Wednesday Thoughts

Euro Seven Samurai

Euro Magnificent Seven

EuroTrash Seven

Call them what you will.  They’re all playing.  All seven of them:

  1. Lahiri
  2. Jaidee
  3. Gallacher
  4. Bjorn
  5. Jimenez
  6. Warren
  7. Grace

jalnichols will be tossing and turning all night.

8:20 pm Update:  Why Golf Channel Still Sucks

Golf Channel informs us they (or someone) did a poll of “tour professionals” asking whether Spieth winning the third leg of the Grand Slam or Tiger Woods winning this week would be the bigger story.  According to these “tour professionals,” Woods would be the bigger story 16-4. Golf Channel then used that story to justify spending 20 minutes discussing Woods.

[Questions they did not ask:  Would Tom Watson winning be a bigger story than Woods winning?  Would Kim Kardashian winning generate more tweets?]

This is propaganda in its most base form.

3:30 pm Update

  • Rickie Fowler’s presser yesterday had some interesting moments.  I was glad to see him mention the Murrieta Driving Range twice; that sends such a great message to regular kids (i.e., non-country club kids, non-offspring of avid golfers) considering trying the game.  It was also interesting to see a reporter ask Rickie how often he was drug tested.  The reporter started his question with, “There is nothing nefarious about this…”  Rickie seemed a little miffed, though.  I think the reporter was just looking to find out how often the players were being tested — asking Rickie because he is likely to be on the US Olympic team — but Rickie seemed to take it as an insulting accusation.
  • Woods Odds:  This is the first year I recall so little interest in Woods’s odds.  It is no longer novel for Woods to be way down the list of betting favorites, and it is almost rare for him to be favored over any name player in a head-to-head matchup.  I can’t even find that many matchups offered.  Kaymer is -165 vs Woods at +125, for example, which shows a fairly solid favorite in Kaymer.  The media still pushes Woods, but the public and bettors have moved on.
  • Hell is other people, Sartre said or wrote.  I came across a comment at Yahoo or somewhere today and the comment writer opined as how Spieth was greater than Rory because Rory missed too many cuts.  Rory has missed three cuts this year, Jordan two.  It’s fine to make your case for either player, but I wish people used logic and factual data more often.  I guess it is human nature to state things emphatically that make the person feel good, without bothering much about the veracity.

9:10 am “When you shoot 81, it’s time to say goodbye”

Tom Watson, at his press conference.  Are you listening, Tiger Woods?

8:45 am Takeaways from Jordan Spieth Presser

  • The Japanese media seems to ask every player about Hikeki Matsuyama, as that is the golfer their audience closely follows.  Jordan gave an expansive answer, even mentioning Daisuke Shindo, Hideki’s caddy.
  • When asked a question about “intimidation,” he allowed that he found that concept a little odd, because he has always felt a big name at the top of the leaderboard was a fun challenge.  The answer was something of a dismissal of the the whole “Tiger Woods intimidates players” meme, or, if not that, then a damnation of the players who would be thusly intimidated.

A nice stat from Golf Channel of the ages of the golfers who have gone for the third leg of the Slam.  Jordan is the youngest by five years!

7:30 am Gary Player Says Hogan is Best of All Time!!

Gary Player on Morning Drive just stated Ben Hogan is the best of all time.  Mr. Player also said that it is “only a matter of time” before the golf ball will be rolled back.

Tuesday Night (Early Edition):  A couple of days ago I mentioned the St. Andrews Old Course interactive feature I found at the New York Daily News.  If you are looking for a good description of the holes, you could do far worse.  There is a nice course layout, nice hole layouts, and comments from Oliver Horovitz, an American who has spent the past ten summers caddying at St. Andrews (and wrote a book about his experiences).  The only holes I remembered from five years ago were No. 1, No. 17 (the Road Hole), and No. 18, so I found it very useful.  I’ve been working my way through all the holes today; I still have four or five yet to go.

I also stumbled upon an Old Course description from Lorena Ochoa.  Her comments are brief, but I found it very useful for the explanations of the hole names.

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18 Responses to Wednesday Thoughts

  1. Bird says:

    Monday practice round, Tiger and supposed cuckold Dufner. Tuesday practice round, Dustin Johnson and supposed cuckold Jimmy Walker (with Mickelson and Fowler).
    New tour motto maybe should be, These Guys Are Close.

    • lannyh says:

      There’s probably a Bob and Ted and Carol and Alice joke in there somewhere.

      • Bird says:

        Wednesday practice round, Dufner and Dustin Johnson (with Tringale and Curtis).
        Spieth has a relaxing Wednesday with Koepka and Woodland. Maybe Spieth (291) can exchange some putting tips for yards from Koepka (306) and Woodland (305). Koepka is mid-pack for putting, and Woodland near the bottom.

      • lannyh says:

        Good mental prep for playing with long-knocker DJ tomorrow.

    • Ken says:

      Didn’t know about DJ and Jimmy’s wife. I heard that DJ was with Will Mackenzie’s wife.

  2. Ken says:

    Jordon is unreal. 21 years old. He give complete, thoughtful answers to everything. Now he’s name-dropping Japanese caddies. The guy is the best, most intelligent interview in sports.

  3. AppliedLogic says:

    “When you shoot 81, it’s time to say goodbye”

    I guess Rickie should hang it up too.

  4. Bird says:

    Last I checked Ladbrokes, Woods was 40 – 1. Watching Woods’ interview yesterday, I thought he looked different, such as puffiness in torso, neck, and face. Wondering if he’s undergoing steroid therapy, of which moonface is a common side effect.

  5. Confused says:

    Well Gary Player says Ben Hogan is the greatest….and Tom Watson says Jack is….so which is it?

  6. Bird says:

    If Kim Kardashian’s butt adorns the 18th fairway Sunday, I’ll bow to lanny’s list.

    I’ve got to think Rors didn’t mind missing the old farts/champions dinner this week.

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