Thursday Scottish/Deere Semi Live Blog

7:10 pm Update:  Okay, it is official:  Lanny H Golf is endorsing Jordan missing the cut.  Let him get to St. Andrews a couple of days earlier.  He plays early tomorrow, so hopefully he’ll finish by 6pm UK time.  He can maybe catch some sleep on the flight over, then check out the course Saturday.  Two more days to acclimate to the time change, too.

4:10 pm Update:  Jordan misses the birdie putt, bogeys the next hole.  Sits T-95.  I almost hope he misses the cut, so he can go to St. Andrews early.  My attitude regarding golf this week is somewhat lacking.

3:45 pm Update: Jordan looking at a seven-foot birdie putt.  There are the kind that need to fall this week if he is to take home all the tractors.  Justin Thomas leads after shooting a -8 with ten birdies.

9:45 am Update: Jordan Spieth tees off at 2:00 pm EDT.  Live coverage starts at 4:00 pm, with the pregame show thirty minutes prior to that.  Should see his entire back nine.  I’d love to see him win this thing; forget about next week, rounding into form, etc.  He could get his 4th W of the year, which would be quite nice on its own.  But he hasn’t teed off yet.  Let me not get too far ahead.

Golf Ennui: With Rory injured, I am having trouble getting enthused about the Scottish Open.  A week ago I was really looking forward to the Rory-at-the-Scottish/Jordan-at-the-Deere combo.  Two nice preliminaries before next week’s main event.  Instead, I slept in and have not yet consulted a leaderboard.  I turned on the coverage and was happy to see McDowell playing well, but he finished bogey-bogey, dampening any budding interest.

Maybe the Deere will have Jordan in the afternoon window today; I’ll have to check the tee times.

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8 Responses to Thursday Scottish/Deere Semi Live Blog

  1. Cheesehead says:

    Not surprised to see Stricker up there. Wouldn’t not mind at all seeing him get his 4th JDC title.

  2. Weird says:

    Interesting. Folks, such as yourself, are hoping Jordan misses the cut while he, himself, says his best preparation is being in contention this week.

    • lannyh says:

      Yeah, it’s Twilight Zone stuff. People always agree on everything, so this is truly bizarre.

    • lannyh says:

      Plus, Weird(o), Spieth would say that kind of thing for public consumption, no matter what he truly felt. At Lanny H Golf, we don’t worry about the fallout from our endorsements.

    • Weird says:

      Well of course everyone is welcome to their own opinion. It’s just interesting that yours differs, not from some other golf fan, but that of the player himself.

      That said, Jordan won the Masters and he won the US Open…..and he finished in the top 3 in each event he played that proceeded those two W’s.

  3. Odd says:

    Spieth won’t go over early. He’ll sit around and wait for that free flight.

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