Sunday Euro Masters/Canadian Open Semi Live Blog

Congrats, Jason Day!!

I’m sad for the Canuck, but happy for Jason.

Noon Update


Worked into a passionate frenzy by the the rest of the golf media, Lanny H has come out this morning in support of the crucifixion of Robert Allenby.

“What better time to do it than the week of Tiger Woods’s tournament?  We could do it on pro-am Wednesday, at the 18th green, so all participants as they completed their rounds would be reminded that golf has room only for happy talk.”

Allenby, who will be playing in the tournament this week if he escapes crucifixion, could not be reached for comment.

Fans in the D.C. area seem genuinely excited about the prospect and have even suggested that if Allenby is not available for crucifixion, perhaps Kevin Na or Vijay Singh could be substituted.

One woman, who identified herself only as “Kelly,” said she liked the idea, but thought Matt Every would be the best choice.

Lanny H, however, has his heart set on Allenby.  “Why, just this morning, Kyle Porter posted a story about ANOTHER caddie saying negative things about Allenby.  This has gone on long enough.”

11:00 am Update

Danny Willett won the Euro Masters by one shot over Matthew Fitzpatrick (solo 2nd).  I wish Fitzpatrick had won, but Willett has been playing great and it’s good to see him get the win.

Why The Canadian Open is Better Than the British Open

  • Tournament officials won’t determine the outcome by arbitrary rulings.
  • People don’t try to gloss over horrible weather with pithy sayings.  (Nae wind, nae rain, nae golf).
  • No one gets their panties in a bunch if you call the Canadian Open the Canadian Open.

Scapegoat-By-Number Kit, or This Year’s Kevin Na:  Robert Allenby is a safe, officially-approved target.  You can criticize him until the cows come home, and no one will blink an eye.  He’s this year’s Kevin Na.  The sports media has descended on him like a pack of hyenas.  I’m not defending (or attacking) Allenby.  The truth is I hardly even know who he is.  He’s an Australian pro golfer.  End of knowledge.  Oh, he got drunk in Hawaii and got a bump on his head.  And now he’s fired his caddy.  (Oh, my!  How rare it is to see a caddy fired!)

I bring this up because I recently heard a CBS Sports Minute on the radio wherein the editorialist blasted Allenby.  The sports reporters who run from even a hint of controversy when it comes to the golf “stars” stand in line to bash the Robert Allenbys and Kevin Nas of the world.  (The audio is not yet on the CBS podcast website.)

Wake-Up Call:  Matthew Fitzpatrick, who is younger than Jordan Spieth, leads the Euro Masters by one shot over Willett and Hatton.  It’s not a three-man race just yet, but there is a two-shot gap between 2nd and 3rd.  Leaders are just starting the back nine.

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38 Responses to Sunday Euro Masters/Canadian Open Semi Live Blog

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    Yep Allenby is the acceptable ‘sacrificial lamb’, just like that guy ranked 500th or so got CAUGHT in a drug test on the PGA tour last year…….If we compared Eldrick and Allenby we could draw a few comparisions: They both had a (COUGH) ‘car accident’ and they both ‘fired their caddy’…….We know how the media has treated each….
    If the 80’s was called the ‘MTV generation’, I’d say we are definitely in the ‘RIGGED GENERATION’……Tell me what isn’t rigged anymore? From government to media, to sports, we are seeing unprecedented RIGGING in our society today…..It seems EVERYONE is paid off to look the other way……

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      I see Eldrick is playing in next week’s tournament(golf channel advert treating it like its 2000 again, as usual)…He missed the cut at +7 last year…

      • lannyh says:

        It’s the Quicken Loans tournament which Tiger hosts. We plan special coverage for next week!

        I have not seen the ads yet, but I’m laughing just imagining them.

  2. JoseyWales says:

    Lanny, SR2…great points…the “sacrificial lamb” thing is very real and one of the “dirty little secrets” among bloggers, writers, pundits, etc. The ones who are trying to climb the ladder to mainstream success are VERY careful who they trash. They stalk and pick their victims well. The road to mainstream media is littered with casualties, Colin Cowherd is just the latest. There are two kinds of bloggers: the ones who just speak their mind and don’t worry about backlash…and the ones who only choose victims nobody really cares about. Allenby is a perfect example of a sacrificial lamb.
    Another example: if the Olympic golf course at Rio is widely panned, do you think Shackelford will bash Gil Hanse? No chance that happens since Shackel has had his nose firmly inserted up Gil’s rectal area for years hoping for a job offer. But Chambers Bay and RTG Jones Jr.? That’s a different story.

    • lannyh says:

      Even this sacrificial lamb discussion would be prohibited in the mainstream media.

      They have tried to make Rory a sacrificial lamb on a few occasions. There was the “He Hates Tiger, Let’s Get Him” moment when he said that he “fancied his chances against Woods at the Ryder Cup.”

      I wonder if Allenby likewise has in his history an “unacceptable” comment about Woods.

  3. JoseyWales says:

    In golf, the list of sacrificial lambs is as follows: Tim Finchem, The USGA suits, the R&A stuffed shirts, Augusta members, rich folks in general, FOX Sports, Greg Norman, Robert Allenby, Matt Every, Vijay Singh, Donald Trump…whom am I forgetting?
    For the longest time, Tiger Woods was untouchable…even after the hydrant crash, many who had aspirations of mainstream media success, treated Woods with kid gloves. The gloves are off now for the most part because he is easy pickings. No one will lose their job or readers or “followers” or sponsors by bashing Tiger Woods these days. This is the hypocrisy of the media we deal with today.

    • lannyh says:

      Vijay is an excellent example; I don’t think any player in history has been treated as badly by the media as he has. Fox Sports, too; I think many people bash Fox and NBC due to political leanings; it’s a kneejerk response so they fit in with their respective tribes.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Really all depends on WHO has their hands in the proverbial PIE….The golf channel, NBC, CBS, Nike, ESPN, IMG, Steinberg all have/had invested HUGE stakes, both in their money and their reputations on this guy….
        How would that make them look IF he was found out to be just another Alex Rodriquez? All those records would come into question, along with all the wins, and all the MYTHS….
        They did say, that some British fans were heckling Eldrick at the British Open….I’m surprised they even brought it up……So there are certain lines, the media can and can’t cross…..Steroids and legacy are OFF LIMITS, at least until the contracts run dry…..

      • lannyh says:

        Well-stated! Until the contracts run dry — and until Woods is safely enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

        I had intended to write something this morning and could not remember what; it was driving me nuts. You reminded me with your mention of A-Rod. I heard it glowingly reported on a radio sports update this morning that A-Rod was “continuing his resurgence” (I can’t recall the precise wording); I had to laugh. That guy was caught red-handed doing steroids TWICE. He even admitted to it.

  4. JoseyWales says:

    Even today, there lingers a small group of mainstream media who are careful with Woods because they are afraid he will stage a big comeback and “get them” lol

    • lannyh says:

      I’m still waiting for the first one to admit how they overhyped Woods. Spieth goes for the third leg of the Grand Slam, loses by a single shot (with some odd official rulings on resumption of play in the mix), and it’s like, “Ho, hum.”

      We did see that article the other day about the “Tiger Effect” on prize money largely being nonsense, so maybe that’s a start. But I want to see them come clean.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        They want him to be the best, YET he won his LAST Masters at the age of 29??????? Um…..

  5. Sports-realist2 says:

    Allenby is an Australian, so he’s open game, which goes back to why the British folks felt they could heckle a non-british folk…
    This brings up an interesting thought……WHY wouldn’t the British/ European medias, along with the European tour be VERY pro—-hey let’s NAIL tiger woods on his steroids, so it makes our Euro tour look better than the PGA tour? It would also make RORY look even more interesting
    The Euro tour has been struggling(or so I’ve heard) for a while now, both in $$$ and in players committing to their tour…..Since $$$$ is all that matters, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is foreign medias that FINALLY expose Eldrick for all the STEROIDS…..
    Ofcourse the European tour could be owned by the SAME corporations, so maybe that’s why they won’t touch him either….

    • lannyh says:

      Why did only Irishman David Walsh pursued Lance Armstrong? The others told him not to rock the boat. He became an outcast. I think today’s golf writers don’t want to be booted from “the club.” They enjoy traveling around with their buddies, drinking and asking Tiger Woods what his kids think of Lindsey Vonn. (Then the next week acting like Lindsey Vonn never existed.)

      I think the real answer is that they have mortgages to pay, and they want to keep their jobs, so they avoid rocking the boat at all costs. That’s why I think “Old Lions” are pretty much the only source for worthwhile golf thinking and analysis. The others are too dependent upon their paychecks. If a guy at Golf Channel dumps on Allenby, then it’s safe for the guys at Shackelford, CBS, Golf/SI, Golf Digest to dump on him.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        In some ways, it’s hard to believe you could bribe HUNDREDS of journalists…On the other hand, SUBTLE or perhaps not so subtle intimidation by corporations, MUST be the new approach….
        I guess it’s almost like the ‘known’ sexual harassment of women in the workplace…For decades it was known and NOT discouraged, and women felt they couldn’t do anything about it…..Perhaps now the male and female journalists are being inappropriately being used(only this time with job security and $$$), YET they feel there is nothing they can do about it…..

      • lannyh says:

        I don’t think the golf writers see any financial incentive to write about Woods’s warts. If they rock the boat, they might lose their jobs. They have mortgages to pay.

  6. CanadianGolfFan says:

    I like David Hearn’s chances if he can get to -20.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      I’m surprised bubba melted so quickly, usually on these style courses he sticks around….Looks like it’s between Hearn and Day….granted it’s a tad early…Day has already missed about 4 putts around 10 feet….He really should switch bowling balls, I mean, putters…

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    Kinda of interesting…When you GOOGLE ‘Tiger Woods Steroids’, you only get 368,000 ‘tiger woods peds’ got 344,000 results…..In fact, one of your articles is one of the MAIN ones who attack Eldrick as an abuser……Many of the other ones are denying or defending Eldrick…….

    Now when you put ‘Robert Allenby fight’, you get 1,370,000 results??????

    I also put in Dustin Johnson steroids and got 200,000 results….

    So CLEARLY Robert Allenby is the MOST popular and famous player on the PGA tour……Now aren’t those numbers suspsicious? I would have expected Woods to have MILLIONS of results for the steroids/ped’s, BUT if it’s being covered up in the media, then maybe it shouldn’t be a shock.

  8. CanadianGolfFan says:

    I’m not sure if any else has heard, but it’s been 60 years since a Canadian won this event.

  9. TrueGolfFan says:

    You have a known choker in Furyk, an underachieving but still superstar in Day, and Hearn who has never won a PGA Tour event (didn’t he beat Tiger at the Match Play one year?). And a few other interesting names in hot pursuit. If you really like golf, this is awesome!

  10. RealAccomplishment says:

    Forget The Grand Slam. Someone needs to set their sights on winning The US Open, THE Open, Canadian Open, Australian Open, Scottish Open, and Irish Open. Did I miss one?

  11. CanadianGolfFan says:

    Welp, Hearn gave it a run but in the end it was Jason’s Day.

    • lannyh says:

      I always pull for Jason, and I’m glad he won, but I was more for Hearn today. Hearn played well, though. Didn’t really blow it.

      • CanadianGolfFan says:

        I would kind of disagree. After 3 straight rounds in the 60’s, Hearn shot Even par 72 today. That was never going to get it done.

  12. Kris says:

    David Hearn is one of the last hold-outs who still use the long putter. It’s down to him, Adam Scott and Tim Clark now, right? I mean, outside of the old guys. It’d be nice to see a Canadian win his national open, but it would be nicer to see one who doesn’t need a cheat stick. Congrats to Jason Day, I’m sure he’d rather have won last week.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, I was thinking about that. It made me want him to win even more — because he might not be in the running again!

    • lannyh says:

      At least Jason can say he won the Canadian Open without sending a bunch of nitwits into a tizzy.

      • Kris says:

        LOL! That debate is ridiculous. Only British people are offended by “British Open”. I’ve heard several European golfers say British Open, including Ryder Cup team members.

  13. Bird says:

    G-Mac’s even won a Bulgarian Open.
    If it’s true that Allenby has verbally abused four loopers to the point of them dropping the bag during a round, then something should be done, though Crucifixion may be a touch harsh.

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