can’t dig that article up.

  8. Kris says:

    Pgatour.com is now charging for their live@ coverage and acting like it’s an improvement. $4.99 a month. Boo hiss.

    • lannyh says:

      Are you serious! Oh, well. It will be an easy transition for me because for the past two months live streams have been crashing this PC. I can’t stream until I get a new Windows 10 machine this fall.

      I’m not shocked, but I didn’t see this coming. They would have to be a lot better, though, in order for me to subscribe (assuming I had a PC that would stream, that is). Now, if I could get British Sky Sports golf coverage, I would pay $20/month…

      I will say this: It took them a year-and-a-half, but they finally got the “sort by today’s round” function to stop resetting every ten seconds.

      Maybe the alternative was to drop it? Someone said Morning Drive gets something like 50,000 viewers a day on real television. How many people watch the stream? 10,000? How many would be willing to pay even a penny? 1,000? What are they going to bring in per month? And the overhead of billing the people, etc.

      I like the players on the PGA Tour, but I don’t like the PGA Tour. I’d rather them improve the fan experience even if means purses are lowered ten percent or whatever. ESPN’s Brit Open coverage with the eternal scroll was unwatchable until I put cardboard over the bottom of my screen.

      I have no idea, but my guess is that they were told to drop it or else find a way to make it pay for itself. I’m not philosophically opposed to such a thing, but if they make you pay, then still run constant commercials, there’s just no way.

      Very interesting development.

    • lannyh says:

      Hey, maybe they’ll have no announcers, but just the ambient sounds of the course. Now THAT would be an improvement.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      lol….are you kidding? The live coverage is extremely dull, and MOST of the time they show Eldrick as their MAIN group sucking, while denying he’s sucking…..So my point is if anyone pays for this, they are insane…

      • lannyh says:

        I found that even when I had the stream going, I looked a the leaderboard with Shot Tracker. I could follow way more players. I can’t imagine they would sabotage that in order to push people to the pay model. That would be self-destructive. So… I’ll just use the leaderboard with Shot Tracker and not miss the live stream much at all (especially since I can’t use it right now anyway; I’m already weaned).

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Yeah isn’t the shot tracker AHEAD of the so called ‘live coverage’ anyway? I use shot tracker too, if I’m interested in the tournament……
        As we know it’s ALL about the $$$$ with everything….It’s hard to believe they think enough enough people to PAY for it…They must already have the ‘ratings’ numbers to think people will go for it…..I certainly won’t……
        Watching an entire days worth of golf is kinda dull, unless it’s a Major, and PGA live won’t show ANY Major coverage…..So why in the sam hill would I care enough to pay money for it? I don’t get it…

      • lannyh says:

        Yeah, Shot Tracker is usually ahead!

        Yeah, unless it’s a major, it’s overkill. I liked to put it on for the ambiance of the courses in the morning, but it’s gotten progressively worse with the announcing and ads becoming more and more aggressive. I often muted the commercials, the forgot I even had the stream going.

        By the way, I just read a FAQ on it, and they WILL still have commercials.

  9. ComplainersRFun says:

    Oh man, the entertainment value here is pricely. You guys are awesome!

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