Saturday Canadian Open SUPER Live Blog!

7:00 pm Update

I give up way too easily.  It’s a character flaw.  I’m way better as a front-runner than a come-from-behind type.  I relate to John Daly hitting ball after ball into the water, just wanting to get out of Dodge.  I gave up again today.  I gave up on Jason Day, Bubba Watson, Emiliano Grillo, and the entire Canadian Open.

I just pulled up the leaderboard — so I could write something here — and I was pleasantly surprised.  Somehow, all three of those guys got back into the hunt.  And we’ve got a Canadian leading — no Canadian having won the Canadian Open for something like 60 years (which is pretty strange) — so there is plenty to look forward to tomorrow.

And Matthew Fitzpatrick leading in Europe.  Could be a darn decent golf weekend after all.

11:25 am Update

20-year-old Matthew Fitzpatrick making a nice run at the Euro Masters.  He is currently T1 with Willet, who is playing his final hole.

7:30 am Contest, Placement Ad Redux

Contest:  A free two-year subscription to the Lanny H Golf website goes to the first person who can explain why the OWGR website has that damnably distracting scroll.  What is its purpose other than to distract?  It’s a fantastic website, soiled by a wanking techie and a spineless manager (who couldn’t tell the techie no).  Perhaps an “expert consultant” was also involved.

pgaphotTiger Placement Ad:  Remember this photo collage from yesterday?  It’s from the main Player page at  Tiger Woods hasn’t won in two years and is OWGR #258.  Phil Mickelson hasn’t won in two years and is #22; Adam Scott hasn’t won in fifteen months and is ranked #11;  Bubba Watson, who is missing, has four wins in the past year-and-a-half and is OWGR #3.  And why is the featured player Tiger Woods over one of the three young guys?  Rickie Fowler is #6, with two recent wins.  Rory McIlroy is #1 with six wins in the past year.  Jordan Spieth is #2 and has six wins in the past eight months.  And, oh yeah, just lost out on the third leg of the Grand Slam by a single shot.

There must be some money changing hands for Tiger Woods remain’s featured player — and for Bubba Watson to not even be rate a photo.

6:30 Morning Express  Jason Day shot himself into the Canadian Open on Friday and now sits in 5th place, four back of leader, two out of second.  Emiliano Grillo shot E, which is bad and fell to T9, six back.  Don’t look now, but Bubba is only one back of Day.  I have a gut feeling Day or Bubba will prevail.  Graeme McDowell failed to make the cut; Ollie Schniederjans, who as an amateur last week at the British Open finished T12, sits at a respectable T44 going into the weekend at this, his first professional tournament.  Brooks Koepka is at T9.

Euro Masters:  Danny Willett leads in Switzerland.  Last week, he finished T6 at the Brit Open.  Willett went into the that event as OWGR #39, but that didn’t stop the American media from playing the who-the-heck-is-this-clown routine when he was clubhouse leader on Friday.  Anyway, here he is leading in Switzerland, showing why it’s embarrassing the US media considered him a bizarre unkown.

By the way, did you know Patrick Reed was playing in this event?  He sits T17 midway through his Saturday round, which is eight back, so he’s unlikely to contend on Sunday.  (And he just bogied, so Dandy Don can start singing.)

Oh, by the way, Y.E. Yang is in the hunt.  The Man Who Burst The Balloon.

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12 Responses to Saturday Canadian Open SUPER Live Blog!

  1. Sports-realist2 says:

    I also glanced at the website and on it was a headline that said ‘Mickelson and Woods most marketable players on tour’……..I would add to that—but for how much longer…..

    Jack Nicklaus is our last golf SUPERSTAR example on how the media treats a ‘fade into the sunset’…..He won his LAST PGA event in 1986 at the age of 46, but still had a top 10 here and there into his 50’s…….Would a Kyle Porter media still be writing a day after day article on Jack when he was 48 or 52? Would articles be saying how Jack is STILL the most marketable player ect…maybe……Ofcourse there was no internet then or 24 hour golf coverage…..So that makes it somewhat difficult to compare him to present day media HYPE….
    IF we are still here, and another year has past WITHOUT either Phil or Eldrick winning, they will BOTH be in their 40’s as a professional athlete, who neither have NOT won in 3 years…Does that sound MOST MARKETABLE to me? uh, no….

    • lannyh says:

      I need to go read that article. I saw that headline somewhere, but skipped it. I don’t think it can be right. Spieth and Under Armour are the story. Woods’s marketability is awful. They must be counting his Nike contract which accounts for the vast majority of his sponsorship money. Mickelson’s marketability must have been enhanced by his dealings with the illegal gambling money laundering thing? Woods and Mickelson are yesterday’s news, so I found the headline odd.

    • lannyh says:

      Okay, yeah, it’s ridiculous:

      “LSM [London School of Marketing] researchers looked at the brand value of the individuals along with their current income from sponsorship and the percentage of their total earnings it accounted for as well as their social media presence.”

      Percentage of their total earnings? Woods isn’t making any money playing golf, so his sponsorship percentage is about 99.9 percent.

      A joke of a “study.” I would advise parents against sending their kids to that school. Save your money.

  2. OllyOllyOxenFree says:

    Ollie Schneiderjans shot a nice little 66 to move into the top 10 in his first event as a Pro. Let’s see what he can do on Sunday!

    • lannyh says:

      Doesn’t seem like the leaders are doing as well as those out early. I haven’t seen much of it. I did not expect Jason to falter like he did. Grillo with another bad round. Maybe Bubba can get in contention. If not, I might have to spend Sunday rooting for a Canadian.

  3. BrandRecognition says:

    I tell you what, Jordan is the obvious face of UA (when it comes to golf) but we are seeing an ever growing presence both on the tour and in the marketplace. Over the last 10 years, UA has been killing it!

    • lannyh says:

      Yes, they have. Didn’t they come really close to stealing away a huge NBA star from Nike?

      • BrandRecognition says:

        Yeah, it’s still a possibility too. Kevin Durant currently plays in Oklahoma City but rumors are that the Washington (DC) Wizards are potentially interested in him. As I understand it, UA headquarters on in Baltimore, not exactly a great distance from where the Wizards play.

    • Ken says:

      I know squat about basketball, but Steph Curry (who I originally assumed was female) is a big star and a UA guy.

      Curry seems like a good guy. Maybe UA has someone doing some character research on their sponsored athletes.

  4. JoseyWales says:

    yo Ken…y’all is funny sumtimes :O)

  5. Jason says:

    Thread jack alert.

    What do Lanny and the community here think of golfers who bring radios with them to the golf course? Personally, I am against it, but there must be many that disagree with me as I see this more and more often. Yesterday, I played at a pretty decent course ($75 twilight rates) and on a few holes I felt like I was at a rap concert. Multiple other groups were blaring their tunes while playing.

    I don’t get it.

    • lannyh says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen it, but I am 100 percent against it. It’s like talking on the phone at a movie theater.

      Actually, I think about a million years ago when I was young, a guy I played with brought one one time, but the batteries didn’t last five minutes.

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