Thursday British Open Semi Live Blog

Question:  If winning takes care of everything, what does T80, T41, WD, T25, MC, 69, WD, MC, T17 (of 18), MC, WD, T17, T69, 71, MC, T32, MC do?


Rustin Jay, Stat O’ The Day:  From our Senior Researcher and Statistician Extraordinaire:  “Tiger will be chasing Jack tomorrow.  Jack was unable to miss the cut in two consecutive majors as a pro until age 45.  Tiger could do it tomorrow — before age 40! #TigerMakingHistory #LegendGrows

Also, Tiger could miss the cut in his third major in four tries, a feat Jack did not accomplish until age 52!

Euro Magnificent Seveni:  Sneds in at +1.  He currently trails all seven of the Euro Seven.

Elling Yelling:  I told you Steve Elling is the best:

ellbHere’s Elling’s full article on Woods’s stellar play today:  “Woods picks up where he left off at Chambers Bay — at back of pack

Quick Detour: In case you haven’t seen the Ronda Rousey comments about Floyd Mayweather after the ESPY awards last night (where she beat out Mayweather for Fighter of the Year).  Mayweather, as you may know, has been found guilty of battering women on multiple occasions:

8:25 am Update  Seriously, Kelly, what’s the holdup?

kellt8:11 am Update  Great save by Jordan at No. 14.  He gave back a shot on NO. 13 but is still just two off the lead.  DJ is playing great.  His distance is such an advantage; there is not enough penalty for stray tee shots for the long-knockers, if you ask me.  Not that DJ has been wild off the tee; he’s playing great; it’s just that the course favors distance off the tee too much.

A pack of five Englishmen at -4 and -5.

6:45 am Update  Curtis Strange (Elling says it was Zinger) asks of Woods — who remains the focus of ESPN’s coverage — “Who are you and what have you done to Tiger Woods?”  The real question is, “Curtis, do you follow golf, or do you just watch fifteen-year-old VCR tapes?

Euro Sevener Bjorn in the clubhouse at -2, sits at T-24.  The rest of the Euro Seveners are on the other side of the draw.

6:10 am Update  Spieth birdies No. 6 with boldness.  Too much boldness for my nerves.  Plenty sufficient speed, and safely in the middle of the cup.  Minus-four after six.

Woods hacking it up, shaking his wrist now.  Poor Oostie.  He’s E after four on a day when the opening holes are there for the taking.  Woods is +3, and ESPN is giving him more coverage than anyone.  Only Rod Pampling keeps him from dead last.

5:00 am Update  After nearly an hour of ESPN building him up, Woods dunks his second shot into Swilcan Creek on the first hole. They they show a multitude of reaction shots, along with a replay of the shot.

4:55 am Update  Spieth birdies No. 1, has a look at No. 2.  I just checked to see if they have their Jordan Spieth Tracker in operation.  No, they don’t.  Here, you read it: is tracking the men’s third major of the season through on-site reporting and social media. For additional Open coverage, click here for full-field scores and click here for our Tiger Tracker.

So they have a tracker for Woods, and another one for Woods and the Also Playings.  They consider Spieth an Also Playing.

Zinger (I think) earlier referred to Tiger Woods as Curtis Strange.  Is Curtis Strange self-identifying as Tiger Woods now?  Curtis says something about how confidence can turn on in an instant, pushing the idea that all Woods needs is to flip his confidence switch.

Spieth has birdied his first two holes.  I guess “so far, so good” nicely fits.

4:30 am  I wake up, turn on ESPN.  I see Lee Westwood hit an approach to No. 1.  We’re about fifteen minutes away from Jordan Spieth’s tee time, so of course ESPN next switches to Tiger Woods on the range.  Shot-tracking his practice shots, giving us a detailed account of his warm-up session.

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39 Responses to Thursday British Open Semi Live Blog

  1. Ken says:

    ESPN is such a joke. Woods at this point at his new customary position at the bottom of the leaderboard (in his case, would you still call it a LEADERboard?) and they still cover him. Is it like the house fire, where you have to watch?

    I guess maybe, just maybe, the Greenbrier isn’t quite the test and doesn’t have the field of the British Open. You think? What does T32 there equate to here? Missed cut or T75?

    Great start for Jordan, -6. Tied for first. The weather he’ll face tomorrow scares me.

    • lannyh says:

      Contrast the amount of screen time of Woods (+5) to, say, Bubba Watson (-3).

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        ……ESPN replay may be a mess then…It’s a 3 hour condensed version, but since I’m sure they had Eldrick on their lips for the majority of the morning round, it’s going to sound HOLLOW………

  2. Ken says:

    I hope the weather doesn’t get to the point where it is the deciding factor this week. Because this early leaderboard is pretty special. What a pity Rory isn’t there.

  3. Barry Burn says:

    Grace is going to be leading after 36, you heard it here first.

    And if I’m wrong, forgot you heard it, lol.

  4. Sports-realist2 says:

    Well just saw the scores, and I’m not surprised by Dustin Johnson or Jordan Spieth….

    The dementia reporting by the golf/sports community continues..To them with EVERY major Eldrick plays in, he JUST got off the 2000 bus and is about to tee off…The US Open a month ago was after all LIGHT YEARS away, but 2000 was SOMEHOW just a few minutes ago?

    FYI, Dustin Johnson in 2010 at St Andrews ended tied for 14th…Scored: 69, 72, 69, 74………

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      The golf channel ‘post mortem’ show will be hilarious as usual today….OR WILL IT? You know, the usual ‘hey lets talk about the leaders for 10 minutes, THEN let’s talk about what’s wrong with Tiger for half hour’……Will they really, really still do this today? you betcha they will…..
      WILL they bring up the Jack Nicklaus stat about NOT missing back to back major cuts till 45, or will they just gloss over those wonderful stats, and instead say his WRIST, yeah, his WRIST looks like its really, really injured…HOW will he play through it…GIVE him the NAVY CROSS if he finishes with his WRIST!!!!!!!!!….
      Then bring in a wrist doctor and people’s whose last name is WRIST….Then show objects that rhyme with wrist…ect…..

  5. Sports-realist2 says:

    The weather…..Predicting British Open weather has been wrong more than right in recent years….You hear about an impending, gigantic storm for the following day….Then you turn on the tv and you see clear, sunny skies….So we’ll see….
    So 1953 since 3 Majors in a row has been accomplished….Rather interesting that DJ and Spieth are in the same group for the first two rounds….They could end up being together all 4 rounds….They were a hole apart in the final round of the US Open….
    Why are so many players wearing Jordan Spieth’s grayish pants? Or is gray the new IN color…

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think TW, A-rod, Lance Armstrong and Bill Cosby should form a support group. Disgraced superstars club.

  7. Sports-realist2 says:

    IF, if, if the WEATHER is as bad as they claim tomorrow, then you REALLY gotta like Spieth over DJohnson…..Rory shot -9 in the 1st round at St. Andrews in 2010, only to shoot an 81 in round two, due to the weather….

    • Ken says:

      Now they’re saying that the afternoon will be better than morning. Both windy, but the rain looks early.

      • lannyh says:

        Sounds good to me!
        Seems like most pickers had Spieth or DJ, and they both got it done on day one.

      • Sports-realist2 says:

        Notice the ‘pickers’ picked the 1st and 2nd place finishers of the LAST major….So not exactly alot of sports knowledge needed for the fair weather sports writers….DJ did exactly what you thought he’d do with the distance…..Jordan is just as consistent as it gets right now…

      • lannyh says:

        True. DJ, Oostie, Daly, all long knockers. Day, too. If you fly most of the bunkers, it helps a lot.

  8. Sports-realist2 says:

    Why is ESPN(who i absolutely despise), showing the espy’s on espn 2, instead of reshowing the full round of the British Open? Does ANYONE even care about these RIGGED sports award shows anymore?
    The recent espy arthur ashe award given to dazed and confused 65 year old Bruce Jenner, ONLY because he’s transgender, just reinforces the RIGGED-dom of these award shows…..So there is NO point to watch them anymore, since they are just pc-rigged attempted statements and nothing else….I’ve read that the oscars/grammy’s are just as rigged now, as it’s more corporate controlled to BOOST sales ect…….Plus it’s a pointless REPEAT….NO one cares to watch a repeat of an awards show in today’s media..

  9. Sports-realist2 says:

    Back to golf, I noticed the APOLOGIST announcers were out in full force, as soon as Eldrick hit his ball in the water on the first hole……For some reason, they suddenly go into there speeches on how great he was, and is possibly the best to ever play, bla, bla, bla…This RIGHT after he plunks one in the water……
    I’m sure we’ve all seen this speech any number of times over the last number of years when Eldrick is sucking…..I just find it so bizarre…..Just another reason why the coverage blows….

    • lannyh says:

      You do have to admit it’s pretty funny, after all the standard buildup, that he plunks it in the creek that pretty much no one ever goes in. I mean, it’s like the ONLY feature on the entire hole. There’s ten-acre open sheep-grazing pasture with nary a tree or bush, only that creek which sticks out like a sore thumb. And Woods goes in. I would have loved to have seen the faces of the ESPN execs at that moment.

  10. Sports-realist2 says:

    In answer to your question Lanny, to salvage Tiger’s season, Steinberg will have Eldrick say he’s dating Bruce Jenner…… ESPN will then immediately award Eldrick their “man of the century” trophy, and name him their top athlete to date a transgender in 2015…..

  11. Sports-realist2 says:

    Ok 18 minutes of the LEADERS, and now it’s WHY DOES ELDRICK SUCK time on the fake golf channel….I predicted 10 minutes for the leaders, so they exceeded my expectations……

    • lannyh says:

      I forgot about it. I’ll have catch a replay later tonight.

    • Sports-realist2 says:

      Ok, fair enough…only 8 minutes, and MOST of it was ‘Tigers days are LONG behind him’….So then why all the pre major coverage then?
      …. You just wonder how much his play at this point is ONLY a result of the NIKE contract, and nothing else….His sudden, somewhat ‘jovial’ attitude would give you the impression that MENTALLY, he doesn’t believe in himself anymore….

  12. GolfFan says:

    Tiger is just embarrassing himself and the media is doing their best to make sure everyone sees it. Kind of a disservice to TW if you ask me. “Hey look everybody! Tiger sucked ass today!”

  13. Ken says:

    On another board, someone made a simple but very telling point: If a young, aspiring player had Tiger Woods’ current game, the one we’ve watched for almost two years, he’d never play a single tournament on tour. He would not qualify or earn a card.

    • GolfHistorian says:

      Well, yeah, obviously, but what that doesn’t factor is Tiger’s past, which Golf does factor. A lot of the reason you see guys like Watson and Faldo playing too. They have little to know chance to make the cut but they get invited to play anyway.

      • Ken says:

        That’s not the point. Woods, like Watson, Palmer, et. al. will always have his past of course. The point was that this is the reality of a man who much of the media wants to portray as a major contender in today’s game: He couldn’t even qualifty to play if he had to.

  14. TigerToast says:

    Ha, Tiger doesn’t have a prayer of playing a decent round tomorrow, let alone make the cut.

    I got Over/Under at 78 and I’m taking the over.

  15. Ken says:

    Someone really needs to buy Zach Johnson a pair of sunglasses with dark frames. White frames just scream “douchebag.” (Which he is anything but.)

    • Barry Burn says:

      Agree that he is not a douche, but he sure looked bizarre wearing that cap the way he did accompanied by those shades today.

  16. Kris says:

    Last year, less than 4 months after surgery, Tiger got the bad side of the draw, made the cut and finished 69th. This year, Tiger got the good side of the draw and sits T139 after the first round needing a miracle to make the cut. That’s a huge step backwards that can’t be completely attributed to struggling with a swing change. If the forecast is correct, tomorrow is going to be a blood bath.

  17. Sports-realist2 says:

    In the British feed, shortly Eldrick shook his wrist from a shot, the announcer said: “he certainly wants us to believe he hurt himself”…….I found that rather interesting…..

  18. Bird says:

    Boy Jordan needed that finishing putt. Dusty was clinicizing him most of the day.
    What’s ahead? Well, putting and long driving often suffer on exceedingly windy days. That may leave the door open for lame Zach Johnson.

  19. nolanwiffle says:

    How many more fake commenters are you going to invent before The Open is over?

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